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Boswell Sisters

Stage Name

Birth Names

Boswell Sisters Connie ('Connee') Boswell | Martha Boswell | Helvetia ("Vet") Boswell

    Considered a close harmony singing group. Connie ( Connee) Boswell was the lead singer. The Boswell Sisters were a singing group and did not dance, but where connected to many dancers through their careers.

    They were the first to use the term "Rock and Roll" in song in the 1934 movie "Transatlantic Merry Go-Round," even tho it referred to the motion of the ship.

Birth Place

Birth Date



(C) Kansas City, MO 12/3/1905-10/11/1976 n/a n/a
(M) Kansas City, MO 6/9/1907-7/2/1958 n/a n/a
  (H) Birmingham, AL 5/20/1911-11/12/1988 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet n/a Heebie Jeebies
Jazz dance       Boswell Sisters Collection (CD)
The Jitterbug       That's How Rhythm was Born (CD)
The Mambo      
Modern dance      

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1944 - Circular Clues (Radio)




1942 - Syncopation n/a 1034 - Song Hit Folio vol 1 #5
1932 - The Big Broadcast of 1932            
1934 - Transatlantic Merry Go Round [DVD]            
1937 - It's All Yours            
1938 - The Big Broadcast [DVD] ???            
1955 - Artists and Models [DVD]            
1993 - At The Jazz Band Ball [DVD]            

NOTE: Studio was located at 43rd Street and Broadway

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