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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ n/a = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Raft George New York Crazy Quilt. Rhumba Carol Lombard, Margo Tango, Rumba, C.1920-40s?
Rainey Gertrude "Ma" Columbus, Georgia. Vaudeville & Minstrel. Bunch of Blackberries Aka: Gertrude Pridget. William "PA" Rainey Song & Dance,
Black Bottom
Rainey Phill n/a Marathon Derby Show Mary Casey/ Curts Marathon C.1930's
Rajah Princess n/a Edison Films, Mysterious Asia, Coney Island, M: Clifford C. Fischer Cooch, Belly Dance, Shimmy C.1902
Raki Laya n/a n/a n/a Singer & Javanese
Dancer, Ethnic
Ralph & Lorraine n/a n/a Brown Hotel (KY.)
St. Anthony Hotel (TX.)
Aka: A boy and his Mannequin Ballroom, Adagio C.1940s
Rall Tommy Kansas City, MO. Blackouts. Fancy Free n/a Ballet, Tap, Acrobatic B.1929
Natacha NY? n/a Aka: Natacha Kimball. Rudolph Valentino Tango C.1900's
Rameau Pierre France Wrote: Le maître à danser n/a Baroque Dance 1674-1798
Ramon & Chiquita USA 12/1941 - It Mag. n/a Latin C.1941
Ramon & Lucinda Palumbos Cabaret   Calypso Dance C.1950s?
Ramon & Renita USA Created the Ronrico dance (a rhumba)    (1937 Universal Newsreel) Rhumba, Latin C.1937
Ramón(Navarro?) & Rosita NY 1924 Thy Name Is Woman. Supper Clubs, Waldorf-Astoria Rosita, Nena & Carmen Samaniego Ballroom, Spanish C.1930/40s
Rand (Randazzle) Ray Los Angeles, based "created Ray Rand Swingers," Mgr. Diana Ballroom. 1936 Pomona Fair Ray rand swingers: Hal Takier & Betty Takier, Maxie Dorf & Mary McCaslin,
Lawrence Wise & Lillian Arnold, Gil Fernandez & Venna Cascon
Jitterbug, Balboa ?-d.?1939?
Rand Sally Hickory, Missouri 1926 Gigolo. Sunny Side Up. Night of Love Cotton Club Fan, Bubble,
Randall Carl n/a 1916 Ziegfeld Follies.
Spectre de la Rose
n/a Ballet? C.1916
Randall Ruth n/a n/a Joseph Santley Santley Tango C.1913
Rasch Albertina Vienna, Austria The Palace.
Ziegfeld Theater Choreo.
M: Dimitri Tiomkin Albertina Rasch Girls,
Ravel Marietta n/a 1866 Black Crook n/a Ballet, Court B.1847
Ray Earl "Tiny" n/a In Old Kentucky, The Three Eddies Pick Dancer, Tap Dancer 1900s?
Ray Gabrielle n/a Actress, dancer, Aka: Gabs, Miss Craske Acrobatic Dancer C.1905
Ray Joie n/a Derby Show. Atlantic City Aka: Frankie Laine. Mary Fenton Marathon C.1930's
Ray Lois (Mrs.) USA ?? ?? Tap Dancer C.1950's
Raye Mary New Orleans Clubs M: Mario Naldi Tango C.1940s
Read (Midwater) Florence Pretoria, S. Africa (Dance Contestant.)
Joos Ballet
n/a Ballet, Spanish,
Reardon William (Billy) New York Let's Dance, Harriman Cakewalk (1915,) Irene Castle- 1922, Josephine Harriman-1915 Ballroom, Cakewalk, Foxtrot, Tango C.1915-24
Rector Eddie Orange, New Jersey Cotton Club, Darktown Follies, Liza, Cab Calloway, Ink Spots. Hot Rhythm (1930) Grace Rector, Toots Davis Tap, Bambalina, Sand Dance, Waltz Clog 1890s-1962
Rector Grace n/a Strut Miss Lizzie [1922]  Eddie Rector   C.1922
Rector Henry n/a Borther to Eddie Rector. Dixie to Broadway [1923] n/a n/a C.1923
Red n/a n/a Brown Buddie [1930] Aka: Red and Struggy Satires, Lindy Hop, Tap, Eccentric, Comedy, Pantomime C.1930's
"Red Rex" n/a Los Angeles ??1941 Jitterbug Champion-Steel Pier-Atlantic City?? W/ Skippy Blair Jitterbug, Tap, C.1940's
Red Rhythm n/a    White's Emporium (1942,) Real Name: John Chivers. Groundhog, Leon Collins Tap, C.1940s
Reed Dave n/a Blackface Minstrel and Steamboat Dancer. Bryant Theater Added unique arm movements to a new dance. ( Tap) Character Shoe Fly, Jig, Eccentric, Plantation 1830-1906
Reed Leonard Lightning Creek, OK. $ Shim Sham Instructional Video, Deep Harlem. Basin St. Revue [1956], Rhythm and Blues Revue [1955], Rock and Roll Revue [1955], Silas B. Williams Show, Cotton Club Maceo Ellis, Willie Bryant Eccentric, Shim Sham, Charleston, Director, Writer 1/7/1907-5/5/2004
Reed Magnone Park n/a n/a M: Robert Woolsey Eccentric
Reese Betsy n/a n/a n/a Jazz Toe Dance C.1940's
Reese "Buzzy"  Los Angeles? Contest Promoter.
Dance Fever!
n/a Disco etc. C.1970's
Regay Pearl n/a (Palace Theater with Rialto Versatile Five Syncopaters) Roy Sheldon Ballroom C.1920s
Reiman Elsie Terre Haute, Indiana Movies, Musicals, Ballets n/a Ballet, Highland Fling C.1940's
Reinhart Harriette Karin n/a Milwaukee Dance Instructor Leo Kehl n/a C.1923
Relyea Marjorie n/a Was Florador Girl (sextet) M: 1st: William D. Holmes, 2nd: Albert Stokes Dancer C.1910s
Renee & Estella (Stella) Cuba? Club Yumuri. Cotton Club Express-Chile Estella Rhumba C.1930's?
Rennie Winifred n/a n/a n/a n/a C.1920s
"Resortes" See Martinez n/a n/a n/a Mambo C.1950's
Restilli Dino California ? Club Dancer,   West Coast Swing C.1970's -
Revere Amy NY. Erroll Carroll Vanities. Tip Toes. There's A Crowd Mae Murray, Charles Ames Ballet, Waltz C.1920/30s
Reves Raul & Eva Havana Cuba? High Sea's Restaurant - Havana n/a Latin C.1950's?
Rey Federico n/a n/a Pilar Gomez, Spanish 1930's?
Rey Frederic n/a Follies Bergeré Yvonne Moneau Ballet, C.1940s
Reyes Goyo n/a 1952 Estrella de Sierra Morena, La (chor.) Pepita Ortega Flamenco C.1940s
Reyes Pepa n/a n/a Cruz Luna, Angel Mancheño Flamenco, Spanish C.1940s
Reyes Trini  n/a Waldorf-Astoria, Ed Sullivan Show n/a Flamenco, Spanish C.1940s
Reynard n/a n/a Aka: Arden & Reynard Arden Ballet, C.1930s
Reynold Sisters n/a Bowery Theater ( Kilty & Henrietta) Jigs & Reels C.1883
Rhodes Evelyn SoCal n/a n/a West Coast Swing, Jitterbug C.1970s
Rianza Yetta n/a n/a n/a n/a C.1920s
Richardson Lady Constance England or Scotland? Lady Constance Stewart-Richardson Lyric Theatre 1913 Faun Dances C.1913
Rickert Shirley Jean Seattle, WA Our Gang, Little Rascals, ABC's of Love Child Star, Musical Dancer, Actress, Burlesque Star 'Gilda' Danced in Musicals and Burlesque B.3/25/1926
Rice Thomas, Dartmouth Louisville, KY. Minstrel Shows Aka: "Daddy Jim Crow." "Daddy Rice," T.D. Rice Truckin', Minstrel, Jump Jim Crow, Buck, Jig 1808-1861
Rich Buddy (Bernard) New York? n/a n/a Tap, Musician B.6/30/17-
Richard & Flora n/a See Stuart and Lea n/a Ballroom C.1920's
Richardson "Jazzlips" n/a Hot Chocolates [1929], Apollo Theater n/a Eccentric, Acrobatic, Contortions, Comedian C.1929
Rickert Shirley Jean Seattle, WA Singin' In The Rain, Best Foot Forward, Love Pains Aka: Shirley Jean Measures, Shirley Jean Ricketts n/a B.3/25/1926
Rickter Billy Harlem Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Wila Mae, Norma Miller Lindy Hop C.1930's
Rickter Willa Mae Harlem Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Billy Ricker Lindy Hop ?d. 1981?
Riefenstahl Riefenstahl Germany n/a n/a Actress, Dancer C.1932
Riles James n/a Bowery Theater Lottie Anderson Song & Dance C.1883
Riley Thomas A. n/a Dance Magazine Editor, Teacher Harvest Moon Ball Judge Ballroom C.1938
Rines Joseph n/a n/a n/a Lambeth Walk C.1938
Ringold Muriel n/a n/a Aka: Katie Carter and Muriel Ringold Tap 1920's
Rippa Terry Dallas TX Instructor, Competitor, Promotor, Judge -founded Dallas D.A.N.C.E Event (1987) West Coast Swing, Whip, Push C.1970s
"Rita And Fito" Cuba Taught Gertrude Hoffmann Girls the Rumba Aka: Rita and Fito Rumba C.1920s
Ritz Al n/a Vaudeville, Argentine Nights Aka: Ritz Bros. Dancers C.1943
Ritz Harry n/a Vaudeville, Never a Dull Moment Aka: Ritz Brothers Dancer C.1943
Ritz Jimmy n/a Vaudeville Aka: Ritz Bros. Dancers C.1943
Riva Alfredo n/a  Keith-Albee 81st St. Theatre Jeannie Orr Spanish Dancers C.1910s?
Rivera Chita Washington, DC Debut: 1952 Call Me Madam. Guys & Dolls.
West Side Story
Ballanchine, Ballet B.1933
Robbins Jerome New York City On The Town. Fancy Free Nora Kaye Ballet, Modern,
Robinson Bill (Bojangles) Richmond, VA Stormy Weather.
Little Colonel. 1928 Blackbirds
Shirley Temple Tap, Stair Dance 5/1878
Robinson Buddy n/a Wislshire-Ebell Theater n/a Tap C.1953
Robinson Clarence n/a Successful Choreographer. Cotton Club, Cabin in the Sky, Shuffle Along [1933], Lucky Sambo [1925], Keep Shufflin' [1928], Stormy Weather [1943] M: Hyacinth Curtis Choreographer C.1920s
Robinson Foots n/a While dancing, would fall to the floor, do a Spin on his back in time with the music, he called it 'the Black Bottom.' Jim Green. aka Green and Robinson Specialty, Tap  C.1923
Roberts & Marianne n/a 8/3/1937 Life Mag. n/a Rope Dance C.1937
Rock William n/a n/a Maude Fulton Comedy Turkey Trot C.1912
Rockets The (a Group) n/a Duke Ellington Henry Roberts & Andrew Jackson A dance team 1930s
Rockettes Dance Group New York Radio City Music Hall See page Can-Can type See page
Rodgers Sid & Carol USA? n/a Stage and Screen Ballroom, Acrobatic C.1930s
Rodriguez Augie & Margo USA Palladium, Roseland, Ed Sullivan Show, Steve Allen Show,1956 Harvest Moon Ball Aka Augie and Margo. m=Margo Bartolonei Latin, Mambo, Ballet, Adagio, Tango, Spanish, Modern, C.1956
Rodriquez Estellita n/a Parade of 1951 n/a Spanish C.1951
Rodriguez Teddy N.Y. La Martinique Phyllis Rodriguez Latin C.1958
Roeser Betty n/a 1st - 1948 Harvest Moon Ball (L.A.) Tivoli, Maharaja, Twice Blessed M: Hal Takier West Coast, Jitterbug,
, Balboa
Rogers Buddy & Patsy Balto, MD. n/a n/a Marathon Champions C.1930
Rogers Ginger Independence Missouri. Swingtime. Girl Crazy.
Top Speed
Aka: Virginia Katherine Mc Math. Fred Astaire Charleston, Ballroom, Tap. 1911-1995
Rökk Marika Egypt Carousel. Hello Janine, Moulin Rouge George Alexander Ballroom, Burlesque, Tap 11/3/1919-5/16/2004
Romanini           Rope Dancer n/a
Romero Caesar n/a Movies/Clubs Many Ballroom, Latin C.1930's
Ronitris Dimitris Greece n/a Dance Instructor Greek C.1613
Ronnell & Edna Maybe Dancers 1946 Love In Syncopation n/a n/a C.1946
Rooney Pat "Frisco" Chicago 1919 - Rings Of Smoke.
Lambs Cafe
Son of : Marion Bent. Mattie Rooney, Emma Francis Jig, Tango, Waltz, Tap, Hornpipe, Frisco, Waltz Clog B.1909-1980s
Rooney Mickey n/a Actor Judy Garland Jitterbug C.1930's?
Rosa, De Mlle. NYC? Niblo's Gardens n/a Spanish, Morris, Ballet C.1868
Rosalene ??? NY? Caprice Room (Weylin Hotel.) 5/1935 Stage Mag Seville Ballroom C.1930s
Rosalie ??? USA 1898- Bridget's Word Goes - Jasper Jenkins, de Cake-
Walk Coon, (Brooklyn Music Hall)
?? Vocalist and Acrobatic Dancer, C.1898
Rosalie And Alva (R) Missouri, (A) Vis Step Lively, Fanchon and Marco Idea's. Step Lively, Bolero George Murphy, Ruth Spear, married Ballet, Samoan Dance C.1930s
Rosario Maria n/a El Ciego.
Princes Theater
Antonio Cano, Lusillo, Gloria Gomad Spanish C.1957
Rosario & Antonio Seville, Spain 1941 Ziegfeld Girl. Son's Of Fun Aka: Antonio & Roasrio. Real Name: Rosario Perez Spanish B.1920 (R)
Rosario (Imperio?,) n/a n/a Andre D'Arcy? Spanish C. 1930s
Rosati Carolina Italy The Prophet, Thea M. Charles, M. Taglioni and P. Taglioni. Skating Dance,
Waltz Brilliante
Rosita ??? n/a Gold Digger 1935 Ramon, Fontana Spanish C.1930s
Ros Ramon n/a The Iron Major n/a Ros Dancers C.1943
Ross Alec n/a On Video: Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema n/a British Dancer n/a
Ross Charles n/a Passing Show 1912 Trixie Friganza Apache C.1912
Ross Jerry n/a Your Show Of Shows (TV) Nelle Fisher Ballroom C.1950s
Rothenberg Carl n/a Patrick the Great Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance C.1945
Rothkugel Max New York (wrote Dancing Charts) n/a Ballroom C.1918
Rothman Dorothy Bronx, N.Y. Roseland dancer and Harvest Moon Ball dancer Partner Tony ? Ballroom 1940's
Roudenko Lubov Sofia, Bulgaria Rodeo, Merry Widow. Musicals, Ballets n/a Ballet, Can-Can C.1940s
Rowland Betty n/a Let's Make Music. Int'l Burlesque. Love & Kisses Video Clip Chorus, Burlesque, Dancer C.1940s
Royce Edward n/a Choreographer n/a Ballroom C.1920s
Royce Teddy England? Gaiety Theater.
(England's Best Dancer)
Farren, Terry, Vaughn Dance, Skirt C.1878
Royce Rosita n/a 7/18/1939 - Look Mag. San Diego Expo 1935 Also a fan and Bubble dancer, Nudist Dance of the Doves C1940s
Royce Sisters, The USA? Vaudeville n/a Tap 1900s?
Rozerio n/a n/a n/a n/a Ballet n/a
Ruben Pedro n/a Rio Rita n/a Mexican, Spanish C.1927
Rubens Hilda n/a Pins & Needles n/a n/a C.1930s
Rubenstein Ida St. Petersburg Salome. Bolero.
La Valse
n/a Valse, Salome, Bolero, Ballet, C.1910s
Rudac Dorothy NY? Palace Theater Andre Dance Team? C.1900s
Rude Vera ?? Aka Vera Rude and Partner. Edinburg Theatre ?? Acrobatic C.1940s
Ruette, La Jean Louis France Composer and Actor of Ballets and Opera's n/a Ballet 1731-1792
Ruiz Albert n/a 1947 Road To Rio. 1950 Summer Stock n/a Specialty Dancer, Jitterbug C.1940s
Ruiz Alberta n/a Variety Girl.
The French Line,
n/a Specialty Dancer, C.1947/54
Ruiz Antonio Seville, Spain $ 1944 - Hollywood Canteen Aka: Antonio & Rosario, Antonio Lopez, Flamenco, Spanish 1922-1996
Rulson ??? n/a Rulson - Dorsha & Baro n/a Ballroom n/a
Runaway Four n/a n/a Comic Acrobatic Troupe n/a Acrobatic C.1930s?
Russel, Jr. Eddie n/a 1927 Kiss Me. Lyric Theater Russel family Tap, Acrobatic, C.1927
Rutherford George E. n/a n/a Mrs. Rutherford Lindy, Ballroom, Tap C.1940s
Rutledge & Taylor n/a 1929 Lady Fare n/a Tap, Class Act C.1920s
Ryan Billy n/a n/a n/a Tap, Soft Shoe C.1920s?
Ryan Peggy n/a (daughter of the Merry Dancing Ryans,) Private Buckeroo, Get Hep to Love, Jivin' Jacks and Jills Donald O'Connor, George Murphy. Real Name: Margaret O'Rene Ryan. married dancer: Ray Macdonald Jitterbug, Tap D.2005 (c.1930)
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