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Louise Brooks photo by W. Eugene Robert Richee

Stage Name

Birth Name

Louise Brooks Mary Louise Brooks

    Brooks started her career as a dancer and would soon be trained by legendary dancer Ruth St. Denis and started dancing professionally with St. Denis in 1921 and later the 1925 Ziegfeld Follies. She then was noticed by Charlie Chaplin and the two had a torrid summer affair. Her 1925 film debut was in an unaccredited role IN the silent film titled "The Street of Forgotten Men." This lead her to playing the lead female with major actors of the time Like W. C. Fields and Adolphe Menjou. Her roles consisted mainly of silent light comedies and "flapper" films which the later she portrayed and was copied perfectly.

    Brooks was known as a Party-Girl and her fashioned would be noticed by many, especially her hair and had one of the most copied "Bob" or Flapper haircut of the 1920's, she went on to become a very successful Silent Film actress in the movies and she also inspired the John H.

Striebel's "Dixie Dugan" newspaper comic strips. In her film Pandora's Box, she historically was the first screen Portrayal of a lesbian and is rumored to have had lesbian affairs in real life as well which was taboo at the time. Anyway, her role of Lulu is now regarded as one of the greatest performances in film history.

    Around 1938 Brooks became disillusioned with Hollywood as the Talkies took over ( Some say she was Black-Listed do to her voice, Which was not a problem at all) she slipped into obscurity until the 1950s. Eventually she was re discovered and later became a noted film writer in her own right. However during the 1940s she teamed up with another dancer by the name of 'Barrett O'Shea' and formed a dance studio in Los Angeles with him (Barrett O'Shea dance studio) and published weekly dance articles ( A series of anecdotal advertisements actually) in local newspapers called "Hints For Dancing" which included dance Gossip and Tips on Music or dance Techniques. This kept her in the public eye for many years.

    Brooks live mainly alone most of her life and died from a heart attack in 1985, after suffering from arthritis and emphysema for many, many years. She continues to this day to inspire interest by writers, film makers and musicians alike.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Cherryvale, KS 11/14/1906-8/8/1985 Edward Sutherland (a Director) n/a
            Dearing Davis      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Barrett O'Shea n/a

Night Clubs


Stage / Studios

n/a n/a Show Girl (J.P. McEvoy)
    Barrett O'Shea dance studio




1925 - Street Of Forgotten Men n/a 9/1926 - Photoplay Magazine
1926 - American Venus       10/4/1930 - Cenfilo Magazine
1926 - Social Celebrity       1940 - Local L.A. Dance Column (Hints For Dancers)
$1926 - The Show Off       1941 - Fundamentals of Ballroom Dancing (Brooks)
1926 - It's The Old Army Game       1960's - Valentina comix (Guido Crepax)
1926 - Just Another Blonde       1974 - No Dope Mag. (#5)
1926 - Love 'em and Leave 'em       1982 - LuLu In Hollywood (Brooks)
1926 - Girl From Coney Island       The Girl With The Black Helmet (Kenneth Tynan)
1926 - Now Were In The Air       1987 - Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star (Rolland Jaccard)
1926 - The Showoff      
1927 - City Gone Wild       1989 - Louise Brooks (Barry Paris)
1927 - Rolled Stockings        
1928 - Beggars of Life ( Her best role)            
1928 - Diary of a Lost Girl            
1928 - A Girl In Every Port            
1928 - Pretty Polly            
1929 - Canary Murder Case, The            
$1929 - Pandora's Box            
1931 - The Gas Bag            
1936 - Empty Saddles            
1984 - Lulu in Berlin (1984)        
1998 - Louise Brooks: Looking For Lulu (Bio Film)        


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