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LEGEND: aka = Also Known As / m: = Married/ - = Not Available / ( ) = Note / c.= Circa.




Perform / Notes




Kallas Charlie Los Angeles, Ca. Exhibitions, J&J's Olga (Wife) West Coast Swing 1/21/1921-10/31/1989
Kaly Chandra - Latin Quarter - Bharata Natya 1958's
Kamadjojo Indra Indonesia Djokjakarta - Indonesian, Java Dance B.10/6/1906
Karina - France? Vaudeville. Burlesque.
Sam T. Jacks Co.
- Valse Deshabille, Eccentric, Skirt 1902's
Karl Julian Peoria, IL. (Founded National School of Dancing For Home Instruction) - Ballroom 1913's
Karnalova Maria Hartford, CN Musicals and Ballets - Ballet, Modern B.1920
Karsavina Tamara Russia Les Sylphides Michael Fokine Ballet, Waltz 1885-1978
Kavan Albia Chicago Great Lady.
Straw Hat Revue
Paul Haakon | m: Rex Cooper Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz 1930's
Kawabata Yasunari Japan? Izu Dancer (1925) Nobel Prize winner Oriental, Japanese 1899-1972
Kay Marilyn - - Dick Humphreys |Jivin Jills Swing, Jitterbug 1940's
Kay and Kimberly ?? ?? Moss's Empire Theatre ?? Dancers 1959's
Kaye Danny Brooklyn, NY. Dancer, Actor, Comedian
in Movies
He did swing in a couple movies All Dances 1/18/1913-3/3/1987
Kaye (Koreff) Nora New York City, NY Ballet Theater. Turning Point - Ballet 1920-1987
Kchessinsky Matilda Ligovo, RU. First Russian Aurora, first Russian to perform 32 fouettés in Swan Lake Aka: Matilda-Maria Kshesinskaya Feliksovna | M: Grand Duke Andrey Ballet (prima ballerina abssoluta) 1872-1971
Kean Betty & Jane - Sang & Danced at the Florentine Gardens. Jane became "Trixie" in the Honeymooners TV Show Tap, /Show dance 1940's
Keane Lou NY Plantation Club [1921], Dixie to Broadway [1923] U.S. Thompson, Byron Jones, Johnny Nit Tap, Soft Shoe, Acrobatic 1924's
Keefe Mildred St. Paul, MN - - Dancer 1922's
Keeler Ruby Halifax,
Nova Scotia
1933 Gold Diggers, (Typewriter Dance Scene) Lee Dixon Tap 8/25/1910-2/28/1993
Kellerman Annette - - - Dancer turned porn star 1888-1975
Kellerman Mimi - Traymore Hotel - Spanish 1920's
Kelly Fred Pennsylvania This Is The Army.
Colgate Comedy Hour.
The Steve Allen Show
Youngest of the "Five Kelly's" | Gene's Brother Instructor in NJ. 1917-3/15/2000
Kelly Gene Pittsburgh, PA. Singin' In The Rain. Anchor's Aweigh. Ziegfeld Follies-1946 Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, Fred Astaire, Tap, Ballet,
Jazz, Adagio
Kelly James T. - Edison Films Dorothy Kent Bowery Dance 1897's
Kelly Peggy - - Donald O'Conner - 1940's
Kemp Bobby - Black Patti's Troubadors Nettie Compton Buck and Wing Specialty, Dancer-Comedian, Singer 1895's
Kemp Travis - - - Dancer, Teacher 5/23/1914-7/16/1995
Kemp William England (Danced all the way from Norwich to London in 1599) - Morris Dances, Jigs 1560's?
Kennedy Dawn - 1958 Salome-Where She Danced, Thrill of Brazil - Dancer 11/13/1922-1958
Kent Barbara - Blondie meets the Boss Ray Damron Jitterbug 1940's?
Kent Dorothy - Edison Films, 1901 Chase Vaudeville Theater James T. Kelly Bowery Dance 1897's
Kerr Donald -   Elfie Weston, Miss Gretchen Eastman Apache, Creator of Stumbling Steps Dance 1922's
Kersands Billy - Minstrel Shows Solo Dancer Tap, Soft Shoe, VA Essence, Buck & Wing. D.1913
Key Alice Henderson, Kentucky Club Alabam, Sebastians Cotton Club, Cotton Club, Moulin Rouge - Paris, London Palladium Political activist, Jounalist Chorus Girl, dancer 3/19/1911
Kidd(Greenwald) Michael
Brooklyn, NY Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. m=Sheila Hacket Choreographer Jitterbug, Waltz, Tap, Jazz B.8/12/1919
"Killer Joe" Piro Brooklyn, NY? Harvest Moon Ball Champ. (Teacher to the Mob!)
Aka: Joseph Piro Latin, Jitterbug, Ballroom 1950's
Kin - USA Vaudeville Videos vol5 Aka: Kin, King & King (see King) Vaudeville dance trio 1920's
Kingston Natalie Sonoma, Ca. Fanchon and Marco Ideas, NYC Winter Garden   Spanish, Jota, Actress 5/19/1905-1/2/1991
Kit & Kat - New York Movie: Juke Joint Aka: Jitterbug Johnnies
May & Ace, Kit & Kat
Jitterbug 1940's?
Kitchel Iva - - Dance Instructor Ballet, Comedy 1940's
Kitt Eartha Mae Columbia, SC. New Faces. Faust.
Mocambo Room (Hollywood.)
1952 Omnibus
Katherine Dunham Troupe |
M: Bill McDonald
Jazz, Tap, Singer, Salome - (1955TV) B.1/17/1927
King King & King - Vaudeville dance trio (also see Kin ?) Aka: King, King and King (Olvera Brothers) Tap,   Soft Shoe, etc 1929's
King & King - Artists and Models [1927] Aka: Steve Condos and Mateo Olvera Clog, Soft Shoe,   Tap, 1925's
King Charles NY, NY Broadway Melody.
1929 Hollywood Revue
Anita Page, Bessie Love |
M: Lila Rhodes
Dancer 10/31/1889-1/11/1944
King Margaret - Gayety Theater - Two-step 5/30/1910
King Mazie - Mazie King Midnight Trot Ted Doner Maxixe 1915's
King Virginia - Follies of 1922 Tiller Girl Chorus, Line 1920's
Kinney Troy - (wrote book: "Social Dances of Today") Margret West Instructors 1910's
Kizma & Karen ?? Europe London Hippodrome (10/26/34) ?? Rhythm Dancers 1934's
Klaw & Erlanger - Aerial Gardens, NYC Erlanger - 1904's
Kligge Emma Paris? Moulin Rouge - - 1929's
Kline Louise NY Dance Masters Association America Bill Ball Instructors 1937
Knapp Marjorie Shreveport 1933? Gus Edwards Act. 1941 Star and Garter mother & Sister was a dancer | Gypsy Rose Lee Charleston, Toddle 1930's
Knight Lloyd ?Iowa? Vaudeville - The Irish Pawnbrokers Mazie Trumbell Trio, Wooden Shoe Dance 1903
Kobasky Henry - 1956 Harvest Moon Ball Georgina Phillips Polka 1950's
Koesun Ruth Ann - 1947 Helen of Troy - Ballet B.1926
Koner Pauline NYC Michito Ito Co. Teacher " Angel Cansino" Ballet, Modern, Spanish 1930s
Korponay, De Gabriel NY (Introduced Polka to U.S.) Pauline Desjardins Polka 1800's?
Kosloff Alexis Moscow, RU 1917 Dancer's Peril (Theodore's brother) Ballet B.1887
Kosloff Theodore Moscow,
1930 Stage Door.
Hands Up
Betty Compson, Alexis Kosloff (sister) Apache, Tango 1/22/1882-10/22/1956
Kovech & Robovsky Hungary? RKO Palace Theater. (American debut 1953) "Nora Kovac & Istvan Robovsky" Hungarian 1950's?
Kramer Maude - USO Shows (Allen and Kent Co.) | M: Jim Kennedy - Dancers 1946's
Krebs Nita - Wizard of Oz Lullaby Munckin Dancer Ballet 1939
Kretlow Louis New York? Dancing Master Assoc. Miss. Gertrude Kretlow Waltz 191?
Kreutzberg Harald - Dance Magazine Cover. Berkley Musical Association (1934) Yvonne George | Ruth Page Indian, Hindu, German modern dance 1902-1968
Kronstam Henning - - - Dancer 6/29/1934-5/28/1995
Kyra  ~  - Winter Garden Dancer, Vanity Fair Magazine  - - 1921's
Krynricka Valerie Italy? - - Italian Cabaret Dancer 1920's
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