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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ - = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Nadja - - Le Theater Esoterique Ikar Greek, Belly, Veil 1926
Nagel (Dolan) Anna (Anne) Boston. MA 1935 Scandals.
1934 Stand Up & Cheer
- Chorus 9/29/1915-7/6/1966
Nagel Conrad Keokuk, Iowa Movies Pauline Frederick Ballroom 3/16/1897-2/24/1970
Naldi Mario Venice, IT 1961 Vie Privié. Nightclubs Real Name: Mario Nordio. m: Mary Raye, aka: Raye & Naldi Waltz, Tango, Ballroom, Spanish 11/1/1901-3/8/1988
Nappy "King" - Southern Medicine Show dancer - Tap Legend 1900s
Nash Beau England Dance Master - Stately/ Court 1700s
Natalie (Ferrari?) - Keith's Boston Theater Martin Ferrari Ballroom 1914s
Nathan Mrs. Joseph St. Louis? Dreamland Dance Palace Rodney Peters La Mode Tango 1890s?
Navarro Ramón Mexico Waldorf-Astoria.
Supper Clubs
Rosita, Carmen-
Nena Samaniego
Ballroom, Spanish 1899-1968
Nazimova Alla Yalta, Ukraine 1941 Blood & Sand.
1923 Salome
Valentino, Charles Bryant. m: Sergi Golovin Salome, Camille,
Ballet, Seven Veils
Neal "Kid" - Southern Medicine Show dancer - - 1900s
Neagle(Robertson) Anna (Florence) London, England 1941 Sunny.
1940 No, No Nanette
- Ballroom, Jazz 10/20/1904-6/3/1986
Neel Al Oklahoma City, OK Dancer, Competitior Various J&J's West Coast Swing, Jitterbug 1980s
Negri Cesare Milan, Italy Renaissance Dance. Author - Dance Master 1535-1604
Neill Noel Minneapolis, Minnesota Freddie Steps Out - Jazz, Ballroom Swing, Square B.11/25/1920
Nelson Gene Seattle, WA 1941- This is the Army, Oklahoma. Life Mag-1949 Sonia Henie, Fanchon & Marco. m: Miriam Franklin, Marilyn Morgan, Jean Martin. Tap, Acrobatic, Adagio 3/24/1920-9/16/1996
Nelson George & Marie - - Singer/Dancer Jigs, Reels,
Dbl. Irish Song and Dances
Nerlova Dorisa - Moulin Rouge Albertina Rasch Dancer Cabaret, Group 1930s
Nesbit Evelyn Tarentum,
Billy Rose Theater. Florodora, Real: Florence Evelyn Nesbit Jack Clifford
m: Harry Thaw
Evelyn Fox Trot 12/25/1884-1/17/1967
Nevins Frances - Just Fancy. Kitty's Kisses. Follies Charles Barron Ballroom 1928
Newberger Adolph New York Int'l Newsreel Ruth Blankenborn The U.S. Swing 1928
Newberry Barbara - 1933 Pardon My English Carl Randall? - 1930s
Newman Albert W. USA Author Instructor - Newman Tango 1910s
Nicholas (Bros.) Fayard Mobile,
Babes In Arms. Kid Millions. Down Argentine Way. Harold Nicolas Tap B.10/20/1918-1/24/2006
Nicholas (Bros.) Harold Winston-Salem,
Orchestra Wives.
Stormy Weather.
Fayard Nicolas, Marie Bryant. M: Dorothy Dandridge Tap 3/27/1924-7/3/00
Nicholas Sisters ?? London Palace Theatre (1/15/1945) ?? ?? 1945
Nichols (Nickereur) Barbara Queens, NY (Beyond a reasonable doubt) - Stripper, Cheesy, Actress B.1929
Nichols Nichelle - (played "Uhura" on Star Trek.) College Inn. Ellington-Threesome Bobby Johnson & Foster. m: Foster Johnson. Singer, Dancer, Actress 1949
Nies Connie     Hebrew Day Nursery in NY     Dancer 1910s
Nieto Eduardo - 1978 Disco Fever Hollywood Disco Dancers Disco 1978
Nijinska Andrea - Shown on Video: Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema - - -
Nijinska Bronislava - - - Ballet D.2/22/??
Ninjinsky Vaslav - - - Ballet 1890-1950
Nikolais Alwin - Totem, Countdown - Modern Dance 1910-1993
Nimura Yeichi - - Lisan Kaye, aka: Nimura & Kaye Oriental, Exotic 1937
Nina Perea - - - Spanish Dancer 1860s
Nissen Greta - - - - 1920s
Nitt (Nit) Johnny New York? Shufflin' Along [1922]. How Come [1923] M: Florence Mills Tap, Buck & Wing, D.1951
Noblet Lise France The Pirates - - 1801-1852
Nola Ella Boston, MA. Edison's Turkish Dance - Belly, Shimmy, La Trilby, Turkish B.10-7-1898
Noll - - Vaudeville dancers, Vaudeville Videos vol5 Noll and Nolan Dancers? 1930s?
Norman Lucille Lincoln, NB. Painting The Clouds - Dancer 6/15/1921-4/1/1998
Norton Harold - African-American Ballroom dancers. became part of Earl" Fatha" Hines dancers at the Chicago's Grand Terrace Cafe. danced in Cotton Club Revue. Margot Webb, aka: "Norton and Margot" made debut in 1933. Adagio, Ballroom, Ballet, Spear Dance, Waltz Popular from 1933-37
Norton Tim - Christy Minstrels? - Jig D.1/23/1862
North Sheree - (actress.) Living It Up! Jerry Lewis Jitterbug 1950s
Northway Madeline - Biltmore Hotel George Chiles Novelette, Ballroom 1927
(de Birben)
Barry (alfredo) Buenos Aires, Argentina 1927 Sunrise - Spanish? 6/16/1905-8/24/1956
Norvo (Norville) Red
Beardstown, IL. Hickory House ? M: Mildred Bailey
Eve Rogers
Tap, Musician B.3/31/08-4/6/1999
Novellos, The - - ( Not Ivor) - Dance act, Animals etc. 1940s?
Noverre Jean Georges Paris, France Fontainebleau. Royal Theater - Ballet, Court, Mime B.1727-1809
Nowell Edna St. Louis 1935 Derby Show Jimmy Parker Marathon 1935
Nugent Carrie Philidelphia, PA. Sensational African-American female Tap Dancer. Started as a pick with Belle Davis. - Tap, B.9/6/1890
Nugent Pete - - Aka: Pete Peaches and Duke Tap, 1920s
Nunziella Lisa Brooklyn, New York Star Search, The Mask, MTV Videos Eddie Vega, Danny Llaurado, Ricky Quintana, Arte Phillips, Deano Georgio. m: Rob Ballroom, Hustle, Adagio, Gymnastics 1970s, 1980s
Nureyev Rudolph (Hametovich) Irkutsk, Russia - - Ballet 1938-1993
Nyls and Nadyme - - - Loews Capital (Washington D.C.) Dancers 1942's
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