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Page V: Vintage Dancer History Index List V (Pictured: Veloz and Yolanda) Listings
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Dancers Index: V

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists V. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter V. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Valdes Germán "Tin-tan" Mexico City, Mexico Latin Films Star and dancer Real Name: Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés Castillo | aka: Zamora-Valdes Latin | Mambo 9/19/1915-6/27/1973
Valdez Tito n/a Florentine Gardens Saw Corrine Ballroom 1940's
Valencia Carmen Tórtola (Tortela) Seville, Spain Gaiety Theater: Havana [1908], Follies Bergere [Paris] | Retired in 1930 | Died in Barcelona at age 72 Aka: La Bella Valencia Modern Dance | Natural Dance | Spanish 6/18/1882-2/14/1955*
Valentine Jimmy Brooklyn, N.Y Handicapped: One Legged dancer | 1939 1st Harvest Moon Ball | 1952 Havana | Roxy | Apollo Theatre | Ed Sullivan Show | Real Name: Paul Perrone Mary Valentine (sis) | Edith | Vivian Larkin | Peg Leg Bates | Henry LeTang Married: Marion Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Swing | Lindy 9/5/1915-2/1/1999
Valentine Paul n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1940's
Valentino Rudolph Italy Maxim's | Keith's Vaudeville Palace Married: Natacha Rambova | Bonnie Glass | Joan Sawyer Tango | Apache 19??-1926
Valentinoff (Daixel) Valya (William) New York City Hellzapoppin' | Sons of Fun | Follow The Girls Aka: Paul Valentine Ballet | Ballroom B.1919
Van Den Berg Atty Holland On The Town | One Touch of Venus Fritz Henle | Joos Ballet Co Ballet | 1942
Van Simmons Willard USA 1944 Hollywood | Canteen | 1945 Wonder Man n/a Dancer 1940's
Vance Paula New York City 1947 Helen Of Troy n/a Ballet B.1926
Vanda and Vladimer     England 6/30/1930 Pathe Newsreel: "Stepping Out" n/a Apache 1930
Vanderhurst Sammy n/a Dixie to Broadway [1923] n/a Dancers 1923
Vanella Tara USA n/a n/a Specialty dancer 1939
Vannessi ??? USA Keith Albee Theater n/a Vaudeville dancer 1928
Vashi Nataraj n/a n/a Aka: Vashi & Veena (Praveena) Hindu 1940's
Vassilie Trunoff Melbourne, AUS Oklahoma! Aka: Basil Truro | Married: Joan Potter Ballet | Folk Dance 1929-1985
Vaughan Kate n/a Gaiety Theater, part of the "Gaiety Quartet" Aka: Kate Candelon | (sister Susie Vaugn) Skirt | Ballet 1878
Vega Eddie New York 12 time winner: Star Search: (clip) | Dance Fever: (clip) | MTV | Blackpool | Harvest Moon Ball | U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships Lisa Nunziella | Lordes Jones | Maria Torres | Nellie Cotto | aka: Eddie 'New York' Vega Hustle | Adagio | East and West Coast Swing 1963-3/12/1992
Vélez Angelita n/a n/a n/a Spanish | Jota | Tango | Flamenco 1950's
Veloz Frank New York? n/a Married: Yolanda, also Jean Phelps | Honeymoon Lodge | Under the Pampas Moon | Pride of the Yankees | Waldorf-Atoria Hotel | American Theatre Ballroom Waltz | Viennese Waltz 1902-1981
Veloz Jean Tarzna, California Groovie Movie | Swing Fever Arthur "Slippery" Walsh | Married: Frank Veloz | aka: Jean Phelps Swing 1940's to present
Veloz Yolanda California, New York n/a Aka: Yolanda Cassazza | Married: Frank Veloz (1929) Ballroom 1911-1995
Vercellisi "Sisters" n/a Sweet Corporals Dance Fillipi Brothers n/a 1880's
Verdon Gwen Culver City, CA Can-Can | Damn Yankees Aka: Gweneth Evelyn Verdonin Jazz | Can-Can | Ballroom 1926-2000
Verdugo Elena Hollywood, CA 1941 Blood & Sand | To The Shores of Tripoli n/a Spanish Dancer B.4/20/1926
Vereen Ben Miami, Florida All That Jazz | Sweet Charity | Funny Lady | Roots Married: Andrea Townsley | Nancy Bruner Jazz | Frug | Actor/ Dancer B.10/10/1946
Vestris Gaetan Apollino Baldassare Florence, Italy Said to have invented the Pirouette Louis XIV | Adelaide Simonet | Giovanna Bicelli | (Father to Marie Agustus) Ballet | Mime 1729-1808
Vestris Marie Augustus Paris, FR.? Cinquintine Aka: Vestr'Allard, (son to G. Vestris) | Married: Anne Catherine Augier Ballet | Chaconne 1760-1842
Vestris Marie Jean Augustin Paris (Note: Not sure about this listing) Mother of Vestris Sr. | [? Maybe managed the Royal Theatre at Covent Garden (1841) and Lyceum, but was probably a different Vestris?.] (See Ballet Dancers List for More Vestris Info) Ballet n/a
(Ronzi) Vestris Caroline Mary Theresa n/a n/a Aka: Caroline Ronzi-Vestris n/a B.1802-??
Villareal Chelo Cuba Montmarte n/a Mexican Dance 1950
Vin and Roberto ?? USA Hot Cha Review | Empire Club ?? Shim-Sham 1935
Violetti Eva-Maria n/a n/a Married: David Garrick Ballet D.1822
Violetti Verdy Pont-L'Abbé- Lambour, Fr Ballets des Champs-Elysées Aka: Nelly Guillerm Ballet B.1933-?
Vlad Alexandre New York Parisian Cabarets Florence Walton Tango 1920's?
Vladimirov Pierre Russia? n/a n/a Ballet 1893-1970
Voïart Élise France? Author ... Essai sur la danse antique et Moderne (1823) n/a Dancer | Author 1786-1866
Volusian Eros Brazil? 9/22/41 Life Magazine n/a Macumba 1940's
Von Laban Rudolph n/a Created Labnotation n/a Ballet n/a
(Vonn) Hamilton (Vonn)??? Kansas City MI American Coronation Ball | George White Scandals n/a American Royal 1951