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Ha Cha San - Mexico? Chicago Worlds Fair | Marcus Show of 1933 - Latin | Mexican |Burlesque 1933's
Haakon Paul Denmark Danced in Nightclubs | 1933 Champagne Sec. Albia Kavan | Elanore Tennis |Anna Pavlova Ballet |Ballroom | Choreographer 9/8/1911- /8/16/1992
Hacker Dave and Denise - Universal | Billy Gilbert's 'Hollywood on Parade' - Ballroom 1945's
Hadley (Heering) Reed Petrolia, TX. 1939 Bachelor Mother Barbara Pepper Dancer | Actor 6/25/1911-12/11/1974
Hagood Kenny - Harlem Rhythm [1947] |Jivin in Bebop [1946] aka: Kenny and Johnny | Helen Humes? | Johnny Taylor | Pancho Choreographer | Dancers |Jive | Vocalist 1945's
Hailé Laúrie Burbank, CA? Make Believe Ballroom (TV) Andre' | Jimmy Rodrguez | Joey Harris, Swing |Ballroom 1920-1998
Haines Pearl,Marguerite Reading, PA? 1924 Orpheum Theater - Dancer | Singer etc. 1915's
Hale Chester NY, NY Big Street | Memories and Melodies Chester Hale Girls [1929-1939] Mazurka |Ballroom |Choreographer | Fancy Dancing | Classical Ballet | Totem Dance b.1/15/1899
Hale Teddy NY Apollo |Paramount |Connie's Inn | Club Harlem | Minton's Playhouse Ted Lewis | Luckey Roberts | Ethel Waters Tap 1926-1959?
Hallow - USA 1950: Dancing in the Dark aka: Berk and Hallow Ballroom 1950's
Hamilton Trio - 1950: Your Show of Shows (TV) 1) Bambi Lynn, 2) Rod Alexander, 3) Mata and Hari Ballroom |Jazz |Ballet 1950's
Hamlyn (Fickling) Brenda London Woman To Woman | Toy Princess - Polka |Waltz |Ballet, b.1925
Hammond Irene USA? - - Ballroom 1920's
Hamphill Jimmy USA Rumba Champions Rosalyn Haney Rhumba 1950's
Hampton Hope (Mae Elizabeth) Houston | TX 1923 Gold Diggers | 1961 Hey Let's Twist Arthur Murray Singer |Salome |Twist | French Tango 2/19/1897-1/23/1982
Haney (Hainey) Carol New Bedford, MA. Summer Stock [1950 | Ziegfeld 1946 | Pajama Game 1954 Allen Pinsoa | Chili Ruiz |Jack Cole |Gene Kelly |Bob Fosse | m: Jules Brulator Mexican Hat Dance |Ballroom |Tap | Chorus 12/24/1924-5/10/1964
Haney Rosalyn Texas? Rumba Champion Jimmy Hamphill Rhumba 1950's
Hannah Eric Los Angeles, CA - Kay Smith West Coast Swing 1940's-00's
Harcourt Algeranoff England aka: Harcourt Essex Anna Pavlova | Markova | Dolin Contemporary |Ballet 1930's
Hardee miss New York? aka: Hardee and Barringer Miss Barringer Swing | Peelin' The Peach 1930's
Hari (Zelle) Mata Netherlands Executed as a Spy! - Belly | Veil 1876-1917
Hari Mata and - Dance couple known as Mata and Hari See Page - -
Harmon Josephine Harmonizing [1930] Spanish 1930's
Harold and Lola - - 7/7/1949 RKO Palace - Exotic Snake Dancers 1949's
Harper Herbie - Replaced Buddy Bradley at Pierce's Studio. Dance Instructor to the Stars Various 1930's
Harper Leonard Chicago, Il |(some say Alabama) The Exile [1931] | Plantation Days | MGR for Connie's Inn Harper and Blanks | Leonard Harper Ensemble | Leonard Harper and Lew Crawford | M: Osceola Blanks African- American Choreographer |Ballroom |Tap | Dancer 4/9/1898-2/10/1943
Harriett Miss Paris Loew's State Theater | Mayol - Dancer 1927's
Harriman Josephine - Harriman Cakewalk | Ziegfeld Follies Billy Reardon Cakewalk |Foxtrot 1915's
Harris Richard 'Dickie' NY? Mama Lu Parks Traditional Jazz Dance Co. Mama Lu Parks | David Butts Lindy Hop |Charleston 1982's
Harris Edna Mae Harlem, NY Rhythmania [1943] | Green Pastures [1936] | Spirit of Youth [1938] | Paradise In Harlem | Alhambra Stock Co. Slim Thomas | Sister: Lorraine Lennox Lindy Hoppers b.1914
Harris andHunt - 1943 Rhythmania - Maybe Dancers? 1940's
Harris Kenneth NY? Roseland Building Dance Instructor Dancer 1930's
Harris Lorraine NY? Cotton Club |Connie's Inn (Hot Chocolates) Sister of Edna May Dancer | Singer 1930's
Harris 'Sparrow' Danced in Medicine shows | Carnival and Vaudeville The Buzz |Eccentric 1920's
Harris Vivian New York Charleston at Apollo1923) aka: 'Voice of the Apollo' Dancer |Charleston 12/23/1902-2/18/2000
Harrison (Ruth) and Fisher (Alexander) Omaha and CZ. Palladium (London.) 1933 Strike Me Pink | 8/3/1934 Capitol Theater aka: Fisher and Harrison Vaudeville, Clubs and Broadway b.1916 and b.1908
Harry and Grace - - Midget Circus Dancers - Ballroom 1910's?
Harvey Lillian Muswell, England 1937 Fanny Elssler | 1940 Serenade | 1932 Capriccio - Chachucha |Ballet |Waltz 1/19/1906-7/27/1968
Hasoutra - Paris? Exotic Bali dancer in Casino de Paris - Paris en Fleurs - Bali | Exotic 1925's
Hart Joseph J. ?New York? 1902: Edison Film | Wm.A.Brady's Foxy Grandpa | Green's Opera House (1903) M: Carrie De Marr Comic Dancers | Vaudeville 1902's
Hartman Ivy - - - Dancer 1940's
Hartmans Paul San Francisco, Ca. Night Club Dancers | (played 'Emmet' on the Andy Griffith) Grace Hartman Charleston |Bolero |Tango | Comedy, 3/1/1904-102/1973
Hartmans (Barrett) Grace San Francisco, Ca. Night Clubs | 1941 Sunny | 1936 Red White and Blue Paul Hartman Charleston |Bolero |Tango 1/7/1907-8/8/1955
Hatfield - - Music Box Revue Wallace Ballroom 1924's
Hathaway Arria - - Joe McShane Reuben Foxtrot |Ballroom 1913's
Havenhill Pat Eggars Los Angeles Clubs | Movies - Swing 1950's
Hawn Goldie (Jeannie) Washington, DC Actress: Laugh-In Dancer (TV) M: Kurt Russell Ballet |Tap | Go-Go b.1945
Hawkins Frederick - - aka: Eric Hawkins Dancer 4/23/1908-11/23/1994
Hawkensworth Margurette New York Plaza Hotel Basil N | Durand - 1918's
Hay Mary Fort Bliss, TX 1918 Hearts of the World | New Toys Clifton Webb | M: Richard Barthelmess Actress |Ballroom 8/22/1901-6/4/1957
Hayden Melissa - 1947 Helen of Troy - Ballet b.1926
Hayworth(Cansino) Rita (Margarita) Brooklyn, NY Anna Case | 1937 Paid To Dance Eduardo Cansino is Rita's Father Ballroom |Spanish | Actress 10/17/1918-5/14/1987
Hazelton Ruth - - Fred Easter Acrobatic |Adagio 1924's
Healy Eunice Philadelphia, PA 1936 Follow Your Heart - Vaudeville Dancer 1930's
Healy Mary Sligo, Ireland? 1963 Champion Jig Dancer Jig 1963's
Healy Thomas W. Chicago? Dance Instructor M: Eileen Long Ballroom 1920's
Heard 'Crip' - Boarding House Blues (TV) It's Black Entertainment (One arm and Leg Dancer) 1948's
Hearn Fred Asheville, NC Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers - Ballet |Jazz |Modern etc. 1934's
Hearn Sisters - - Granville Theatre - Fast Steppers 1950s ?
Heath Thomas K. Philadelphia Said to have invented the Buck and Wing. James McIntyre | aka: McIntyre and Heath Buck and Wing b.8/11/1852
Heatherton Joey Long Island Village Real Name: Davenie Johanna Dean Martin Show | Perry Como Show | Bob Hope USO Show The Frug | etc. 1960's
Heaton Anne - Dance Magazine - Ballet 1930's
Heberele Teresa Vienna La Reception d'une... Ferdinand Albert Ballet |Adagio 1830's
HedNut (Hudnut) Winifred Salt Lake City, UT - aka: Natasha Rambova | m: Rudolph Valentino Tango 1/19/1897-6/5/1966
Heffner Bobby Oklahoma City, California Danced in Night Clubs and Dean Collins group in 1983 | Dance Club - West Coast Swing |Lindy |Jitterbug | 1960's
Heidwoog - - - - Modern |Ballet -
Heilich Elsa - Danced at the Chaliff School of Dance - Interpretive 1920's
Heison Carl - Ziegfeld Follies of 1917 | Sally | Girl o' Mine [1918] | The Royal Vagabond [1919] Father of Dorthy Hyson | m: Dorothy Dickson Ballroom |Dorothy Waltz 1920's
Henderson-Wood Betty - - - Big Apple | Shag | Swing d.2005
Henderson Bill - 1943 Moonlight in Havana Jivin Jacks and Jill's Swing b.1925-
Henderson Carolyn Rich New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Girl Tap 1935's
Hengler Sisters Film: Sisters Hengler Specialty Dancers [1896] Flora and May Hengler Specialty Dancers 1896's
Heraud Mlle | Angele France? La Dace Renversee Mr. Dalhias Ballroom 1900's
Herrmann Adelaide A Night In Japan aka: The Herrmann's (Leon) Oriental Dancer and Magician 1899's
Herrmann Leon Digby Bell Theatre aka: The Herrmann's (Adelaide.) Herrmann the Greats Nephew Legomania | Magician | Dancer 1899's
Hermanos Los USA Copa Cabana Review [1950s] aka: Williams and Juanita Juarez Male and Female Dance Team 1950's
Hermosa José New York Dance Halls |Dance Contests aka: Anna Siegal |George Burns Ballroom 1930's?
Hernández Brothers - Casanova Roof - Acrobatic? 1920's
Hernández Gil Los Angeles | CA Ray Rand Swingers Venna Gascon Jitterbug 1940's
Hernández Jauno Puerto Rico Cotton Club Lena Horne Voodoo Dance 1930's
Heron Freddie New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric/Tap 1935's
Herzogs The - Moulin Rouge aka: Continental Thrillers Ballroom 1940's
Hessling Catherine Charleston [1927] Monkey (Space Ship) Charleston 1927's
Hicks 'Chicken' Durham, N.C - Lynda Shag |Camel Walk 1940's
Hightower Louis - The Hightowers Marge Champion Ballroom |Ballet |Adagio 1940's
Hightower Robert - The Hightowers M: Vera Ellen Ballroom |Ballet |Adagio 1940's
Hilarot Antonia Philadelphia Placides Varieties St. de Vegas Spanish |L' Andalusa 1850's
Hill Chippie Charleston, NC Leroy's Harlem Palladium(Chicago.) aka: Bertha Hill - 1905- 1950
Hill Florence - Bundle of Blues [1933] | Gone Harlem [1939] | Symphony in Black [1935] Bessie Dudley |Snake Hips Eccentric? |Tap | Shake Dancer |Jitterbug 1930's
Hill Martha Modern Dance | Teacher 1901-11/19/1995
Hill Picaninny Africana [1927] Snow Fisher Cakewalk 1927's
Hines Earl - - Harold Horton | Earl Hines Dancers Tap? 1930's
Hines Gregory NY, NY Tap! [1989] | White Knights [1985] | Eubie! [1978] Maurice Hines | Michail Baryshnikov aka: Hines | Hines and Dad | the Hines Kids | Hines | Hines and Brown | m: Pamela Koslow | Patricia Panella Tap 2/14/1946-8/9/2003
Hines, Jr. Maurice - Tap! [1989] | Girl in Pink Tights | Eubie [1978] | Uptown | Its Hot [1986] Gregory Hines brother | aka: Hines, Hines and Dad - the Hines Kids - Hines, Hines and Brown Tap | Choreographer B | 1/1/1943-
Hines, Sr. Maurice Tap! [1989 | Cotton Club 1984 Gregory and Maurice Hines Father | aka: Hines, Hines and Dad. Tap
Hirsch Annie Akron, Ohio Sweets Ballroom | Lion D' Or Jack Carey West Coast Swing |Argentine Tango |Charleston |Lindy |Balboa b.1929
Hirsch Ray Phoenix, Az. Among the Living | Blondie Meets the Boss | Mad Youth (aka' Marijuana Madness') | Among the Living | Her First Romance | Kristopher Kolumbus (WB) | Georgie Porgie | Strike Up The Band Patty Lacey | Edith Fellows Jitterbug |Collegiate Shag | Big Apple 1921-8/2015
Hixon Opal - - - Sword |Ballet 1924's
Hoctor Danny - Dapper Dan Song Betty Byrd Tap |Ballroom 1950's
Hocter Harriet Hoosick Falls, NY. Shall We Dance | Kate Smith Hour | Topsy and Eva [1926] | 1936 Ziegfeld Follies Bird! |Ziegfeld Girl Famous Back Bend Routine 9/25/1905-6/9/1977
Hodge Thomas - Jitterbug Champions Ann Walls Jitterbug | Swing 1940's?
Hoffman Gertrude Cleveland, OH. Colonial Theater | 1931 The Exile | aka Kitty Hayes Lee Chapin | The Hoffman Girls Tango | Glide 1886 - 1966
Hogan Ernest Kentucky Clorindy, Origin of the Cakewalk | Georgia Graduates | Rufus Rastus Real Name: Reuben Crowder Composer |Eccentric | Dancer | Comedian | the Pasmala d.1909
Hogan Marty USA Coliseum (Ohio) Miss Elby (Eby?,) Miss Martin Kinkajou | Dixie Stomp | Lindbergh Wave Waltz | Boston Stomp 1927's
Holder Roland - Hot Chocolates [1929] Billed as Bojangles Protege | was an assistant to Buddy Bradley. Tap |Soft Shoe |Schottische 1929's
Holiday Mildred - - Donald Sawyer The Al Smith Hop 1920's
Holly (Smith) Edna Mae NY Cotton Club Girl M: Sugar Ray Robinson Tap 1935's
Holm Hanya Germany Pinocchio | Vagabond King aka: Johanna Eckert | Modern Dance Pioneer Ballet |Modern Dance |Jazz 3/3/1893-11/3/1992
Holman Libby New York? 1929 The Little Show Clifton Webb Apache |Snake Hips 1929's
Holmes Rubberneck - Duke Is Tops | Solid Sending Soft Shoe Specialist [1944] - Eccentric |Soft Shoe 1930's
Hooker and Davis - USA 1900: High-Class Vaudeville - Specialty Dancers 1900
Hooker Dynamite - - aka: Ad-Lib Buck | Tap Charleston Gone Mad Comic Dancer |Eccentric |Buck and Wing |Tap 1920's
Hope Bob Eltham, England 1920s La Paradis - Washington | 2/4/1946 Life Mag | learned some dance from King Rastus Brown | M: Dolores Reade George Burns |Bing Crosby | Mildred Rosequist | Daisy and Violet Hilton | Lloyd “Lefty” Durbin | aka:Leslie Townes,Lester Hope | Cleveland Castles | Burns and Hope (billed as Dancing Stars) Ballroom |Buck and Wing |Eccentric |Soft Shoe | Waltz Clog 5/29/1903-2003
Hopkins Miriam (Ellen) Savannah, GA Dancers In The Dark George Raft Chorus |Ballet 10/18/1902-10/9/1972
Horne Lena - Actress - Lindy Hop |Jazz |Charleston |Tap 1930's
Horne Joyce - Yankee Doodle Dandy - Dancer 1942's
Horsey Chick Chester, PA. Member of the 3 Eddies Jimmy Walsh | Pop Bennett | Clarence Wesly | Tiny Ray Legomania |Tap b.9/3/1904-?
Horton Harold New York Earl Hines dancer Margot Webb Romantic -Adagio 1933-46
Horton Lester Indianapolis, IN 1947 Atlantis | Ciro's Nightclub Choreographer Ballet | Modern | Ethnic |Ballroom, d.11/2/1953
Houghton George 'Shep' Salt Lake City, UT 1941 Hollywood Canteen | Lullaby of Broadway - Dancer b.6/14/1914
Houser Bonnie California Ca Hall Of Fame Inductee - West Coast Swing 1980's
Hovick Rose Louise Seattle, WA. Stripper to Actress aka: 'Gypsy Rose Lee' Burlesque |Striptease 2/9/1914-4/26/1970
Howitt (clar) Reva 'Lollipop' USA Link | danced and worked with Fanchon and Marco | 8 original Sunshine Girls Billee Doyle Green Chorus | Troupe | Tap d.1997
Howland Jobyna - Black Butterflies Ned Wayburn | m: Richard Arlen Chorus dancer turned actress 1920's
Hoyos Christina - Carmen? Antonio Gades? Flamenco 1940's?
Hudgins Johnny New York? Shuffle Along (1924) - Dancer 1923's
Hudson (Wonders) Ray and Geraldine Chicago, IL Follies Bergeré | Earl Carroll Sisters | mother was Vera Zorina Modern type Dancers 1940's
Hughes Carolyn - Bachelor and The Bobby Soxer | A Girl a Guy and a Gob - Dancer 1940's
Hughes Johnny 'J.J.' New York Passing Show of 1912 Adelaide Dickey Hoop Dance 1912's
Hughes La Meri Louisville, KY - Sister to Lilian Hughes Spanish | Ethnic |Ballet 5/13/1899 - 1/7/1988
Hughes Lilian Louisville, KY ? - Sister to La Meri Spanish | dancer | teacher d.1/1965
Hughes Leonora New York Cafe de Paris | aka: Leona M: Maurice Mouvet Apache |Ballroom d.1910
Humphreys Dick W.(Dickie) - Summer Stock | Private Buckaroo | My Reputation Marilyn Kay | Shirley Doble | Dale Cornell Jitterbug |Jivin' Jack and Jill's 1929-12/27/1977
Humphrey Doris Oak Park, Illinois Ziegfeld Follies | Americana | 1932 Musical West Mag. Ziegfeld Girl | Charles Weidman | m: Francis Woodford Hoop |Ballet |Clog |Modern 1895-1958
Hunger Betty - Broadway - - 1924's
Hungria Blanquita Spain? - - Spanish? 1910's
Hunter Alberta Memphis, TN 1935 Radio Parade (Dancer | Singer Black Bottom 4/1/1895-10/17/1984
Hutton Betty Battle Creek, MI. Actress | Dancer b.2/26/1921
Hutton(Cowen) Ina Ray (Odessa) Chicago, IL. Jazz Band Ball film | 1935 Feminine RhythmPalace Gus Edwards |Ziegfeld Girl Dancer and Band Leader |Truckin' |Tap, 3/13/1916-2/19/1984
Hyde Tom - Orpheum Theatre (Winnipeg) Honey Boys Tap |Clog |Black Bottom |Kinkajou |Five Step b.1898-
Hyman Prudence - - - Dancer 1914-6/1/1995
Hyson Carl - aka: Heison M: Dorothy Dickson Dorothy Waltz 1914's
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