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Carmen Miranda

Stage Name

Birth Name

Carmen Miranda Maria do Carmen Miranda da Cuha
   Carmen Miranda made the Bahiana costume famous. She was recognizable by her fruit hat she would wear on her head in many publicity shots as well as her movies. Delores Del Rio and Carmen Miranda were very similar in movie personalities. Miranda helped popularize Latin dancing and music such as the Samba and Rumba through her Movies.

   Miranda's last performance on August 4th, 1955 was the 'Jimmy Durante Show,' while performing a number she suffered a minor heart attack and collapsed, she got back up, complaining of being 'out of breath,' Durante finished the show with out her, that night at her home she passed away due to a major heart attack.
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Autograph of Carmen Miranda

Birth Place

Birth Date



Portugal 2/9/1909 - 8/5/1955 David Sebastian n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Caesar Romero $ Absolute Best
Jitterbug Dean Collins $ Anthology
Latin Dances Groucho Marx $ Ary Barroso Compositions
Rumba Mickey Rooney $ Brazilian Bombshell: 25 Hits
Samba       $ Carmen Miranda
            $ Cocktail Hour
            $ Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat
            $ Samba
            $ Sambas
            $ Serie Raizes Do Samba
            $ South American Way
            $ Ultimate Collection

Night Clubs



n/a Winter Garden Theater (1941) 1939 - The Streets Of Paris
      Broadhurst Theater (1939) 1941 - Son's of Fun




$1940 - Down Argentine Way 1949 - Ed Wynn Show (CBS) $ Come Back Carmen Miranda
1941 - That Night In Rio       $ Brazilian Bombshell:
$1941 - Weekend In Havana       $ Carmen Miranda Memorial
$1942 - Springtime In The Rockies       11/1939 - Click Magazine
$1945 - Three Caballeros ( DVD)       9/1985 - Hollywood Studio Mag
$1946 - Doll Face            
$1947 - Copacabana            
$1948 - A Date With Judy            
$1950 - Nancy Goes to Rio            
$1953 - Scared Stiff            
$ Biography: Carmen Miranda            
$1995 - Bananas is My Business ( DVD)