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George and Gracie

Stage Name

Birth Name

George Burns

Nathan Birnbaum

    George Burns started his career as a dance Instructor at Bernstein's School of Dancing at the age of 15. Worked in a few Night clubs and entered dance contests. His two main dances were the Tango and Peabody. He met Hannah Siegal and they formed a partnership dancing in Vaudeville, they married (1920's) and later divorced.

   George Burns and Bob Hope would team up and be billed as "the Jazz Dancing Stars" at La Paradis Restaurant and Club (Washington) in the early 1920's. George went on to become a comedy star with Gracie Allen whom he would later marry. George lived to be 100 years old.

George Burns Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



New York 1/20/1896-3/9/1996 Hannah Siegal
            Gracie Allen      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Big Rose Chen (Tango) n/a
Peabody Bob Hope      
Tango Gracie Allen      
      Hannah Siegal    
      Little Rose Cohen (Peabody)    

Night Clubs



La Paradis (1920s) n/a n/a




1929 - Lambchops n/a 1/1939 - Stage Magazine
1931 - Once Over The Light        
1932 - Big Broadcast of 1932            
1933 - Let's Dance            
1933 - College Humor            
1934 - Many Happy Returns            
[DVD] - 1935 - Love In Bloom            
1936 - Big Broadcast of 1936            
1936 - College Holiday            
1937 - Big Broadcast of 1937            
[DVD] - 1937 - Damsel In Distress            
[DVD] - 1938 - College Swing            
[DVD] - 1939 - Honolulu            
[DVD] - 1977 - Oh God!            
1978 - Sgt. Ppr's. Lonely Hearts Club Band            
1979 - Just You and Me Kid            
1988 - 18 Again            


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