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Dancers Index: O

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists O. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter O. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Percy n/a Chicago, IL Rectors Pamela De Lour Adagio c.1914
O'Conner Donald Chicago, IL. Vaudeville | Small Fry | Singin in the Rain | Give Out Sister Peggy Kelly | Gene Kelly | Vera Ellen Buck | Tap | Adagio | Jazz | Ballet | Jitterbug B.1925-
O'Conner Patsy New York City Patrick the Great | Moonlight in VT. Jivin' Jills Swing Dance 1/23/1929-
O'Daniel Nicky n/a 1947 Harlem after Midnt | 1945 Harlem Hot-Cha! | 1946 Pollard Jump Al Guster Various Ballroom c.1947
O'Day (Colton) Anita Chicago, IL. Dance Marathons | turned Singer n/a Marathons B.10/18/1919
O'Day Sunnie n/a Strike Me Pink | Ballyhoo Of 1932 Gloria Gilbert Tap c.1930s
O'Dennishawn Florence n/a n/a n/a n/a c.1921
O'Neal Jean USA 1936: Amuse Yourself   AcrobaticTap c.1940s
O'Neil Kitty New York? First Female Clog Dancer Tony Pastor Theater | Theater Comiique | aka: Ctherine Connelly Clog | Tap | Buck | Gigue | Jig | Sand Jig | Straight Jig c.1870s
O'Neill Rosette (Rosetta) New York Instructor for Dodsworth (Taught Irene Castle) Ballroom c.1900's
O'Neil (Schrader) Zelma Rock Falls, IL. 1929 Good News! | Paramount on Parade n/a Varsity Drag c.1910s
Ofelia Pimento n/a 1934 Life Begins at 8:40 Pimento | Junger n/a c.1930s
Oldfield Betty California ?? ?? West Coast Swing | Jitterbug c.1980's
Ohardieno Roger (Rajah) USA 1943: Shore Excursion | 1943: Tropical Revue | 1/1/1943: Life Mag | Cabin in the Sky Katherine Dunham Florida East Coast Shimmy c.1943
Oleskowicz John n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball Frances Daleo Polka c.1950's
Olvera Mateo n/a Artists and Models [1927] Aka: King and Kingwith Steve Condos | King | King and King with Olvera's Brothers) Tap c.1925
O'Meara Tim & Kitty n/a O'Meara Gardens n/a Ballroom | Step dance | Ballet c.1925
On Wah Trio n/a n/a Oriental Acrobatic Troup n/a Acrobatic c.1930s?
Oriela Princess USA Listed in Billboard Mag legitimat section - 1/6/1945 as Cuban Dancers Pete Cuban dancers c.1945
Orr Jeannie n/a Keith-Albee 81st St | Theatre Alfredo Riva Spanish Dancers c.1910s?
Ortega Pepita n/a 1929: Pleasure Bound | Other Goyo Reyes Spanish | Flamenco c.1940's
Ortega Rosita Spain? Harvest Moon Ball n/a Spanish Dance c.1938
Osborne Vivian n/a 1921: The Right Way n/a Pro Dancer before Actress c.1920s
Osato Sono Omaha, NB One Touch Of Venus | On The Town | 1949 Kissing Bandit n/a Ballet B.8/29/1919
O'Shey Miss NY Palace Theater Allan Mann Steppers c.1932
Osorio Nora Havana, CU. Tropicana Niteclub n/a Rhumba c.1950s
Otero Caroline n/a Aka: La Belle n/a Spanish dances 1868-1965
Otero Jose n/a n/a Uncle Flamenco n/a
Otero Mauuel n/a n/a Nephew Flamenco n/a
Overlees Frank Oklahoma Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers n/a Ballet | Jazz | Modern 1930's