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Page W: Vintage Dancer History Index List W (Pictured: Kenny Wetzel and Ione: Artists and Models) Listings
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Dancers Index: W

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists W. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter W. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Wabe Ashea NY? realname: Catherine Devine | 1896 Herbert Seely Dinner | (aka: Little Egypt) n/a Belly Dance | Veil Dance D.1908
Wadsworth Pauline England n/a n/a Ballet B.1926
Wagner Edna Ridgewood (Died during aDance Marathon) Richard Wagner Tango b.6/22/1913
Walker Aida New York Bandana Land Aka: Aida Overton Cakewalk 2/14/1870 - 10/1/1914
Walker Aaron T. NY/ L.A. Cotton Club Aka: T-Bone, Dancer became Musician Tap 1910-1975
Walker Charlie n/a Dixie to Broadway [1923] n/a Dancers 1923's
Walker George Lawrence, KS. Clorindy | Ziegfeld Follies | Shuffle along | Strut Miss Lizzie Egbert Williams | Ada Overton Walker Cakewalk | Mime 1873-1/8/1911
Walker James n/a n/a Aka: Shorty and Slim | Chuck and Chuckles | Charles Green Tap | Legomania Comedy 1920's
Wallace "Slappy" ? n/a Vaudeville | USO Shows Vaudeville Videos Vol7 Aka: Wallace & Rogers Song and Dance | TAP 1940's
Wallace n/a n/a Music Box Revue Hatfield Ballroom 1924's
Wallace Beryl n/a 1931 Vanities | 1933 Murder at the Vanities Irene Ahlberg Ballroom | Show dancer 1930's
Walls Ann n/a Jitterbug Champions Thomas Hodge Jitterbug | Swing 1940's?
Walsh Arthur Canada Groovie Movie | Twice Blessed Jean Phelps Veloz | aka "Slippery Walsh" West Coast Swing | Jitterbug | Lindy B.6/15/1923
Walters Charles Pasadena, CA. 7 days Leave | Dubary was a Lady Became Choreographer and Director Fachon and Marco dancer 11/17/1911-8/13/1982
Walters And Russell USA Steppin High | Billy Rose Theatre ?? Eccentric Dance Team 1910's ?
Walthon & Dorraine n/a n/a Moss's Empire Theatre n/a Not sure if Dancers C.1950s ?
Walton Florence Wilmington, Deleware Night Clubs Maurice Mouvet | Vlad Apache ,Waltz| Maxixe| Tango 1891-1981
? Winona New York Crazy Quilt Gomez ? | aka: Gomez and Winona Tango | Rumba | Bolero C.1933
Wanger Girls Wally NY, Paris Burlesque | Moulin Rouge n/a Burlesque | Chorus 1940's
Warde Willie n/a Gaiety | Joan of Arc Katie Seymour, Phyllis Broughton Pas de Deux,Ballet| C.1890's
Ware Archie Topeka 4' 10 1/2" Tall | Cozy Smith and Her Picks, was part of the Crackerjacks | Retired in 1922 | Married: Louise Ware (b. 1/28/1896)

Andrew Tribble | Belle Davis | Bobby Goins | Deighton Boyce | George Staten | Harry Irons | Joe Chism | Lloyd MacDonald | Lulu Coates | Tosh Hammond | Maybe Remington | Norman Wallace | Raymond Thomas | Walter Humphrey | Wilfred Blanks

Acrobatic | Buck and Wing | Flash | Tap B.6/3/1892
Ware Gene n/a Aka: Pot, Pan & Skillet James Jackson & Ernest Mayhand Acrobatic and Comedy 1930's
Warren - (Vernon) Bettina n/a n/a n/a Dancer 2/22/1920-6/5/1995
Washburn Romeo n/a n/a n/a Legendary Tap | Dancer 1900's
Washington Ford Lee "Buck" Louisville, KY Cabin In The Sky John "Bubbles" Sublett Tap 10/16/1903-2/1955
Washington Freida, Fredie New York Savoy Ballroom | $ Ellington's Black & Tan [1929] Frankie Manning Lindy Hop 1930's
Washington George Virginia Balls Betsy Ross Cotillions | Courtly dances 1789's
Washington Isabel New York Cotton Club | Bamboola [1929] | Harlem [1929] Cotton Club Girl | aka: Fredi and Isabel Washington | Married: Clayton Powell Jr. Black Bottom | Chorus dancer 1935's?
Waters Bunny USA Summer Stock Albert Ruiz? n/a 1950's
Waters Ethel USA At Home Abroad | Blackbirds of 1928 | Bubbling Over | Cabin In The Sky | Carnival Shows | the Member of the Wedding Known as a Champion Hip Shaker | Great Splits! | Johnny Peters Orginally a Dancer | Singer Texas Tommy 1910's
Wayburn Agnes ? Ned Wayburn Studios | Moved to Europe and re-married Married: Ned Wayburn | Was a Floradora Sextet Girl Ballroom | Stage 1910's
Wayburn Ned Atlantic City, New York Ned Wayburn Studios | 1922 Follies Married: Agnes Wayburn | Instructor | Choreographer Ballroom | Stage | Vintage C.1900-25?
Weaver John Shrewsbury, England Drury Lane Dance Master Court | Ballet | Mime 7/21/1673-9/24/1760
Webb Clifton New York? Jardins de Danse | Movies Gloria Goodwin | Mary Hay | Ada Mae Weeks | Bonnie Glass | Libby Hollman | Gigalo Comic Ballroom 1891-1966
Webb Elida Virginia, & N.Y. Stormy Weather | Runnin Wild.Cotton Club| Married: Majors George Dawson Charleston | Jazz | Ballroom 1896-5/1/1975
Webb Margot NY. Earl" Fatha" Hines dancers | Chicago's Grand Terrace Cafe Harold Norton | aka: Norton and Margot | Margot Smith RomanticAdagio | Ballroom| Fan| Ballet | Ethnic dances | Soft-Shoe? | Waltz B.1910
Wee-Wee Princess n/a Danced with the Whitman Sisters Willie Bryant Song and Dance 1926's
Weeks Ada Mae NY Listen Lester Clifton Webb Waltz 1917
Weidell Connie Minnisota Home video clip dancing on beach (white T-Shirt) n/a Collegiate Shag 1936
Weinglass Dewey Georgetown, SC Started as a 'Pick': Mattie Phillips and her Jungle Kids | Broadway: Dixie to Broadway | Plantation Days | Liza | Speedville to Broadway Poli Circuit, had own troupe called the Dancing Demons | Dave Stratton, Tommy Woods | Invented Flying Eagle step Russian dancer | Challenge dances | Tap | Soft-Shoe | Legomania B.1/14/1898-
Welch Evelyn NY Cotton Club "Snakehips" Tucker Jazz | Tap 1920's?
Welitch Ljube n/a Prima Donna: debut 1934: Sofia Opera House n/a Salome| Ballet| Belly Dance 1910's
Wells Dickie n/a Opened famous Night Club Aka: Wells | Mordcai and Taylor Tap | Class Act Trio 1930's
Wells Mary Ann ?New York? 10/15/1923 Screenland Mag. Dance Studio n/a 1923's
Wells William G. and Louisa n/a n/a (Louisa - sister) Pas Styrene | Ballet| 1841's / Wm. d.1841
Wessells Henri New York Cotton Club Mildred Dixon n/a 1927's
West Buster n/a n/a n/a Tap | Russian | Wings 1930's
West Eddie California n/a Aka: The Chocolateers: Eddie West, Paul Black and Albert Gibson Pecking| Jitterbug | Acrobat 1930's
West Mae Brooklyn, NY Actress | Singer | Dancer | aka: Baby Vamp George Raft Shimmy | Ballroom 8/17/1893 - 11/22/1980
West Margret n/a Instructors Troy Kinney Ballroom 1910's
Westergoard Ava n/a n/a n/a n/a 1910's
Weston Elfie USA n/a Donald Kerr Cretors of the Stumbling Steps Dance 1922's
Weston Irene New York n/a Jack Clifford Waltz 1913's
Wetzel Kenny St. Louis (later Los Angeles) Artist and Models | Swing Dance Clubs | Rebels SDC | Press Box | Lion d'Or | DJ | M.C. | Champion Dancer | Contests Also danced with Sister | Cindi Peca | Mary Ann Nunez | Shirley Fietsem St. Louis Shag | Balboa | Jitterbug | Latin | Mambo | Twist | West Coast | Coach | Showstoppers dance team 1930's-2000
Whalen Maurice & Betty n/a Pic Mag 10/4/1938 n/a Adagio/ AcrobaticDancers 1930's
Wheaton Anna n/a (Tea Dances or Dansants) Sydney Grant, Donald McDanoald Philadelphia Drag C.1913
Wheeler Bert Paterson, NJ n/a Margaret Grae Charleston | Cakewalk 4/7/1895-1/18/1968
Whirling Dervishes Cairo Religious n/a Shamanism | Asia | Sufi Dance 1200's?
White Al California Dancer | Competitor | Rebels SDC Doorman | [(clip)] Patti Regman | Kenny Wetzel | Danced 1985 US Open West Coast Swing | Jitterbug 1970's/80's (d.4/24/1988)
White Alice Britain? British dance star n/a n/a 1930s?
White Dolly n/a a Hoffman Girl Aka: Marie Antionette Truckssess n/a 1920's
White Dorothy n/a 11/1917 Pittsburgh Post n/a Stock Movie Dancer 1930's
White Francis Pittsburgh? n/a n/a Jazz | the Novelties 1917's
White(Weitz) George 'Swifty' Toronto, CAN Ziegfeld Follies | Passing Show | George White Scandals | danced The Echo | Won 1st in Old Kentucky contests. Ann Pennington | Minerva Coverdale | Jimmy Malone | a George White Girl Tap| Ballroom| Buck and Wing | a Producer 3/12/1892 - 10/11/1968
White Paul n/a Newspaper clip n/a Scuba Diver | Tap | Dancer C.1930s?
Whitey's (aka: whyte's) Lindy Hoppers Harlem, NY Hellzapoppin' | Day at The Races Frankie Manning | Norma Miller | Billy Rickert | Al Minns | Leon James | Wila Mae Rickert and others Lindy Hop 1930/40's
Whitford Annabelle n/a n/a n/a n/a 1910s?
Whitman Albert "Pops" Baltimore, Ma.? Son of Alice Whitman (Whitman Sisters) Aka: Pops and Louie. Buster Brown Tap 1921-1951
Whitman Sisters Atlanta, GA? T.O.B.A. circuit | Owned own shows Mabel | Essie | Alberta | Alice | (Albert Palmer was Alice's Son) Aka: Queen of | Taps 1910's
Whitney Eleanore Cleveland, Ohio Actress | Dancer | Big Broadcast of 1937 Robert Cummings Ballroom B.4/21/1917
Whitney Lois n/a A World of Pleasure (1915) | Maid in America | 1915, Robinson Carusoe Jr(1916) | Oh Lady Lady Jack Mason Silver Fox 1910's
Wiggins Jack Ginger n/a T.O.B.A. Circuit | Eighty One Theatre Helped fuel the 'Class Act' | helped pioneer the Soft-Shoe Bantem Twist | Soft Shoe | The Pull It | Tango Twist | Tap 1920's
Wigman Mary Germany Modern Dance Pioneer Aka: Karoline Sofie Marie Wiegmann Free Dancer | Modern Dancer 1886-1973
Williams Barney Cork Minstrel Performer Aka: Flaherty Bernard Clog | Buck & Wing| Tap | Minstrel shows 1840's
Williams Chile USA Movies Goldwyn Girl n/a 1940's
Williams Esther n/a n/a n/a WaterBallet 1940's
Williams Henry Brady Atlanta, GA. Cotton Club | Lizzy Murphy's Sporting House | Smash your Baggage [1933] Aka: "Rubberlegs" Eccentric | Tap | Truckin' | Legomania B.1907-
Williams Egbert Antigua,W. Indies, California "Two Real Coons." Gold Bug | Clorindy | Dahomey "Williams & Walker" Cakewalk | Tap 3/11/1875-3/4/1922
Williams Frances St. Paul, Minnesota Said to have introduced the Charleston and created the Black Bottom 9/6/1925 | St. Petersburg (FL) Times) | Artists and Models | George White's Scandals | Broadway Through a Keyhole Realname: Frances Jellinek | Married: five times Black Bottom| Charleston | Acrobatic Chorus dancer | Actress | Singer 11/3/1901-1/27/1959
Williams Louis n/a Change of Heart | Mascots for NBC Kiddie Hour Albert Pops Palmer | aka: "Pops and Louis" Eccentric | All dances | Singer | Musician 1930's
Wilkens Marion Ca.? 1940 Lets Make Music Dean Collins? Rumba 1940's
Wills Frances Chicago? Chicago Stork Club n/a Acrobatic Dancer 1937's
Wilson Derby n/a Bamboola [1929] Bojangles Student Tap 1929's
Wilson Dottie n/a 1924 Harry Carroll's Revue n/a Charleston 1924's
Wilson G. Hepburn n/a Instructor Inner Circle Magazine n/a 1910's
Wilson Joie n/a 7/8/25 Suttons cafe contest winner n/a Ballroom 1925's
Wilson Lucille New York Cotton Club | Cotton Club Girl Married: Louis Armstrong n/a 1935's?
Wilson Thomas Europe? Author Dancing Master at King's Theater Country dances | Waltz | Quadrilles 1820's
Winfield Raymond n/a Part of: 'Tip, Tap and Toe' Aka: 'Tip, Tap and Toe' | Sammy Green, Teddy Frazier Tap | Acrobatic Flash 1920's
Winters Ellis & Irina n/a n/a n/a Adagio | Ballroom 1930's?
Winton Jane n/a n/a n/a Fan Dance 1930's
Wise Lawrence "Lollie" Los Angeles Clubs | Movies Lillian Arnold West Coast Swing | 1940-50's
Wise, Jr. Russell n/a n/a n/a Tap | Acrobatic | Tumbling 1930's
Wogksch Ann n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball John Lionetti Ballroom 1950's
Wolf Mel & Nita n/a Clubs n/a Adagio | Ballroom 1934's
Wolfstone Billy n/a 1938 You Can't Take It With You n/a Dancer 1938's
Wolkowsky George n/a 3/1928: Hippadrome | 1938 Old Mother Riley in Paris | New Princes Club (Restaurant) (Photo) Mlle. Nadia (1920's) | Married: Kathleen Sarah Crawley | aka Esme Grande (1930s +50s) Ballet | Russian | Apache Dance 1920's
Wong Anna May Los Angeles 1928-Song | 1927 Devil dancer | 1922 Toll of the Sea | Picadilly Aka: Wong Liu Tsong Oriental | Dancer | Actress 1/3/1905-2/2/1961
Wong Jardin n/a Clubs Alfred Chung Chinese Dance Team | Ballroom 1950's
Wood Helen n/a Moulin Rouge n/a Chorus 1930s?
Wood Jesica New York? Aka: Wood Sisters John Foley Ballroom 1920's
Wood Laura New York Aka: Wood Sisters John Foley Ballroom 1920's
Wooden Betty n/a n/a n/a Shoe Dance n/a
Woodman Annette n/a Meadowbrook Foxtrot Guy Livingston Foxtrot 1914
Woods Bertie-Lou NY Apollo Banks | Taylor Chorus | Tap 1930's
Woods Theresa, Mary Shasta, CA. Harvest Moon Ball Chuck ? West Coast Swing| 1930's
Woods Tommy n/a Runnin' Wild | Shuffle Along Solo | George Stamper | Dewey Weinglass AcrobaticTap | Slow Motion Acrobatic dance 1917's
Woods n/a n/a n/a Aka: Woods and Bray Apache dance 1940's
Wooge Heidie n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1920's?
Woolsey Robert Oakland, CA Vaudeville n/a Cakewalk 1920's
Worth Muriel n/a Pro debut 9/25/1916 at B.F. Keith's Vaudeville Theater n/a Dancer | Singer 1916's
Woytek Lowski n/a n/a Real Name: Woiciech Wiesidlowski Dancer 10/11/1939-11/24/1995
Wray Faye n/a Radio Guide News -11/1929 n/a n/a 1929's
Wright Jimmy New York Cotton Club | Cotton Club Boys | Eccentric | Tap 1933's
Wvoka "Jack Wilson" Nevada Founded Ghost dance religion of the Piute Indians n/a Ghost Dance 1856?-1932
Wyckoff Freida Angela Los Angeles Carnival Rock | Don't Knock The Rock | Swingtime George Christopherson West Coast Swing | Lindy | Balboa 1940's
Wyman Jane St. Joseph, Missouri Danced in 'The Kid from Spain' Real Name: Sarah Jane Fulks | Married: Ronald Reagan Chorus Dancer B.1/1914