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Buzz Miller
(Picture Not Available)

Stage Name

Birth Name

Buzz Miller Vernal Miller
     Buzz got a late start as a dancer, Buzz started dancing at age 23 with Mia Slavenska as his teacher. Later he would dance with the Jack Cole Dancers as well as DePetit's Ballet. His first Broadway show was Magdalena. Spent two years in the Army during W.W.II Became assistant choreographer on Bravo Giovanni! in 1962.     A dancer prominent on Broadway, Buzz Miller was not only a Broadway legend; he was also esteemed in Hollywood, on the concert stage , in Europe, in nightclubs, and throughout New York City. He died of emphysema in 1999.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Snowflake, AZ 12/23/1923 - 2/23/1999 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Bob Fosse n/a
Big Meeting Tonight Carmen DeLavallade      
Not For Love Alone Gwen Verdon      
Russian Dance at the Yakacabana Jack Cole Dancers      
Welcome Dance Jerome Robbins      
  Judy Holiday      
  Kay Thompson      
  Maria Karnilova      

Night Clubs



n/a 46th Street Theatre (1959) 1947 - Magdalena
      Alvin Theatre (1952) 1952 - Two’s Company
      Broadhurst Theatre (1953) 1953 - Me and Juliet
      Century Theatre (1978) 1953 - Pal Joey
      Majestic Theatre (1953) 1954 - Ballets De Paris
      Shubert Theatre (1959) 1954 - Pajama Game
      St James Theatre (1954) 1959 - The Redhead
      Winter Garden Theatre (1964) 1962 - Bravo Giovanni
            1963 - Hot Spot
            1964 - Funny Girl
            1978 - American Dance Machine
            1959 - Bells Are Ringing
            Satin Doll




1951 - On The Riviera n/a n/a
$1954 - There's No Business like Show...            
1956 - Anything Goes            
$1957 - Pajama Game            
NOTE:Sometimes Credited As: Vernal "Buzz" Martin, Vernal 'Buzz' Miller
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