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Eduardo and Elsa Cansino
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Stage Names

Birth Names

Royal or Dancing Cansino's

Angel Cansino | Eduardo Cansino | Elsa Cansino
" " Elsa Cansino | Gabriel Cansino | Jose Cansino?
Royal or Dancing Cansino's | Rita Hayworth --> Margarita Carmen Cansino (Rita Cansino)
" " Pilar Cansino | Volga Haworth

    Cansino's grandfather and father were also established Spanish dancers from Spain. Eduardo and his sister Elsa and brother Angel came to the United States from Spain in 1913 to become famous dancers.  

    Eduardo met Volga Haworth who was originally from Spain, shortly after arriving in the States while they were both working in the 1915 Ziegfeld Follies. They were married in 1917. This union led to the original dancing Cansino's ( Edurado, Volga and Elsa.)

Volga's brother was actor Vinton Haworth. Margarita (Rita Hayworth) would later briefly join the troop in 1930. Lita & Gabriel Cansino did the music for the group (Gabriel was Rita's Cousin and original dance partner.) Rita had two cousin's named Richard Cansino and Volga's brother Vinton Haworth (Vinton was also Betty Grables Uncle.)

    The Cansino's danced in many vaudeville and Burlesque musicals as well as a few movies. The Cansino's are mainly remembered today for giving birth to one of America's most beautiful actresses "Rita Hayworth," when she was 8, Rita got her first taste of her film career when her family was filmed in a movie titled "La Fiesta" in 1926. Rita would learn to dance thru her talented family as a child and eventually joined the "Dancing Cansino's" at the age of twelve.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Madrid, Spain (Angel) died. 12/24/1968 n/a n/a
n/a (Gabriel) n/a n/a n/a
Madrid, Spain (Eduardo) 3/2/895-12/24/1968 Volga Margarita | Eduardo Jr.
New York (Eduardo Jr.) 10/13/1919-3/11/1974 ?? ??
Madrid, Spain (Elsa) n/a n/a n/a
Brooklyn, NY (Margarita) 10/17/1918-1987 Judson, Wells | Khan, Haymes Rebecca Welles | Yasmin Khan  
Wash. D.C. (Vinton Haworth) 6/4/1906-5/21/1970 ?? ??
Spain, (Volga) died: 1/25/1945* Eduardo Margarita | Eduardo Jr.

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Betty Bruce n/a
Gypsy / Spanish            

Night Clubs



n/a Carnegie Hall 1915 - Ziegfeld Follies (Eduardo & Elsa)
      Winter Garden Theatre (1923) 1916 - Follow Me (Ed & Elsa and Volga Hayworth)
      1923 - Greenwich Village Follies (Cansino's)
      1932 - Chamberlain Brown's Scrap Book (Vinton)
      1944 - The Doughgirls (Vinton)




1926 - Anna Case (La Fiesta) whole Family 2003 - Rita 4/1947 - Dance Screen Stage mag.
1926 - La Fiesta (Anna Case) whole Family            
1930 - Golden Dawn < Choreographers            
1935 - Under the Pampas Moon < Rita dancing        
$ 1936 - Dancing Pirate < Dancing Cansino's            
$ 1948 - The Loves of Carmen [DVD] < Choreographers            
$ 1953 - Salome (Eduardo as Guard) < Eduardo, Rita            
1953 - Sombrero < Eduardo        
1959 - María de la O < w/ Pilar Cansino            

NOTE: Elsa sometimes listed as Elisa

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