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Louise Alexander and Joseph Smith

Stage Name

Birth Name

Louise Alexander


     Louise Alexander was a successful Apache and Tango dancer with John Jarrot doing the " Tango" and Joseph Smith doing the " Apache Dance" (pictured) during the 1910's.

In May of 1914, Louise sailed to Paris and directed a Tango Palace called " The Louise Alexander American Palace de Danse"

Birth Place

Birth Date



New York ?  n/a   n/a   n/a 

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Dance Hamilton  n/a 
The Tango John Jarrot      
Modern Dances of the time. (1905) Joseph Smith    

Night Clubs



n/a Apollo Theatre (1910) 1905 - The Earl and the Grill
  Billy Rose Theatre 1908 - Queen of the Moulin Rouge (w/ Smith)
  Boston Theatre (w/ Jarrot) Dance Contest 1910 - The Follies of 1910
  Casino Theatre 1911 - Peggy
  Circle Theater  
  Roof Garden (NY 1910)  
  Shea's Theatre (Canada 1914)  




Queen of the Moulin Rouge n/a 5/25/1910 - NY Times
    4/12/1914 - Toronto Sunday World Newspaper
    5/16/1914 - Boston Evening Transcript

NOTE: n/a