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Beverly Ann Court

Stage Name

Birth Name

Beverly Cort

Beverly Ann ??

Beverly "Salome" Cort

         Daughter of Mrs. Helena Carlson. Her star rose briefly both nationally and internationally during 1946 and 1947. Her dancing and interpretation was recognized as radical for it's time in white America. She became briefly popular in Harlem where her avant-garde style caught the attention of Cab Calloway and other's. She was compared with Theda Bara.

    Disputes arose over bookings and the "scandals" took their toll and Beverly Cort left New York. Married Julius Quirouet of Virginia Beach, Virginia, born in Atlanta, Georgia but danced in the Midwest, performed opera in Detroit and sang with choirs and orchestras throughout the Midwest in the 50's and 60's.

    The "scandal" of her dancing at age 16 at "Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe" was in a great many United States papers (4/26/1946) and throughout Europe. This made it difficult for her to secure roles other than Salome or variations on that theme. The scandal was in her being 16 and couldn't perform her Salome Dance until she was 18 at the Horseshoe when Police showed up and refused to let her dance. The Salome dance was what she was known for in Detroit High School (Lincoln High School) and she publicized in newspaper advertisements looking for bookings by her agent. Billy Rose gave her the job.

    Currently retired in Fenton, Michigan, Widowed and the mother of six children. Sometimes last name sometimes spelt as Court. Written By David Cort.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Minnesota 7/2/1929 Julius Quirouet David Cort

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Salome n/a n/a

Night Clubs



Billy Roses Diamond Horseshoe n/a Star Dust Follies (4/1946)




n/a n/a 4/18/1946 - Breckenridge American Newspaper
    4/26/1946 - Daytona Beach Morning Journal
    7/27/1946 - Billboard Magazine
    8/3/1946 - Billboard (Ad)

NOTE: n/a