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Maria Acuna

Stage Name

Birth Name

Maria Acuña (Acuna)

Maria Teresa Acuña

     Maria Acuña was a very talented and successful Spanish dancer who excelled in the Flamenco style of dance. Family members: Eduardo Acuna ( Father), Mrs. Delfina Acuña, Cecy, Lita and Julia Acuña ( Sisters). Maria danced Spanish dances and Flamenco fluently and could be found partnering with Federico Rey.

    In the 1942 comedy - musical film 'You were never Lovelier', Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth portrayed a good but inaccurate portrayal based on the original story 'the Gay Senorita' of Maria Acuna and her family.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Cuba n/a n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Spanish Frederico Rey (aka Federico) n/a

Night Clubs



n/a Molson Stadium05//946 - NY PhilHarmonic (Carnegie Pop Concert)

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1942 - You Were Never Lovelier (portrayal) DVD n/a6/29/946 - Billboard Magazine (pg )
Video Clip not available at this time 9/28/946 - Billboard Magazine (TV Show) pg3
Video Clip not available at this time