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Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists P. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter P. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Pablito and Dolores n/a Cuba Tropicana Night Club & Casino | the Sans Souci | The National Hotel | Montmartre Pablito killed Dolores in the 1950's, Later killed himself (They were married) Latin|Rumba 1940's/50's
Page Ann USA Dansants | Clubs John Janis Fan Waltz | Whirlwind | Novelty Foxtrot |Tango c.1910's
Page Anita n/a Broadway Melody Charles King | Bessie Love n/a n/a
Page Angela n/a Follies Bergeré n/a Chorus? c.1950s
Page Betty Nashville | Tennessee Risqué Movies | Vargas type pictures | Cult / ETC. 36"-23"36.5" 128lbs | 5'5" Hat Dance | VeilDance | Pinups 4/22/1923-12/11/2008
Page Ruth Indianapolis | Ind. Music Box Revue [1921] | Grand Dame of dance in Chicago from the 1920's | Chicago Grand Opera Anna Pavlova | Harald Kreutzberg | Bentley Stone Ballet | Ballroom | Modern Dance | Choreographer 1899-1991
Palmer Aaron n/a Father of Albert Palmer | Plantation Revue [1922] Married: Alice Whitman ( (of Whitman Sisters) | aka: Kelly and Palmer Tap |  (Kelly did the Russian and Acrobatics) c.1919
Palmer Albert "Pops" n/a Mascots for NBC Kiddie Hour | Change of Heart film | Son of Aaron Palmer andAlice Whitman Billy Adams | Louis Williams | Groundhog | aka: "Pops and Louis" Acrobatic Tap | Charleston 1919-1950
Palmer Bea (bee) New York ZiegfeldFollies [1918] | I've Found a New Baby: sheet music [1926] n/a Shimmy c.1918
Palmer Elaine n/a Topsy and Eva [1925] Dan Brennan n/a c.1925
Palucca Greta London? n/a n/a Cabaret? c.1920s?
Pan Hermes Memphis | TN Choreographer n/a Pan-Americana 12/10/1909-9/19/1990
Papanti Lorenzo Boston Dance Master at West Point in 1823 | (Introduced The American waltz in 1834.) n/a Boston |Waltz c.1823
Paramount Astoria Girls n/a England? "Looking In" (1st TV Revue) n/a Can-CanType? c.1933
Parker Flora New York? Weber & Fields Carter DeHaven Ballroom c.1912-15
Parker Gail Chicago? L&L Cafe Chicago n/a Devil Dance c.1946
Parker Jimmy Chicago, Il. Derby ShowMarathon Dancer Edna Nowell Marathon c.1935
Parks Louise "Mama Lu" Raleigh | NC Savoy Ballroom | TV | Southbank | Mama Lu's Traditional Jazz Dancers | 1983+ Harvest Moon Ball owner Richard Harris | David Butts | Clyde Wilder | Darlene Gist Lindy Hop | Jazz | Square Dance D.10/23/1990
Parrish Elsie California 1946 Junior Prom (1st girl) w/ Dean | Baby Boogie w/ Bob Ash Dean Collins | Bob Ash Lindy Hop | WCS c.1946
Parry Barbara USA Olsen and Johnson TV Show 1949 (Fireball | Fun For All) ?? Tap Dancer 1940's
Passapae Edna Newark | NJ Instructor | Dance Msters of America (DMA) | Original Kinkajou n/a Kinkajou |Ballroom c.1927
Patricola Tom New Orleans | LA George White Varieties [1932] | Also played a Ukelele while he danced Ann Pennington Black Bottom |Eccentric 1/22/1891-1/1/9150
Patriczic n/a Italy n/a Aka: Ammy Fernandes & Patriczic Ballroom c.1920s
Paul Antoine France Zephire | Pas Gracieux | Moise Legalloise Ballet c.1850s?
Paul Barbara n/a n/a n/a Flapper c.1928
Pauley Cyril New York Bustonoby's Cafe Blanche Young Tango c.1916?
Pavlova Anna St. Petersburg, RU. Theater/ Ballets Mikhal Mordkin, BalletSupreme 1/31/1881-1/31/1931
Payne Ivy California Aka Mr.& Mrs | Douglas Crane | Mowbry Hall Douglas Crane | Wilson Ballroom | Tango c.1910s
Peggy & Cortez New York n/a ?-Cortez Arg | Tango c.1920s/30s
Peabody William Frank Brooklyn, NY Police Lieutenant | Dancer | Peabody danced named after him ?Katherine Clemmons? Peabody | Foxtrot 1873-8/5/1939
Peacock Francis Europe? Dance Teacher and Author n/a Reels | Country Dances 1723-1807
Pécourt Louis Guillaume France? Dance Master | Author Louis XIV Minuet | Ballet 1653-1729
Peel Matt USA Christy Minstrels n/a Jig D.5/4/`859
Pelham Dick England? Introduced the Jig Dance in England in 1845 n/a Jig c.1845
Pelham Peter Boston Dance Master n/a Court Dances c.1730s
Pennington Ann Wilmington, DE. Scandals 1919/26 White | Johns Tap | Black Bottom 1893-1971
Penatello Charles n/a Harvest Moon BallWinners Jean Arco Ballroom c.1968
People Pan's London Top Of The Pops Dancers | Legs & Co. | Ruby Slipper | Zoo | Go-Jos | 6 girl group Flick | DeeDee | Ruth | Cherrie | Babs | Jo Disco | Jazz | Tap 1968-1976
Pepita Ortega n/a Pleasure Bound [1929] Goyo Reyes Spanish c.1940s
Peppe And Roccio USA Teaserama (See: Pepe and Roccio clip) & Varietease Roccio is a male crossdresser | Partner Most likely Vicki Lynn Spanish c.1950's
Pepper Barbara n/a My Fair Lady | Bachelor Mother Dr. Dollittle | Reed Hadley n/a c.1940-60s
Pepper n/a n/a n/a Real Name: Jewel Welch | aka: Candy and Pepper Tap 1930s
Pepper Florence n/a Deadline at Dawn George Tyne Dancing Girl | Jitterbug c.1946
Peppy & Peanuts n/a n/a Hollywood on Parade [1945] n/a Ballroom c.1940s
Perea Nina n/a n/a n/a Spanish|Burlesque c.1870
Perlowa La n/a n/a n/a n/a c.1890s
Perón Isabelita (Maria Estela) La Rioja | Argentina Originally a dancer until marriage Real Name: Maria Estela Martinez Cartas | Married: Juan Domingo Perón Dancer | Political B.1931-
Perpoint Samuel New York Dance Master n/a Minuet | Hornpipe | Court | Country c.1770s
Perrazza Armando San Francisco, CA. Afro-Cuban Revue Slim Gaillard | Prez Prado | Machito Dancer/ Musician 5/30/1924
Perez Rosario Seville, Spain 1941 Ziegfeld Girl | Son's Of Fun Aka: Antonio & Roasrio.Real Name Rosario Perez Spanish B.1920 (R)
Perrone Paul Brooklyn, N.Y. Handicapped: One Legged dancer | 1939 1st.Harvest Moon Ball | 1952 Havana | Roxy | Apollo Theatre | Ed Sullivan Show aka: Jimmy Valentine Mary Valentine (sis,) Edith | Vivian Larkin | Henry LeTang Married:Marion Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Swing | Lindy 9/5/1915-2/1/1999
Perrot Jules Joseph France Giselle Grahn | Taglioni | Married: Carlotta Grisi Ballet | Cachucha | Cracovienne | Mime 1810-1892
Perry Catherine n/a n/a n/a Dancer c.1921
Puerto Rico N.Y.Palladium | Dance Palace | Mambo Kings | Mambo Madness Real Name: Pedro Aquilar MillieLink Mambo B.6/14/1927
Peters Mark California Started LASDC Married: Marge West Coast Swing | Jitterbug c.1950s
Peters Rodney St. Louis? Dreamland Dance Palace Mrs | Joseph Nathan La Mode Tango 1890's?
Peters Sisters n/a New York Singing and Dancing | Movies | Clubs (300 lbs | Each) Posin' 1930's
Peterson Joe n/a Plantation Club, Russell Brown | Rueben Brown | aka: The Three Borwns Tap | Coffee Grinder c.1920's
Peterson Kenny Los Angeles, CA. Founder of "LA Swing Dance Club" ?? West Coast Swing| c.1970s
Petipa Lucien Paris, FR. n/a Carlotta Grisi Ballet|Court 1815-1898
Petipa Marius Paris, FR. n/a n/a Ballet| 3/11/1818-7/14/1910
Petipa Maria Mariusovna n/a Originator of 'the Lilac Fairy' in Sleeping Beauty Daughter of Marius Ballet| 1857-1930
Pettiford Cliff n/a Excellent Eccentric dancer n/a Eccentric c.1920s
Peyton Lew n/a Shuffle Along [1924] n/a Dancer c.1924
Phelan Pat n/a Moonlight in Vermont [1947] Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance c.1942
Phillips Georgina n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball Henry Kobasky Polka 1950s
Phipps Sally Germany? German Dancer | Actress n/a n/a 1920's
Piacenza da Domenico Italy First Dance Master of Court n/a Court c.1410s
Pickerts, The n/a San Francisco, CA. Follies Bergere [1944] n/a Ballroom 1940's
Pierce Bill (Billy) Virginia, USA Harlem Dance Instructor Created the 'Sugar Foot Strut' | Taught Ada May Weeks | Zelma O'Neal | Irene Delroy Buck and Wing | Vernacular | Jazz | Sugar Foot Strut c.1920s
Pierce Earl H. New York Christy Minstrels n/a Jig 1833-6/5/1859
Pierre & Lavelle England Frascatis (London) n/a Black Out Stroll c.1940s
Pietro n/a France n/a n/a Pantomime c.1910s
Pilcer Harry London L' Apres-midi d'un Faunne (in: 'Trouble at the Palace' 1923, was arrested for doing the 'danse du venture') Mlle | Rahna Danse du Venture c.1920's
Pilser (?Pilcer?) Harry n/a Ran Up the wall while dancing and flipped over | Vaudeville n/a Tap | Comedy? c.1910s
Pinsoa Allen USA n/a Carol Haney n/a c.1940s
Piro "Killer Joe" New York Suppossedly 1942: Harvest Moon Ball Winner | (Also Dance Instructor to the Mob!) Lenora Betz | Married: Lucienne Jitterbug | Watusi | Jerk | Mule | Ballroom | Latin 3/2/1921-2/5/1989
Placide Alexander n/a Bird Catcher, the [1792] His Wife Ballet | Acrobatic | Tight Rope C1790s
Plat(off) Marc Seattle, WA Oklahoma Musical n/a Ballet| B.1915
Platt J.D., Jr. Ohio? Kirmess Opera House [1893] Rebecca Young | Leslie Temple Scotch Highland Dances c.1893
Plato "Miss" Ohio? Kirmess Opera House n/a SpanishDance c.1893
Plunkett Adeline Belgium Les Amazons Petipa Ballet| 1824-1910
Playford John England Wrote Book: the English Dancing Master Aka: "Honest John" Folk | Author | English Country Dance | Anglaise 1623-1687
Polin n/a France? n/a Mons | Gasperini Ballet| c.1845
Pollard Mildred New York See: Sandra " Boogie" Gibson See: Albert Gibson Lindy Hop c.1930s?
Polson Marion Chicago? Member of the 'Merriel Abbott dancers' that regularly performed the 'Tiger Cage dance' at the Empire Room of the Palmer House Merriel Abbott dancers Apache | Burlesque 1940s
Pomare n/a ?England? English Nightclub & Theatres Solo Danseuse Polka c.1845
Poncho & Dolores n/a Jivin In Bebop [1946] n/a n/a c.1940s
Popp Kaye n/a Something For The Boys Stanley Catron Lindy Hop c.1943
"Pork Chops" ??? n/a 1935 Harlem Bound n/a ComedyTap c.1935
Porten Henny Germany? n/a Walter Slezak Ballroom | Apache Dance c.1906
Porter Catherine n/a Died in Pathe Fire | age 16 n/a Chorus dancer D.12/10/1929
Porter Roy "Chink" New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric/Tap c.1933
Porter Tommy New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric | Tap c.1933
Pot, Pan & Skillet n/a New York? n/a James Jackson, Gene Ware, & Ernest Mayhand Acrobatic | Comedy 1930s
Potts Maggie Europe? Early Ziegfeld shows n/a Eccentric c.1892
Powell Eleanor n/a n/a Fred Astaire Tap 1913-1982
Prado Carlo England? n/a Miss Howard Ballroom c.1928
Pratesi Sisters n/a NYC? n/a n/a Ballet| c.1857
Price Samuel B. n/a Played Piano | Orchestra Leader | Dancer Alphonso Trents Orch. Charleston c.1923
Primrose George London or Canada McFralands Minstrels | Cotton Coons Minstrel Company | Primrose and West Minstrels Partnered with William H | West | aka: Mr. Soft Shoe Tap | Soft Shoe | Clog | VA | Essence 1852-1919
Primus Pearl Trinadad, New York Dance Group (Ethnic | Modern | Jazz & Lindy) Married: Percival Borde Lindy Hop | Jazz|Ballet| 11/29/1919-10/29/1994
Pritchard Annie n/a A Night In Paris | Century Theater | NY Tarasoff Tap | Jazz c.1927
Prosen Sidney n/a Introduced Tennessee Wig Walk in 1953 Mrs | Prosen Ballroom | Wig Walk c.1953
Puck Harry & Eva USA Juvenile Vaudeville Dance Team n/a n/a c.1905
Purnell Mattie New York? Savoy Ballroom Shorty George Lindy Hop | Breakaway c.1920s
Purvis Billy England? Northumbrian Showmen n/a Folk | Country c.19th cent.
Pylades ??? Cilicia Banished Roman dancer | During Augustus Caesar's reign Bathyllus of Alexandria Mime | Comic | Roman Dancer c.30 B.C.
Pyroll Mademoiselle. France? Casino de Paris n/a Chorus c.1920s