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Agna Enters

Stage Name

Birth Name

Agnes (Angna | Annjna) Enters

Anita Enters ( From her own bio letters)

         Multi-talented Dancer/Mime, painter, sculptor, costume and set designer, musician, screenwriter, Dramatist, Writer and best-selling author, Choreographer, Composer, & Theatrical Designer. Her real name was Anita Enters, which she changed into Angna [ahnjna] in the early 20s. She moved to New York as an art student in 99 and began to study dance with Michio Ito in 920. Soon she was performing in concerts as Michio's partner. In 938 she created a solo piece or evocation of a statue of a Gothic Virgin, entitled Ecclesiastique. In 939 she toured the US and Europe on a permanent basis presenting her program called " The Theatre of Angna Enters." In 944 she was praised for her dance entitled "QDalisque of Turkish inspiration" in which she did the whole dance lying on a couch.

   Miss Angna Enters created " New Dance Moods." Was also billed as "America's Greatest dance Mime" in the 1920's and in the 940s was hailed as "The Most Personal and Entertaining dancer in the Theater Today." Started her career in 924 with her performance of "Stage Poems without words." She created her own costumes, choreography and sets for over 00 acts. Her acts consisted mainly of various women of different periods and countries. In 934, Enters was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to study Hellenistic art forms in Athens, Greece.

.Agness Enters Autograph
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   After her husband Louis Kalonyme's death in June of 96 Enters accepted an invitation to be an artist-in-residence to the Dallas Theatre Center and Baylor University for the 96-62 school year. She taught mime there, and spent next school year at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut. The book On Mime was the result of these years. Said to have been the first concert mime as well as being credited with creating the term " Dance Mime." After her career started to decline she took up teaching Mime, painting and writing with much more vigor.

   In 974 she suffered a physical collapse and was moved to a nursing home. Angna Enters died on February 25, 989 in a nursing home in Manhattan.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 8, 897989 Louis (Kantor) Kalonyme (936) n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet n/a n/a
Dance of Death  
Modern Dance    
The Cake Walk    

Night Clubs



944 - Hollywood Canteen Punch & Judy Theater939 - Love Possessed Juana
Hollywood Knickerbocker Houston Little Theatre (946948) 947 - Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
  Sterling Opera House  




Scaramouche (Choreo) n/a 932 - Arts & Decoration Magazine (by Enters)
Lost Angel (Choreo)   937 - First Person Plural
    939 - Love possessed Juana (queen of Castile)
  $ 944 - Silly Girl (by Enters)
    945 - Best Short Stories 945 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story (Agna's Illustrations)
    955 - Among the Daughters
    958 - Artist's Life (by Enters)
    $ 965 - On Mime (by Enters)
    $ 989 - Uncommon Eloquence: A Biography of Angna Enters (by Dorothy Mandel)

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