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Blair and Dean performing one of their dance routines

Stage Name

Birth Name

Blair and Dean

Fred Difederico
  Dorothy Dean

     Ballroom and Musical Comedy dancers who performed from 1937 to 1963 were very similar to The Champions, The DeMarcos and Veloz and Yolanda in their routines.

    Blair (24) and a young Dorothy Dean (14) met each other at the Ernest Belcher Dance Studio in Los Angeles, California while taking ballet lessons at the studio. Mr. Belcher approached Blair and Dean about doing a ballet routine for the Redlands Bowl outdoors concert in Redlands, California he was hired to supply dancers for. The show was a huge success for this new partnership and after the show Blair approached Dorothy about becoming as what was called then a 'ballroom dance team' as the Belcher Studios offered ballroom lessons with Bill Moffett, she said 'yes'. They studied for two years with Mr. Moffett both together in ballroom as well as furthering their ballet background in dance with Mr. Belcher.  

     Their first performance in Ballroom was a little nightclub in North Hollywood, California. Dorothy recalled "that the first night was very shaky and nerve racking and was not their best but was acceptable." The nightclub liked them anyway and hired them for two more weeks of performances. Needless to say they were much better the second night. From there, Blair would track down any and all offers to perform at Clubs, Ballrooms, Theatres, Festivals and Concerts in So. California. This led to many performances as well as strengthening their personal relationship which eventually became romantic and hearing wedding bells in the near future. They would be married on October, 9th, 1939, remaining devoted to each other untill Blair's death in 1993.

     Marge Champion helped with some of their early choreography and for the next three years this team would gain valuable experience performing their routines at shows and nightclubs which allowed them to perfect their routines. While at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles in 1941 doing a performance, comedians Laurel and Hardy were in the audience and liked what they saw. The next day Laurel and Hardy's agent was sent to recruit them for the 'Laurel and hardy Vaudeville Tour'.

     The two would accept the offer and went on the road together for the first, but not last time. For the next six weeks they would perform weekly in may theatres across the country, ending up in Chicago, IL. in freezing weather, cold winds and a snow storm. Laurel and Hardy had had enough of Vaudeville and touring and ended the tour. After the tour ended and now being stranded in Chicago, the two looked for work. Blair went to a booking agent and the two were on their way, working many nightclubs in the Midwest.

     Arriving in New York City in 1943 and getting a little apartment, they continued to practice their routines while unsuccessfully trying to locate work, finally, at last the two were approached by a booking agent asking them to perform their dance routines at a private club called the 'Fox and Hound' in Boston, MA. which proved to be their springboard to fame. From there they would be signed by the MCA corporation and worked many Nightclubs, Theatres and Hotels around the country.

     Returning to California in 1963 taking long a needed rest, they would hang up their dance shoes and retire from the dance circuit. The change was a little rough at first but they eventually purchased a Ranch in Norco, California with Blair becoming a real estate broker and Dorothy settling into a loving house wife and full time mother to her two small children. Dorothy Dean now resides in Hemet, ( Riverside) California happily with her current husband Frank Wick whom she met... where else than, at a dance in 1997.

Birth Place

Birth Date



 (Blair) - Steudenville, Ohio Oct 9, 1914 - Aug 13, 1993 Dorothy Dean Chris DiFederico (b. 1952)
  Dominique Difederico (b. 1957)
(Dean) - Huntington Park, Ca. B. March, 19, 1923 Fred Difederico | Frank Wick  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Routine Music Titles

Adagio Dance Only Each Other Claire Delune
Ballet Royal Hawaiian dancers at Royal Hawaiin Hotel Dancing in the Dark
Ballroom Dance       Tea For Two
The Bolero        
The Tango            
The Waltz            

Night Clubs



The Chez Paree - (Chicago) Catskills, the Laurel and Hardy Vaudeville Tour (c.1940s)
The Coconut Grove (LA) Grand Theatre (NYC) Les Brown Tour and others (c. 1952)
The Copacabana - (NYC) Lowes State (NYC) Redlands Bowl Concert (c.1930s)
The Fox and Hound    Wayne King Concert Tour (c. 1951)
Henry Grady Hotel - (Atlanta)    
The Lido Club - (Florida)    
The Riviera - (NYC)    
Royal Hawaiian Hotel "Pink Palace" (Oahu) link    
Statler Hotels Chain    




Lawrence Welk - Kinescope Film 1948 - Morry Amsterdam Show (c. 1950) [Dupont] n/a
New Orleans Melodies (Soundie) 1954 - Tonight! (Orginal Late Night Show) hosted by Steve Allen      

NOTE: Dorothy can be reached by phone at 1-909-929-1918 /Or at SRFMCOWBOY@aolDOTcom

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