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Page S: Vintage Dancer History Index List S (Pictured: Francois Szony and Giselle) Listings
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Dancers Index: S

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists S. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter S. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Sacco Dorothy Plula, FL. 1939 Worlds Jitterbug Champions Bill Bauersfield Jitterbug B.1921-
Saddler Donald Van Nuys, CA. International Casino | | USO Canteens n/a Ballet B.1920
Sadowski Pauline n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball n/a n/a 1950's
Sagal Marge n/a Aka: Marge Champion Gower Champion Ballroom 1940-50's
Sager Bernie n/a Judge: Harvest Moon Ball, Teacher n/a Lindy | CollegiateShag | Rumba 1937
Saheret ??? Australia Follies Marginy. (Von Struck Painting) n/a Belly? | Salome | Can-Can | Contortionist 1900's
Sailor Lil NY? A Tough Dance: Edison Film Kid Foley Apache dance 1902
Saint-Leon Arthur London Area n/a Fanny Cerrito Ballet 1840's
Salambo n/a n/a n/a n/a Belly | Seven Veils 1910
Salan (sp?) Margarita Germany Aleged Spy!: Executed by French (firing line) Aka: Mata Hari Exotic ?-10/15/1917
Salle Marie n/a n/a n/a Ballet 1707-1756
Salvaggis, the ?? USA 1902 Lustspiel ?? Dancers 1902
Samaniego Nena ?San Francisco, CA? Xavier Cugat | Columbia Pictures Married: Jose Navarro | Prtnr: Carlos Rosario Ballroom | Spanish | Flamenco | Chiapanecas 1940's
"Sammy Sunshine" USA 1929 Steppin' Along Aka: Ernest Morrison Tap 1929
Sanchez Elvera "Baby" Puerto Rico Sammy Davis Jrs. Mother Married: Sammy Davis Sr. Dancer 1920's
Sands Dick n/a Instructor n/a Jig | Clog | Hornpipe | Fancy 1879
Sanderson Julia n/a The Argentine Vernon Castle Argentine Tango 1910's
Sandor Gluck USA Publix Theater, N.Y. Dance Project n/a Ballet | Stage 1930's
Sandrini Carlos Buenos Aires Guinness Record n/a Ballroom 1955
Sansone Tony n/a Capitol Theater | Sansone-Vanderbuilt Theater Aka: Desha and Sansone Adagio 1930's
Santley Joseph n/a Music Box Revue | Gay Divorce | Princess Shows | Just Fancy | When Dreams Come True Ruth Randall | Ivy Sawyer | Gaby Deslys Santley Tango | Hawaiian Butterfly 1910's-20's
Santlow Mrs? England n/a n/a London's most famous dancer 1728
Sapp "Kid" n/a Southern Medicine Tent Show dancer n/a n/a 1900's
Sarul David Hollywood, CA. Chippendales, Circus Disco, Crest Lounge, Destiny 2, La Chic, LA Valley College, Lion D'Or, Nicks Fishmarket, Orlando Orsini's, Pips, Press Box, Red Chimney, Tennesee Gin & Cotton Co., Victoria Station | Hustle USA | TV: 'Disco Salsa Explosion,' Hot City,' 'Kicks'| Film: Can You Feel Me Dancin' aka: 'Disco Dave', 'the Einstein of Hustle' | Teacher, Dancer, Choreographer, Competitor, Judge, Performer | Married: Debra Hampton | Partners: Donna Hyatt | Patti Manners | Terri Terific | Topaz LaRue | Valerie Riddendorf | Photo's Hustle | West Coast Swing 4/10/1950-2/19/2018
Saulters Dottie     Vogues of 1938 Married:Choly Atkins Tap 1940's
Savage Archie Norfolk, VA Jammin' The Blues [1944] | Cabin in the Sky Marie Bryant Jitterbug | Tap 4/19/1914-2/4/2003
Sawyer Donald n/a Ambassador Hotel. Harvest Moon Ball Judge Mildred Holiday | Evelyn Grieg Al Smith Hop | Ballroom 1920/30's
Sawyer Ivy NY Sawyer's The Persian Garden Ballroom. Princess Shows John Jarrott | Married: Joseph Santley Ballroom 1910's
Sawyer Joan n/a Clubs-NY Lew Quinn | Rudolph Valentino | Carlos Sebastian La Rumba | Aeroplane Waltz | Siamese Dance B.1890-?
Saxon (Costanzo) Marda Los Angeles Contests | Mary Lou Jack James Costanzo Ballroom 1940's
Scheerer Robert n/a Give Out Sisters Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance 1940's
Scheim Ruth New York 1936 & 1937Harvest Moon Ball Champions John Englert Collegiate Shag b.1921
Schmuck Orlando Fort Wayne, IN. Cinderella Dancing Academy - St. Louis AKA: Orlando and Esterre (Racine) Tango | Waltz | Created Love Waltz 1914
Schwimmer Abel Chicago? ?Harvest Moon Ball? Abel and May Schwimmer: Father of Buddy Jitterbug | Ballroom 1950's
Schwimmer Benji Riverside, CA So You Think You Can Dance 2006 | U.S. Open SDC Heidi Groskreutz (cousin,) Son of Buddy and Lorie West Coast Swing | NC2S | Ballroom | Latin | Jazz 2006
Schwimmer Buddy Whittaker, IL? Nightclubs | Dance Champion | American Graffiti | Creator of the Night Club 2-Step Lynn Vogan | Married: Lorie | Abel, Benji, Lacey Jitterbug | West Coast Swing | NC2S | Ballroom | Hustle 1970's
Schwimmer Lacey Riverside, CA. So You Think You Can Dance | Dancing with the Stars | US Open SDC Sister to Benji, Daughter of Buddy & Lorie Schwimmer West Coast Swing | NC2S| Latin | Stage | Ballroom 2007
Scott Alice "Scotty" Los Angeles Groovie Movie, 1946 Junior Prom withDean Collins | 3rd girl) Eddie | Dean Collins West Coast Swing | Jitterbug | Lindy Hop 1940's
Seal Ernest 'Baby' n/a T.O.B.A. Circuit Married: Emma Dancer | Producer 1920's
Segal Frank n/a n/a n/a Instructor 1940's?
Sebastion Carlos NY Jardin de Danse | Chorographer Dorothy Bently | Beatrice Allen | Joan Sawyer Waltz | Flirtation Tango | Maxixe | Foxtrot 1914
Sedgwick Edna Chicago, IL? Yacht Club n/a Tap 1937
Seed Choppy Los Angeles? n/a Roy Damron Jitterbug 1938
Sefton Harry n/a n/a Aka: 'Dancing Spider' n/a 1900
Seigler Jack Detroit, MI. (later San Diego, CA) Dancer, J&J Competitor | M.C. ?? West Coast Swing | Jitterbug | Tap Dance | Ballroom d.10/23/2017
Selva ??? Paris Follies Marginy Laridan Ballet | Burlesque 1905
Semon ??? n/a The Equity Ball Aka: Herman & Semon Comic Acrobats | Acrobatic Dance 1928
Sevigne Madame de Europe? n/a daughter "Mme. de Grignon" Passepied | Quadrilles | Court 1626-1696
Sevilla Ninon Havana, Cuba Peridida | La Mulatto | Marathon de Baile | Musicade ayer - movies Used Santeria rites in her dancing routines Ballet | Rumba | Spanish B.11/10/1921
Sexton Mert n/a Christy Minstrels n/a Jig 1834-5/1866
Symour Constance n/a Shown on Video: Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema Andrea Meazza n/a n/a
Seymour Katie England? Gaiety Theater | Opera Comique | Casino Girl Horne Brothers Step Dance | Skirt | Ballet | Burlesque D.1903
Shan-Kar Uday Bombay? "Krishna and Radha" | A Hindu Wedding | Covent Garden | also Orchestra Hall in Chicago (1934) | Uday Shankar Indian Culture Center Anna Pavlova | Simkie | Kanak-Lata | Debendra & Robindra Hindu Dances 1900-1977
Shaw Billy n/a Burlesque dance act Idylle Shaw Ballroom | Burlesque 1947s
Shaw And Lee n/a Going Places [RKO 1930] n/a Eccentric Dancers 1930
Shawn Ted Kansas City, MI Dansants (Teas) Ruth St. Denis | Norma Gould Ballroom | Ethnic | Gay | Modern Dance 10/21/1891-4/27/1972
Sheehy Thomas H. Chicago?, IL? Aragon | Trianon Instructor, DMA Created Lindbergh Glide | Dixie Stomp | Kinkajou | Ballroom 1927
Sheldon Roy n/a 1/24/1921 Palace Theater Pearl Regay Ballroom 1921
Shepard Evelyn NY Cotton Club Girl Married: Jack Fuller n/a 1935?
Shepard Vera n/a Audubon Ballroom n/a Marathon | Instructor 1923
Shepard Walter NY Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric | Tap 1933
Shepro Elaine n/a 1948 Harvest Moon Ball Jitterbug Champions Martin Abezetian Jitterbug B.1929
Sheridan Ann n/a 1938 Juke Girl n/a Ballroom 1930's
Sheridan & Mack USA Minstrel Dancers n/a Clog 1800's
Sherman Hal n/a Hellzapoppin' n/a Eccentric 1940's
Sherman Mickey Newark, NJ Vaudeville? 1940? Steel Pier Champ? Ballroom 1940's?
Shea Mary Jane Canton, OH USO Dancer | Sailor Bar | Circus Ballet n/a Ballet | Ballroom 1940's
Shorty and Slim n/a n/a n/a Charles Green | James Walker Tap | Legomania | Eccentric 1920's
Sinclair Diane n/a 1953 Dave Garroway Show Kenneth Spaulding n/a 1950's
Siebert Wallace n/a Your Show of Shows (TV) n/a n/a 1950's
Siegler Hannah n/a n/a Aka: Jose' Hermosa n/a 1930's
Siegler Jack San Diego, CA San Diego Swing Dance Clubs n/a West Coast Swing d.2017
Sims Howard "Sandman" NY Apollo | No Maps On My Taps [1979]   Real name: Howard Simms Tap Dancer D.2003
Simmons Ida n/a Minstrel Shows n/a Fire & Rope Dance 1879
Simmons Maudine NY Cotton Club Girl Married: Nelson Sykes Chorus Dancer 1935?
Sinclair Diane n/a n/a 1/25/54 Life Mag. n/a 1950's
Sinden Bert  England Brother to Topsy Sinden ?? Actor, Dancer 1877-1911
Sinden Miss Topsy England Sister to Bert Sinden | Gaiety Theater | Dalys Theater | San Toy | Country Girl Covent Gardens-at age 5 Ballroom | Mime | Spanish | Tarantella | Spanish | Step & Clog | Can-Can | Skirt 1878-1951
Sissle (Gordon) Ethel NY / L.A. Cotton Club Cotton Club Girl Divorced: Noble Sissle 1935?
Slap & Happy Daniels & Irwin n/a Rhythmania (Soundie) Harold Daniels & Leslie Irwin Tap Dancers 1940's
Slick & Slack Maybe Dancers? n/a It Happened In Harlem [1945], The Joint is Jumpin' [1941] n/a Tap? 1940's
Sliter Dick n/a Christy Minstrels n/a Jig D.5/21/1861
Slezak (Chadimová) Anna Kotelec, Bohemia Said to have invented the Polka Joseph Neruba Married:Slezak? Polka | Redowa | Galop 1830's
Sloan A. Baldwin n/a 1914 Darktown Follies Grace Field Ballroom 1914
Sloden Lewis N.Y. Palace Theater Joan Sawyer Dancing In The Shadows 1914
Slyde Jimmy Atlanta, GA. aka: James Titus Godbolt Jr, King of Slides | Part of duo called "the Slyde Brothers (Mitchell)" | Films: The Cotton Club | Tap
Jimmy "Sir Slyde" Mitchell Tap | Jazz 10/2/1927-5/16/2008
Smith Bessie Chattanooga, TN. Moses Stokes Minstrel Troupe | St. Louis Blues | Blues Shouter Andrew Smith (bro.) Singer | Started as a dancer at 18 (1912) 4/15/1894-9/26/1937
Smith Clarence "Pinetop" Alabama Rabbit Foot Minstrels | NightClubs n/a Originally a Tap Dancer, turned Musician 6/11/04-3/14/29
Smith Eleanor & Kathryn n/a n/a n/a Toe | Tap | Eccentric 1930's
Smith Helen USA Cologne Minstrel Shows n/a Song and Dance 1890
Smith Joe n/a The girl from Montmartre' | May be the Joseph below Trixie Wilsoon The tango-can-can 1910's
Smith Joseph NY The Apaches of Paris [1915] | Queen of Moulin Rouge [1909] | La Bella Argentina Tango | Ziegfeld Follies of 1907 Louise Alexander | Laura Hamilton | Frances Demerest Apache | Tango | Mime | Maxixe | Ballet 1878 - 1932
Smith Lenny Los Angeles Movies: Swing | Swing Fever | Follow the Boys and others Kay Smith | Joe Lanza West Coast Swing | Lindy | Jitterbug | D.1967
Smith Mamie Cincinnati, OH Tutt-Whitney's Smart Set Company "Tutt Whitney" Singer, started as a dancer 5/26/1883-10/30/1946
Smith Ruth Lafayette, IN. MarathonDancer Frank Miller | Frank Lovecchio n/a 1932
Smith Wanda n/a Moonlight in Vermont Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance 1942
Smith "Tex" Cleburne, TX. Marathon Dancer Irene Carter Marathon? | Waltz 1935
Smith Tom So Cal Swing Dancer Pepper West Coast Swing | Jitterbug | 1960's ?
Smith Tom USA? n/a n/a Comedy | Eccentric 1910's
Smith William NY Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric | Tap 1933
Smolich n/a n/a n/a Usachev Cakewalk 1916
Snakehips See: Tucker n/a n/a n/a n/a 1930's
Snowden Shorty George ??? Savoy Ballroom | Smalls Paradise | Cotton Club | Named the Lindy Hop Big Bea | Shorty Snowden Trio | Sippie Wallace song Lindy Hop | Breakaway | Charleston Dancer B.1904-1970's?
Snyder Gene Richmond, VA Director for the Roxy | Rockettes | n/a Ballet | Tap | Specialty dances B.1908-
Sodestrom MR. Denver, CO Instructor n/a Collegiate 1927
Sokolov Anna Hartford, CN n/a Martha Graham Modern B.1910-
Solk Gus USA? Vaudeville - Irish Pawnbroker's n/a Choreographer 1903
Somes Michael n/a n/a n/a Dancer 9/28/1917-11/18/1994
Son & Sonny ??? NY Apollo | Cotton Club | Café Zanzibar [1945] | Started at College Inn Aka: Roland James and Sonny Montgomery Acrobatic Tap 1939
Sorel Felicia NY USO | Salome The Hartmans | Josephine Baker Ballet dances | Salome | Ballroom | 1940's
Southern Lou Los Angeles, CA Rock Around the Clock | Don't Knock the Rock | Desk Set | Clubs n/a West Coast Swing | Lindy | Jitterbug 1940-50's
Spencer Prince n/a Joined the Four Step Brothers act n/a Tap | Slides 1930's
Spencer Vicki n/a n/a Clay Cole Twist 1962
Spyropolos Faheda Mahzar Chicago, IL Worlds Fair Aka: Little Egypt Belly | Strip | Burlesque | Hootchy B.1893-
St. Cyr Mimi n/a Gaiety Theater? | La Cigale n/a Tarantella | Spanish 1880's?
St. Denis Ruth Somerville, NJ Denishawn School Ted Shawn Early Ballroom | Modern | Ballet | B.1877-1968
St. Leon Arthur Paris Violinists | Dancer | Author Married: Fanny Cerrito Ballet 9/17/1821-9/2/1870
Stan & Kaye S. Catron & K.Popp n/a Something For The Boys | 8/1943 Life Magazine Leon James & Wila Mae Ricter Lindy | Carolina Shag Stan-b.1926-?
Stanford The Eccentric n/a 1927: The Revue des Revues Aka: The Eccentric Eccentric 1927
Stanley Dan USA No Tomorrow Play Al Birnes Dance Team 1914
Stanley Helene Los Angeles, CA Patrick the Great | Hi-Buddy [1943] Jivin' Jacks | Real Name: Dolores Santley Swing Dance 1928-1/27/1990
Stanley (santley?) John n/a Variety Girl n/a Specialty Dancer 1947
Stanley Joseph NY Girl On The Magazine Cover Gaby Deslys Gaby Glide 19??
Stanton Ronald n/a Swing Parade Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance 1946
Stamper George n/a Runnin' Wild [1923] Tommy Woods | Solo Dancer Slow Dance w/ Splits? 1924
Stanwyck Barbara Brooklyn, NY 1922 Ziegfeld Follies | George White Scandals n/a Chorus Line dancer | Actress 1907-1990
Stapleton Wally & Ver'dyn USA 1937 Hockshop Blues ?? Tap and Ballroom 1930's
Starbuck James n/a Your Show of Shows Imogene Coca | Tamara Toumanova Ballet | Ballroom | Specialty 1950's
Step Brothers n/a CA n/a n/a Tap | Swing 1950's
Stepanova (Stepanoff) Taianna Marseilles, France Ballets Russes Oleg Tupine | Married: George Peabody Gardner, 3 children | Peabody died in 2007 Ballet | Jota | Spanish Dance 2/2/1924-12/29/2009
Stephen Marie Guy n/a Las Boleras de Cadiz n/a Ballet | Bolero | Spanish 1844
Stepney Francis Massachusetts 1st. American Dance Teacher n/a Dance Master 1685
Steppers, the Ebony n/a Just a Minute [1928] n/a Step dancing | Tap 1928
Stepping Stones The n/a Vaudeville Dancers n/a Tap | Step Dance 1930's?
Stewart Maxwell London The inventor of the double reverse spin in the waltz. Winner 1923 World Ballroom Championships Barbara Miles Ballroom | Waltz 1923
Stewart Richard n/a n/a n/a Novelty Dancer 1920's?
Stith Gwen n/a Films: Colorado Sunset | Ziegfeld Girl | Dark Horse Ran a dance studio in San Pedro, CA. Champion Drum Majorette, dancer 1921-12/18/2006
Stodelle Ernestine Oaklnad, CA Danced with Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman | Jose Limon Married: Theodore Komisarjevsky (1882-1954) and John R. Chamberlain (1903-1995). 6 Children Modern | Ballet | 5/6/1912-1/5/2008
Stone Amy n/a 1865 - Fanchon n/a Ballet | 1865
Stone Bentley Plankinton, SD Black Crook | Street Singer | Second Little Show Margaret Stevens | Albertieri Ballet | Tap | Ballroom 1930's
Stone Fred n/a Tip Top [1919] Family danced, Dave Montgomery Tap | Stop-Time Dance Routine 1920's
Stowitts Hubert 'Jay' USA? n/a n/a AmericanBallet | Painter 1892-1953
Stratton Dave USA Dewey Weinglass first partner n/a Russian? 1913
Stratton Eugene USA n/a n/a Singer & Dancer 1861-1918
Strauss Sarah Mildred n/a n/a n/a Ballet | Modern? 1930's
Strohman "Scoby" n/a The Spirit Moves n/a AppleJackS | Tap | Jazz | Lindy Hop 1950's
Strelska Vera n/a n/a Concerts Ballet? 1927
Stringbeans n/a n/a Christopher Columbus [1937] | Globe Theatre Stringbeans and Susie | Sweetie May | Real Name: Buddy LeMay Truckin' | Buck and Wing | The Grind | Snake Hips | Musician 1918
Struggy n/a n/a Brown Buddies [1930] | Nagasaki [1934] | Don Redman & His Orchestra [1934] Aka: Red and Struggy (Struggs) Satires | Lindy Hop | Tap | Eccentric | Comedy | Pantomime 1930's
Studholme Marie n/a n/a n/a Dancer, Actress 1900's?
Stump & Stumpy n/a Apollo | Stump and Stumpy short [1948] Aka: James Cross | Harold Cromer Tap | Dancers | Comedians 1930's
Stuart Nick NY? Blake Of Scotland Yard Aka: Nicholas Pratza Apache dance 4/10/1903-4/7/1973
Stuart Richard Fairmont, WV Life Begins at 8:40 Aka: Stuart and Lea, & Richard & Flora Ossana Ballroom | Ballet S:1901
Subligny Marie Therese de France? n/a Ballon Allemande | Court | Ballet 1666-1736
Sujata n/a n/a n/a Asota Fire Dancers 1940's
Sullivan Jim & Louise n/a Trianon Ballroom | Fox Newsreel | The Night they RaidedMinsky's Gloria Cranwell nae: Cotchonis is daughter WorldCharleston Champions" 1926
Sullivan George Harlem, NY 1955 Harvest Moon Ball Winner | The Spirit Moves | member of the Jiveadeers Married: Ruth Sullivan Lindy Hop 1950's
Sullivan Ruth "Sugar" Harlem, NY 1955 Harvest Moon Ball Winner | The Spirit Moves Video | member of the Jiveadeers, Sonny Allen's Rocket's Partner ofAl Minns | Big Nick |married: George Sullivan Lindy Hop 1950's
Surrat Valeska NY? n/a Gould Apache dance 1909
Sushinsky Marion NY 1940's Harvest Moon Ball Al Toneatti Rumba 1940's
Swayze Patsy Houston, TX Realname: Yvonne Helen | aka Patsy Karnes | Married: Jesse Wayne Swayze | Choreo: Urban Cowboy | Liar's Moon | One Last Dance Mother to: Sean Vicky, Bambi, Patrick and Donald Swayze | [Obits] Ballroom | Ballet | Jazz | Teacher | Chorographer 2/7/1927-9/9/2013
Swayze Patrick Houston, TX Dirty Dancing | Roadhouse | Ghost | Married: Lisa Neimi | Son of Patsy Swayze Jennifer Gray Mambo | Dirty Dance | Ballroom b.8/18/1952-9/2009
Sweepstone n/a n/a n/a Aka: Sweepstone & Tweedle Ballroom | Tango 1920's?
Swinton Harry n/a Old Kentucky | Bijou Theatre (Brooklyn), successful Contest dancer n/a Sand Dancer | Spreadin' the Sand | Legendary Tap dancer 1900's
Sygietynski Mira Ziminska & Tadeusz n/a Co-founder and director of the Mazowsze Song and Dance Ensemble n/a Folk | Polka M-1901-1/26/1997 | T-d.1955
Sylvester Victor London, England Originally a famous dance Instructor who later turned band leader for Ballroom Dances Phyllis Clarke | Married: Dorothy Newton Ballroom | | Tango | Charleston 2/25/1900-8/14/1978
Szanto Maria n/a n/a Van Dyck Dancers Dancer 1920's
Szony Francois Budapest, Hungary 1953 Toast of the Town (TV.)1951 Harvest Moon Ball | Latin Quarter Aka: The Szonys | Married: Giselle | Aerialist | Coach Ballroom | Ballet | Adagio 1950's