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Pierre Beauchamp

Stage Name

Birth Name

Pierre Beauchamp Pierre Beauchamp
     Beauchamp's father and grandfather were musicians. Pierre started his dance and music training at age 8 and continued for 6 years and by 1848 was taking major roles in court ballets. Later he would become a dance master, Choreographer and maitre de danse / dancer for King Louis XIV who he would teach for twenty- two years.

     Then King ... Louis XIV gave him the title of " Compositeur des ballets du Roi" after the passing of Prevost until 1719. Later Ballon would replace

Pierre on his passing. Beauchamp would play a major role in the development of dance for his own generation as well as the future. Beauchamp is credited for inventing the Five basic foot positions in dance. as well as being highly influential in the development of French baroque dance.

     Pierre's nephew, Blondi Beauchamp was also a dancer who danced with Marie Camargo.

Birth Place

Birth Date



France 1635-1705 Angelique LeClerc (1699) n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Allemande Galop Anthony L' Abbee 1978 - Molière (CD)
Ballet Gavotte The Dauphin      
Basse Danses Gigues Georges Rameau      
Bouree Loure Jean Ballon      
Canaries, Danse de Minuet Jean Baptiste Lully      
Chaconne | Chacoon Pantomime King Louis XIV      
Cotillion Passacailles Lisolette      
Courante Passe-Pied Louis Pe'Cour      
Entre'e grave Pavane Marie Subligny      
Espagnoles Rigaudon Mlle. De Blois      
Forlane Sarabande Mlle. de la Fontaine      
Galliarde   Raoul Feuillet      

Choreographed Works



1673 - Le Malade Imaginaire(Molière's, Lully) n/a n/a
1661 - Les Fâcheux(Molière's, Lully)            
1661 - L'Impatience(w/ Lully)        
1664 - Le Mariage forcé(Molière's, Lully)        
1665 - La Naissance de Vénus(w/ Lully)        
1669 - Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, ballets        
1670 - Les Amants magnifiques(Molière's, Lully)        
1671 - Pomone (Perrin opera)(Molière's, Lully)        
1671 - Psyché(Molière's, Lully)        
1674 - Alceste(w/ Lully)        
1676 - Atys(w/ Lully)        
1677 - Isis(w/ Lully)        
1681 - Le Triomphe de l'amour, avec Pécour(w/ Lully)        
1686 - Ballet de la jeunesse(w/ Lully)        




1934 - Madame Bovery (Portrayal) [DVD] n/a Book: Le Ballet Des Facheux: Beauchamp's Music
            1725 - Le maître a danser (Rameau, Pierre)

NOTE: Some sources say Beauchamp passed away in 1719. His name has often been spelled Beuchamps. His B-Day is all over the place, but all are in the 1630's.