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Bill Bailey

Stage Name

Birth Name

Rev. 'Bill Bailey' William Norton Bailey

          Bill Bailey's father was a preacher in a "Holy Roller Church" and started dancing there. Bailey was older brother to actress and singer Pearl Bailey and second cousin to Bob ( William) Bailey, son to Joseph James and Ella Mae Bailey. Bill sang and danced professionally, sometimes dancing with Blanche Calloway ( Cab Calloway's sister.) Was said to be a Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and King Rastus Brown's student who could really move his feet and Bojangles forbid him from doing any of his routines.

     Danced in the kitchen scene in ' Cabin In The Sky' film. Made some other Films and can be seen Tap Dancing in the 1955 tribute to Bojangles 'Harlem Variety Revue'.

     When Bill wasn't on stage commanding $1000.00 a night for his Tap dancing skills, he was a Reverend for the Church. His marriage to his wife Eddie was not a happy one. He was also arrested for Marijuana possession at his home in Philadelphia.

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Birth Place

Birth Date



Philadelphia or Virginia? 12/8/191212/12/1978 Eddie L. Bailey n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

The Charleston Bill Bailey Dancers Bill Bailey (Pearls Version)
Jazz DANCE, Tap Dance Blanche Calloway      
The Jitterbug Derby Wilson      

Night Clubs



n/a Pearl Theater ?1901 - Ain't Dat A Shame ?




1936 - Going Native 1949 - Cactus Jim n/a
1943 - Cabin In The Sky [DVD] 1952 - Toast of the Town (Oct. 12)      
1952 - The World is Waiting for the Sunrise          
1955 - Harlem Variety Revue*            
1955 - Rhythm and Blues Revue          
Showtime at the Apollo Vol I & II