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Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander AD photograph

Stage Name

Birth Name

Bambi Linn Bambi Linnemeier  
Rod Alexander n/a
         Bambi Lynn studied with Agnes De Mille and began her career in Ballet Theater in 1941 and in 1947 danced with the American Repertory Theater. She appeared in the original Stage production of 'Carousel' as Billy Bigelow's daughter. Bambi and Rod Alexander teamed up and appeared on the Television show called 'Your Show of Shows' on 9/6/1950 and continued on, replacing Nelle Fisher and Jerry Ross, dancing in a total of eighty-six shows until April 25, 1952.

    Bambi and Rod were a graceful couple to watch and the Television audience liked them very much. They were said to have had a air of flirtiness which made the dances they performed look fun. Rod also did some choreography for Stage and screen such as 'Best Things in Life Are Free' (1956) and Carousel (1956.)
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Birth Place

Birth Date



(Bambi) Brooklyn, NY B. 4/26/1926 Rod Alexander n/a
(Rod) Colorado B. 1/23/1922 Bambi Linn      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Adagio Dance James Starbuck n/a
Ballet Dance Rod Alexander      
Ballroom Dances Carter      

Night Clubs



The Cotton Club 54th St Theatre (1961) 1943 - Oklahoma ( Bambi)
Riviera Broadway Theatre (1962) 1945 - Carousel ( Bambi)
      Dayton Theater Festival 1947 - Alice in Wonderland ( Bambi)
      Majestic theatre (1945) 1948 - Sally ( Bambi)
      Martin Beck Theatre (1948) 1949 - Ballet Theater
      New Century Theatre (1949) 1949 - Inside USA ( Rod)
      St James Theatre (1943) 1950 - Great to be Alive
      Shubert Theatre (1962) 1956 - Best Things in Life are Free
      Virginia Theatre (1982) 1957 - Shinbone Alley ( Rod)
      Winter Garden Theatre (1950) 1961 - 13 Daughters ( Rod)
            1962 - I Can Get It For You Wholesale
            1982 - Alice in Wonderland ( Bambi)

Video Clips (pop-up)




Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1955 - Oklahoma [ DVD] 12/26/1948 - Actors Studio 10/8/1945 - Life Mag
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1956 - Best Things In Life Are Free [DVD] 1950 - Your Show Of Shows [DVD] 3/28/1953 - TV Digest
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1956 - Dance America (Black Bottom, etc) 11/4/1953 - Video Playhouse 5/1953 - Dance Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1956 - Carousel [DVD] 11/10/1953 - Kate Smith Show      
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1985 - That's Dancing [DVD] 1955 - Naughty Murietta      

NOTE: I think they went on to dance on Art Linkletter's show in the 1960's ????