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Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists T. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter T. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Tadlock Tad Port Arthur, TX Murray's Dance Party | Your Hit Parade n/a Various|Choreographer 1950's?
Taglioni (Galster) Amalie (Anna) ?France? n/a Married: Paul Taglioni (Mother to Marie Paul and Augusta Dancer 1808-1881
Taglioni Carlo Turnin Marie's Grand Father n/a Ballet | Choreographer 1780's
Taglioni Fernando n/a n/a n/a Composer 1810-1874
Taglioni Filippo Italy Carlos Son, Marie's & Paul's Father | La Sylphide Father of romantic ballet | Married: Sophia Ballet 2/11/1777-1871
Taglioni Louisa n/a n/a n/a Ballet 1823-1893
Taglioni Marie Paul Germany? Taglioni Polka Married: Prince Windsich (Daughter of Anna and Paul | Sister Augusta) Ballet 1833-1891
Taglioni Marie Stockholm La Sylphide| /td> Joseph Mazilier | Married: Comte Gilbert de Voisins Ballet | Tarantella | Tyrolienne 1804-1884
Taglioni Paul Vienna Filippo, Marie's Brother Anna (Amalie) Galster Ballet 1808-1884
Taglioni Salvatore Palermo, Italy (Maries Uncle) Bordeaux Married: Adelaide Perraud Ballet 1789-1868
Takier (Roeser) Betty Los Angeles? 1st: 1948 Harvest Moon Ball (L.A.) Tivoli | Maharaja | Twice Blessed Married: Hal Takier Lindy | Jitterbug | West Coast Swing | Balboa 1915-1970's
Takier Hal Los Angeles 1st: 1948Harvest Moon Ball (L.A.) Tivoli | Maharaja | Twice Blessed Married: Betty Roeser, Marge Lindy | Jitterbug | West Coast Swing | Balboa 1916-1/9/2010
Tally Beatty USA Showboat | Blackface n/a Ballet | Jazz 1940's
Talmadges Maurice & Constance New York? n/a Married Couple Talmadge Foxtrot 1922
Tamara (one of many Tamara's) Various Cochran Revue, Others Florence Fowler Ballroom | Ballet 1930
Tangolele n/a Spokane, WA. Nocturne of Love Realname: Yvonne Yolanda Montes Farrington Spanish | Mexican | Latin Dance | Actress B.1/3/1932
Tanguay Eva n/a Vaudeville | Burlesque and Stage n/a Seven Veils 1910's
Tapps George (Georgie) n/a 1953 Lucky Star n/a Tap | Chorographer 1950's
Taps & Wilda n/a n/a Chicago after Dark | Love in Syncopation n/a Tap? 1946
Tarver Iva n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball Nick Mosely Rock and Roll | Jitterbug 1956
Tarzana n/a n/a 1940 Big Timers n/a Whoopie Dancer 1945
Taylor n/a n/a Africana [1927] Aka: Black Dots, Johnson and Taylor Tap | Black Bottom 1927
Taylor Annie Edson n/a (Also 1st women to barrel over Niagara Falls 1901.) n/a Ex-Dance Instructor 1838-1921
Taylor Eva USA Renoun American Russian Dancer (Retired after marriage) Married: Pianist Clarence Williams Russian Dancing | Legomania 1910's
Taylor Freddie n/a African-American Dance Instructor Taught Ann Pennington The Black Bottom Vernacular Dances 1920's
Taylor Jeanne n/a n/a Gower Champion Ballroom 1940's
Taylor June California? Jackie Gleason Show | Jiveroo (Soundies) June Taylor Dancers Dance Group 1950's
Taylor Rabbit USA Proctor’s 86th Street theatre, Keith's | mentioned in the Baltimore Afro American Won Lindbergh Hop Contest Lindy Hop | Jitterbug 3/1930's
Taylor Yak NY Apollo Theater Banks, Woods Chorus | Tap 1930's
Taylors Herbert, The Palm Beach, N.Y | & Chicago Champagne Hour Married Couple Ballroom 1940s?
Tea ??? n/a Minstrel Shows n/a Negro Dance? 1767
Teichman Murray Aka: Arthur Murray Make Believe Ballroom Maried: Katherine Swing | Ballroom | Jazz 1895-1991
Temple Leslie Ohio? 1893 Kirmess Opera House Jefferson Crane, Rebecca Young Scotch Highland Dances 1893
Temple Shirley Santa Monica, CA. Runt Rage | Dimples Bojangles | George Raft Tap | Jitterbug B.4/23/1928
Templeton Fay n/a Aerial Gardens, NYC Erlanger & Klaw n/a 1904
Tennis Eleanore Indianapolis, IN Movie Shorts | Musicals Paul Haakon Ballroom | Ballet n/a
Teresina n/a Barcelona, Spain Night Clubs and Hotels n/a Spanish Dancer 1930's
Terrace Michael Spanish Harlem, NY Palladium Aka: Terrace and Elita | Realname: Michael Gutierrez | Married: Elita Mambo 1950's
Terpsichore Terpein Greece One of the Muses of Greek Mythology Aka: Goddess of Dance Any Dance n/a
Terry Alice n/a Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Valentino Tango 1920's
Terry Edward n/a Gaiety Theater Vaughn, Farren, Royce Song and Dance | Skirt 1878
Terry Roma Hollywood, Ca. 1935 Derby Show Porky Jacobs Marathon 1935
Tharp Twyla Portland, IN Hair | White Knights n/a Ballet | Modern B.1941
Theodora Empress Byzantine Dancer | Actress | Prostitute and Empress Married: Justinian Dancer 500-547
Three Choclateers n/a New York Cotton Club n/a Group Dancers 1937
Three Giants Of Rhythm n/a New York Cotton Club Express n/a Group Dancers 1937
The Three Little Words n/a New York Apollo | Cotton Club Tap Trio Tap act 1930's
Thoinot Arbeau Dijon, France (1588: Wrote the book "Oschesographie") Was a priest - Canon of Langres See Ballet | Gavotte 1519-
Thomas Irene n/a USO Tours | Nightclubs | Films Dean Collins Tap | Swing 1940's
Thomas Olive n/a Aka: Oliveretta Duffy n/a n/a 1884-1920
Thomas Patty USA You can't take it with you n/a Specialty-? 1938
Thomas Raymond Indianapolis IN. Plantation Days Married: Helen Thomas [b.1896, Philly] | Member of the Four Crackerjacks Tap B.7/9/1898
Thompson Lydia n/a Imported Burlesque to USA | #1 British Blondes | Xion n/a Shadow | Can-Can | Jig 1836-1908
Thompson Ulysses S. Prescott, AZ Plantation Club Aka: Slow Kid Thompson | Married: Florence Mills | Gertrude Curtis Dancer / Tap w/ Lou Keane | Charleston Lyrics 1888-1990
Three Adairs n/a USA Empire (Glasgow) Aka: Three Adairs Dancers n/a 1949
Three Whippets n/a n/a Vaudeville n/a Acrobatic Dancers 1930s?
Tin-Tan Germán Mexico City, Mexico Latin Films Star and dancer. Real Name: Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés Castillo | aka: Zamora-Valdes Latin | Mambo 9/19/1915-6/27/1973
Tip, Tap & Toe Unknown New York George White Scandals | Cotton Club Revue Tap dance Trio Tap 1936
Tiller John England Originator of the Pony Ballet Tiller Girls | Rockettes Fancy Dancing | Precision Dancers 1854-1925
Tod Quentin San Francisco Stran Theater Contest | Nobodys Home | Persian Room | Biltmore Helen Clarke | Mlle | La Gai | Joan Sawyer Ballroom | Clarkes Military Glide | Waltz | Russian | Ballet B.1914-
Toledo Julio Spain? A Night in Spain Florina Alba Spanish | Ballet 1949
Toliver Nettie Perry Jacksonville, FL. Member of the Fourd Dancing Demons Married: Aaron Tolliver Acrobatic Tap B.4/16/1898
Toumanova Tamara Esternburg, Russia 1954 Gaby | Spanish Fiesta | Your Show Of Shows | Patrova Leonide Massine Ballroom | Spanish | Ballet B.3/2/1917-5/29/1996
Tom from Palestine Texas Similar to Master Juba | see: Juba n/a Juba | Jig 1880s?
Tom Two Story n/a Danced as a couple, but used any available female dancer Got his name from his height as well as Breaking and Entering two Story Buildings Buck and Wing 1910's
Tomkins Donald IntroducedVarsity Drag ! 1927 Good News | Freshies | Wild Cat Ruth Love Ballroom | Tap | Varsity Drag 1920's
Tomlinson Kellom Europe Dancing Master & Author n/a Renaissance | Baroque dances 1690-1753?
Tondelayo Brillanis New York 1930'sCotton Club Revue | 1947 Sepia Cinderella Cotton Club Girl Opened Tondelayo's Club 1935?
Toneatti Al New York 1940's Harvest Moon Ball Marion Sushinsky Rhumba 1940's
Topsy & Eva Duncan n/a Topsy and Veva [1926]| Real Name: Rosetta and Vivian Duncan | See: Duncan Sisters| Dance 1923
Torrence Edna USA Danced in the Keith-Albee Vaudeville circuit n/a Dancer | Ballet 1910s?
Torres Jose Spain? n/a n/a Spanish 1948
Torres Pietro n/a 7/8/1957 Pathe Newsreel: Spanish Dancing Maria de Cordoba, Maya Spanish 1957
Tortojado (Miss) Consuelo Granada, Spain Alhambra 1897 | Olympic Theater | Palace Theatre aka la Belle Tortojada Spanish Dancer | Singer 1905
Trau Phil San Mateo, CA Competitor | DJ | Judge | Promoter | Dancer Luzon Hanson | Mechelle Kincaid | Married: Sandy West Coast Swing | Jitterbug | Tap B.6/13/1936
Travolta John n/a Saturday Night Fever | Urban Cowboy | Stayin' Alive Actor | Dancer Disco | Hustle | Jazz 1970-80's
Tresmand Ivy England? The lady of the Rose - Daly's Theatre (3/23/1922 Pathe Newsreel) n/a Ballet 1922
Tretta Fred So. California Dancer 1948: Veloz and Yolanda Show. Judy Holiday | Betty Grable | Felicia Farr West Coast Swing | Ballroom | Tango | Instructor 1950's
Treul John n/a Patrick The Great Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance 1945
Trevor Unknown Europe n/a Harris Ballroom 1920's
Triana Antonio n/a Carmen's Dance Troupe | Father to Luisa Triana Carmen Amaya Flamenco 1940s.
Troy Charles n/a Danced in 1932 'Legomania' Carrol Lynne Tap Dancers 1932
Truitte James n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1923-8/21/1995
Trumbell Mazie ?Iowa? Vaudeville - "Irish Pawnbrokers" Lloyd Knight, Tonraine Trio Wooden Shoe Dance 1903
Tucker Earl "Snakehips" New York Cotton Club | Lafayette etc | Duke Ellington Short Evelyn Welch | Bessie Dudley Contortionist -Dancer 1927?
Tune Tommy Witchita Falls, Texas 1965 - Baker Street n/a Choreographer | Dancer 2/28/1939
Turnel Dee n/a Band Wagon | Easter Parade | Kismet | Royal Wedding | The Strip | Words and Music | n/a Film Dancer 1940/50's
Turner Elmer, Miss New York Cotton Club | Cab Calloway ?? Dancer 1930's
Turner George n/a Hollywood Canteen n/a Played a tough Marine dancer in movie 1940s?
Tuttle Dorthea n/a 1951: American in Paris | Rosalie | Royal Wedding | Summer Stock Married: Jim Nitch Stock Dancer 4/21/1918-8/12/1998
Twins Fairbanks (thanhouser) New York 1917 Ziegfeld Follies Marion & Madeline Tandem Sister Act 1920's
Tyne George n/a Once Upon a Time Four Jills & a Jeep Aka: Martin Yaras | Florence Pepper? Jitterbug | Tap 8/6/1917-19??