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Beryl Wallace Postcard

Stage Name

Birth Name

Beryl Wallace Beryl Heischuber

   Dancer and Actress, was the oldest of nine children of Austrian immigrants Harry and Fanny Heischuber. Beryl was popular in the nightclubs and did a few movies before her untimely death in an DC-6 airplane crash (FLIGHT #624) when it hit a power line in Mount Carmel, PA. and exploded, which killed her and forty-two others including Earl Carroll.

   Earl Carroll gave Beryl her big break in 1927 when he hired her to dance in his New York Vanities in 1928. Beryl and Earl would become very close over the years, and formed an intimate relationship (carroll was married) with Beryl as well as headlining at his Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. which also featured a twenty foot neon sign of Beryl. Beryl and Earl Carroll are buried together, due to his requesting in his will.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY 1910 - 6/17/1948 Jack Oakie n/a
            Milton Bearle      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Chorus n/a n/a

Night Clubs



Earl Carroll's Theater Earl Carroll Theater 1928 - New York Vanities
      Fulton Theater (1934) 1929-32- Earl Carroll Vanities
      Majestic Theater 1933 - Murder at the Vanities
      New Amsterdam Theater 1934 - The Sky's the Limit
      St. James Theater (1940) 1935 - Earl Carroll's Sketch Book
      Winter garden Theater (1935) 1935 - Earl Carroll Vanities
            1935 - The Woman
            1943 - The Frightened Star (Radio)
            Broadway to Hollywood




1934 - Murder At The Vanities n/a 4/2/1940 - Pic Magazine
1937 - Thanks For Listening            
1937 - Rough Riding Rhythm            
1938 - Air Devils            
1938 - Dramatic School            
1938 - Romance of the Rockies            
1938 - The Rage of Paris            
1938 - Trade Winds            
1940 - A Night at Earl Carroll's            
1941 - You Can't Cheat an Honest Man            
1942 - Johnny Eager            
1942 - I Married an Angel            
1942 - Sunset On The Desert            
$1943 - The Kansan            
1944 - Enemy Of Women            
$1944 - The Woman of the Town            


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