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Annie Hirsch

Stage Name

Birth Name

Annie Hirsch Annie Hirsch 
    Annie Hirsch was born in Akron, Ohio and moved to the West Coast as a young girl. On arriving in Stockton California, she started doing Jitterbug and frequented many dance spots such as Sweets Ballroom in Oakland, CA. She became known for her fabulous footwork and style that many dancers copy today.

     Annie quit dancing to raise her family and later moved to Southern California. There she found her love of swing dancing again and frequented many spots, such as the famous "Lion d' Or" in Downey, CA. run by dance legend Kenny Wetzel (moving later to the Press Box.) Where she meet her love of life, Mr. Jack Carey. Together they have formed an invaluable

Team and have furthered the art of swing dance.

   Annie is/was the Chief judge at almost every major swing event across the country and worked with swing dance legend Dean Collins on some of his projects late in his life. Annie has implemented many of the Swing competition rules, guidelines etc. that we use today and has been instrumental with keeping swing dance alive in the Los Angeles and other area's along with her current partner in Life, Love and Swing... the famous Jack Carey!.

    Annie started the World Swing Dance Council(with Skippy Blair) when the "United States Swing Dance Council" closed it's doors. This was not an easy task, with introducing the Dancers Registry, making rules, etc. That most swing dance events incorporate today.

If you would like to be a member of this organization, check her website: W.S.D.C.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Akron, OH/7/929 Jack Carey Yes!

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Argentine Tango Jack Carey  n/a 
The Balboa  
The Jitterbug    
West Coast Swing    

Night Clubs



Avedon Ballroom n/a n/a
Borston's Nightclub  
Cinderella Ballroom    
Clover Club    
Lion d'Or Nightclub    
Meadowlark Country Club    
Palomar Ballroom    
Press Box Lounge    
Rag Doll Nightclub    
Sweet's Ballroom    
Tahitian Village    




n/a n/a n/a

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