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Hazel Ascot Photo from Surrey Herald Newspaper

Stage Name

Birth Name

"The Petite Ascots"

Duggie Ascot  | Hazel Ascot | Marjorie Ascot

    Hazel Ascot (pictured) was a champion child tap-dancer of the 1930's who also appeared in a couple of feature Films.

Hazel was hailed as 'Britain's Shirley Temple'. Her first film appearance was in the 1937 musical film 'Talking Feet'. John Baxter was looking for rehearsal rooms for a proposed film to be titled 'Music Hall' that he chanced upon Hazel, whose father Duggie Ascot ran a dance academy in the Charing Cross Road. To accommodate the dance aspect he re-titled his film 'Talking Feet' with Hazel and the "Gordon Rae Girls."

   Hazel's father, Duggie had come to London from Manchester, where Hazel was born, and formed a four piece step-dance troupe 'The

Petite Ascots'. These can be seen in one or two British Lion 1935/36 variety shorts; on 9.5mm as "Variety Number 1 (T.9313,) #2 (T.9314,) #3 (T.9315) and #7 (T.9319.)"

    The Petite Ascots included one of Duggie's four daughters, Marjorie (Seven years older than sister Hazel) and crooner Sam Browne's sister Pearl. With their popularity increasing, he formed two 'Petite Ascots' dance groups each with three dancers. Soon Marjorie moved on to managing their tours. One major claim to fame for them was that they danced for Hitler in Germany, but not getting paid as war broke out soon after!. After the war Hazel's Tap dance career was over, like Shirley Temple, she was no longer a child novelty. Thanks to 'Hazel Ascot - THE UK's Answer to SHIRLEY TEMPLE? by Grahame L. Newnham B.Sc. for above information'.

Birth Place

Birth Date



(Duggie)  n/a n/a n/a Hazel Ascot | Marjorie Ascot
(Hazel) Manchester B.1928? Peter Banting Leigh | Michelle &  Joanna Banting

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Tap Dance Rae Gordon Girls n/a
Step Dance The Petite Ascots      

Night Clubs



n/a Odeon theaters ( Live) West End shows and revues




1937 - Dancing Feet ( Hazel & Duggie) ( Clip) n/a 12/1977 - Surrey Herald
1938 - Stepping Toes ( Hazel & Duggie) ( Clip)            
1937 - Variety Number 1 ( Hazel)            
1938 - Variety Number 2 ( Hazel)            
1938 - Variety Number 3 ( Hazel)            
1938 - Variety Number 7 ( Hazel)            
1952 - Death of an Angel ( Duggie)