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Augie and Margo

Stage Name

Birth Name


Agustin Eggie Rodriguez

  Margo Bartolomei
              Augie and Margo were very unique Mambo dancers. Originally partnered up thru a dance contest that they won and continued to take many lesson in different styles of dance that they blended into the Mambo. They developed a stylized flamenco and mambo fusion of the dance that was far superior to most. They would integrate flamenco moves into their mambo so that the Mambo had a completely different look. They more than any dance team OF THE 1950'S werethe very first to extend the mambo to the far cornersof the world.

   Originally they danced at the Palladium in New York. They figured out that they could not do anything with their careers just hanging out at clubs so they decided to leave the club scene, prepare an act and sell it to bigger audiences, their acts became very successful ( They also developed a blues act) and eventually became internationally known.

   They are said to have accomplished much more than any other dance team in their area. Whenever they could, they would perform with live music because they had their own charts ( Sheet music) and once was a warm up act for performers like Sammy Davis Jr. They danced in front of the Tito Puente Orchestra at the Roseland Ballroom, got an opportunity to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, performed at the 1956 Harvest Moon Ball, and on May 26, 1965 performed at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas ( Along with Dean Martin) in the 1960s, with Marlene Dietrich at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto on October 29, 1960 and even performed for two different Presidents (Nixon/Kennedy).

    The Mambo dance style they created would last into the disco days of The Hustle with their unique style, rhythms, timings as well as their Adagio, flash and tricks. Much of this is still done today and they (Along with the Szony's) where far ahead of their time. They now reside in Miami, Florida. (update: Augie died in July of 12014 at his home in Miami.)

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Birth Place

Birth Date



(Augie) New York 5/13/1928 - 7/18/2014 Each other (married 1950) Richard
(Margo) New York                  

Dance Types

Dance Partners


Adagio Augie and Margo & their Dancers 6/27/1935 - Hmoond Time (Margo)
Ballroom Dance Augmar Productions 2/1937 - Silver Screen Magazine
The Flamenco Francois Szony      
The Mambo/ Salsa            
Snake Dance (Carson)        

Night Clubs

Theaters etc


Copa Room (Vegas) O'Keefe Centre in Toronto (10/29/1960) ZUMANITY (Cirque du Soleil)
Corsa Club (NY) Carnegie Hall The Pajama Game
Latin Quarter (NY) 1959       Crime With Out Passion
Palladium (NY)     All About Dames (Don Arden Revue)¹
Palladium (London)          
Roseland Ballroom (NY)        
Sands Hotel (LV)            




West Side Story ? Dick Clark Show $ Salsa: The Rhythm of Latin Music(pb)
1956 - Riddles In Rhythm (Short) Ed Sullivan Show (1948, 1959 & 1961) $ The Great Salsa Book (pb)
      Johnny Carson Tonight Show ( Snake) $ Music in Cuba (HC)
      Perry Como Show $ Roots of Salsa (pb)
      Steve Allen Show (1956) $ 1988 - Salsa Video
      Gala of the Year (1967) $ Latin Music in the Cities (Tito Puente)
      Hollywood Palace (1964) $ Dance Hot Salsa Level I & II (Neglia)
      Colgate Comedy Hour (1955) $ The Best of Tito Puente Vol I (cd)
      IMDB ... Augie and Margo $ The Opening Act: Love Story of Augie & Margo
      PBS Special [Youtube] 1979?  

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