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Adelaide and Hughes dancing in photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Adelaide and Hughes Mary Adelaide Dickey
Adelaide and J.J. Hughes Johnny "J.J." Hughes

          Adelaide and Hughes were labeled " America's Foremost Terpsichorean Artists." The " Joys of the Dance" sheet music was dedicated to them. Adelaide started performing as a child(la Petite Adelaide) in acrobatic dances who would eventually become a Ballet dancer on the Vaudeville Stage. Adelaide would professionally perform from around 1905 to the 1930s.

      One of Adelaide's signature dances was called the 'Doll dance' and even did the dance on Point on Horseback at the Hippodrome Theater in 1907. In 1910 Adelaide Partnered up with Johnny Hughes which proved to be a major success for the both of them. They would eventually create unique and entertaining dance routines that would bring them great fan fare. They opened their own studio called Bensonhurst by the Sea and would perform at many Dansants and Teas as well as nightclubs like the Jardin

De Danse in New York. In September, 1916, of B.F. Keith's Show "Vaudeville Bill." They headlined the show, they had their own orchestra and did four acts, one called the " Birth Of The Dance"  which consisted of:
  1. Inspiration,
  2. Music,
  3. Rhythm,
  4. And Execution,
    and their second act was called " Classics of and Age,"  the third was called a 'Divertissement' along with others and last was entitled " The Garden Of The World"*  which was an allegorical ballet based on military fact.

    At the London Empire Theatre the managing director stated that "Adelaide and Hughes bring an Operatic, Ballet and Stage dance is dashed with Paprika of the Cakewalk and the Tango and is all home trained and American Made." Adelaide stated that she also did all the Choreography and Production work (7/12/1912 - New York Times Article).

    Hughes died in 1927 according to a Kennedy family tree (Thomas J Kennedy b.1844 in Ireland- d.1922 and Adelaide Chamberlain) written by Anna J. Marsh, Adelaides sister. Adelaide is said to have retired after his death in 1927. The article reads as thus: ...

Adelaide started as a premiere dancer at the New York Casino at the age of nine. She started dancing on her toes when she went to dancing school at five. There was never a dancer, that is a professional, in the family so heaven only knows where she acquired that talent. Mama, much against the wishes of my father, took her to New York for ballet training with the best teachers. From nine until she was forty, she appeared as a star attraction in many New York productions and was a headliner in Vaudeville with her husband John J. Hughes under the stage name Adelaide and Hughes. When her husband died in 1927 she retired- as a ballet dancer's active life is a short one. She died at 78 but was very active in social ways up to about three years ago. She lived a full life and saw much of the world. ( See Article's link)

Birth Place

Birth Date



(Dickey) Cohoes, New York, USA 1884-1960 To each other n/a
(John Hughes) n/a D. 1927 To each other n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Acrobatic dance Adelaide with Hughes Joys of the Dance
Ballet Hughes with Adelaide Winter Garden Rag [1910]   
Ballroom Gertrude May*      
The Boston Miss Eleanor Rosedale*      
The Cakewalk Miss Doris Bahr*    
Doll dance Miss Grace Than ( Sic)*      
Hoop Dance Miss Grace Emerson*      
The Tango      
The Turkey Trot        
The Valse      

Night Clubs



The Palace London Empire Theatre 1897 - Belle of New York, the (Adelaide)
Jardin de Danse (1914)       1899 - A Reign of Error (Adelaide)
      1904 - Babes In Arms ( Adelaide)
      1906 - The Blue Moon (Adelaide)
      1907 - The Orchid ( Adelaide)
            1907 - Hippodrome ( Adelaide)
        1908 - The Flower of the Ranch
        1910 - Up and Down Broadway
            1912 - Passing Show of 1912

Sheet Music Covers

      Bensonhurst by the Sea ( Dance Studio)
1916 - PIERROT and PIERRETTE (Valse Exquisite)     1/30/1914 - The Spark of Life ( BF Keith's)
1912 - Winter Garden Rag     1915 - Ned Wayburn's Town Tropics
      1916 - Vaudeville Bill ( BF Keith's)
            1919 - Monte Cristo Jr.
        1921 - Whirl of New York, the
        1923 - Ginger (Hughes)
        1927 - Lace Petticoat




n/a n/a 7/12/1912 - New York Times Article
    8/23/1914 - New York Times mention
        American Film Institute Catalog: Of Motion Pictures Produced in
      $1995 - Dance Till Dawn

Note:  There is another listed in films as John J.J. Hughes. This is not the same person.