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Page H: Vintage Dancer History Index List H (Pictured: Jack Carey and Lorraine Dossey) Listings
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Dancers Index: H

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists H. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter H. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Ha Cha San n/a Mexico? Chicago Worlds Fair | Marcus Show of 1933 n/a Latin | Mexican | Burlesque 1933's
Haakon Paul Denmark Danced in Nightclubs | 1933 Champagne Sec. Albia Kavan | Elanore Tennis | Anna Pavlova Ballet | Ballroom | Choreographer 9/8/1911- /8/16/1992
Hacker Dave and Denise n/a Universal | Billy Gilbert's 'Hollywood on Parade' n/a Ballroom 1945's
Hadley (Heering) Reed Petrolia, TX. 1939 Bachelor Mother Barbara Pepper Dancer | Actor 6/25/1911-12/11/1974
Hagood Kenny n/a Harlem Rhythm [1947] |Jivin in Bebop [1946] aka: Kenny and Johnny | Helen Humes? | Johnny Taylor | Pancho Choreographer | Dancers | Jive | Vocalist 1945's
Hailé Laúrie Burbank, CA? Make Believe Ballroom (TV) Andre' | Jimmy Rodrguez | Joey Harris, Swing | Ballroom 1920-1998
Haines Pearl,Marguerite Reading, PA? 1924 Orpheum Theater n/a Dancer | Singer etc. 1915's
Hale Chester NY, NY Big Street | Memories and Melodies Chester Hale Girls [1929-1939] Mazurka | Ballroom | Choreographer | Fancy Dancing | Classical Ballet | Totem Dance b.1/15/1899
Hale Teddy NY Apollo | Paramount | Connie's Inn | Club Harlem | Minton's Playhouse Ted Lewis | Luckey Roberts | Ethel Waters Tap 1926-1959?
Hallow n/a USA 1950: Dancing in the Dark aka: Berk and Hallow Ballroom 1950's
Hamilton Trio n/a 1950: Your Show of Shows (TV) 1) Bambi Lynn, 2) Rod Alexander, 3) Mata and Hari Ballroom | Jazz | Ballet 1950's
Hamlyn (Fickling) Brenda London Woman To Woman | Toy Princess n/a Polka | Waltz | Ballet, b.1925
Hammond Irene USA? n/a n/a Ballroom 1920's
Hamphill Jimmy USA Rumba Champions Rosalyn Haney Rhumba 1950's
Hampton Hope (Mae Elizabeth) Houston | TX 1923 Gold Diggers | 1961 Hey Let's Twist Arthur Murray Singer | Salome | Twist | French Tango 2/19/1897-1/23/1982
Haney (Hainey) Carol New Bedford, MA. Summer Stock [1950 | Ziegfeld 1946 | Pajama Game 1954 Allen Pinsoa | Chili Ruiz | Jack Cole | Gene Kelly | Bob Fosse | Married: Jules Brulator Mexican Hat Dance | Ballroom | Tap | Chorus 12/24/1924-5/10/1964
Haney Rosalyn Texas? Rumba Champion Jimmy Hamphill Rhumba 1950's
Hannah Eric Los Angeles, CA n/a Kay Smith West Coast Swing 1940's-00's
Harcourt Algeranoff England aka: Harcourt Essex Anna Pavlova | Markova | Dolin Contemporary | Ballet 1930's
Hardee miss New York? aka: Hardee and Barringer Miss Barringer Swing | Peelin' The Peach 1930's
Hari (Zelle) Mata Netherlands Executed as a Spy! n/a Belly | Veil 1876-1917
Hari Mata and n/a Dance couple known as Mata and Hari See Page n/a n/a
Harmon Josephine Harmonizing [1930] Spanish 1930's
Harold and Lola n/a n/a 7/7/1949 RKO Palace n/a Exotic Snake Dancers 1949's
Harper Herbie n/a Replaced Buddy Bradley at Pierce's Studio. Dance Instructor to the Stars Various 1930's
Harper Leonard Chicago, Il |(some say Alabama) The Exile [1931] | Plantation Days | MGR for Connie's Inn Harper and Blanks | Leonard Harper Ensemble | Leonard Harper and Lew Crawford | Married: Osceola Blanks African- American Choreographer | Ballroom | Tap | Dancer 4/9/1898-2/10/1943
Harriett Miss Paris Loew's State Theater | Mayol n/a Dancer 1927's
Harriman Josephine n/a Harriman Cakewalk | Ziegfeld Follies Billy Reardon Cakewalk | Foxtrot 1915's
Harris Richard 'Dickie' NY? Mama Lu Parks Traditional Jazz Dance Co. Mama Lu Parks | David Butts Lindy Hop | Charleston 1982's
Harris Edna Mae Harlem, NY Rhythmania [1943] | Green Pastures [1936] | Spirit of Youth [1938] | Paradise In Harlem | Alhambra Stock Co. Slim Thomas | Sister: Lorraine Lennox Lindy Hoppers b.1914
Harris andHunt n/a 1943 Rhythmania n/a Maybe Dancers? 1940's
Harris Kenneth NY? Roseland Building Dance Instructor Dancer 1930's
Harris Lorraine NY? Cotton Club | Connie's Inn (Hot Chocolates) Sister of Edna May Dancer | Singer 1930's
Harris 'Sparrow' Danced in Medicine shows | Carnival and Vaudeville The Buzz |Eccentric 1920's
Harris Vivian New York Charleston at Apollo1923) aka: 'Voice of the Apollo' Dancer |Charleston 12/23/1902-2/18/2000
Harrison (Ruth) and Fisher (Alexander) Omaha and CZ. Palladium (London.) 1933 Strike Me Pink | 8/3/1934 Capitol Theater aka: Fisher and Harrison Vaudeville, Clubs and Broadway b.1916 and b.1908
Harry and Grace n/a n/a Midget Circus Dancers n/a Ballroom 1910's?
Harvey Lillian Muswell, England 1937 Fanny Elssler | 1940 Serenade | 1932 Capriccio n/a Chachucha | Ballet | Waltz 1/19/1906-7/27/1968
Hasoutra n/a Paris? Exotic Bali dancer in Casino de Paris | Paris en Fleurs n/a Bali | Exotic 1925's
Hart Joseph J. ?New York? 1902: Edison Film | Wm.A.Brady's Foxy Grandpa | Green's Opera House (1903) Married: Carrie De Marr Comic Dancers | Vaudeville 1902's
Hartman Ivy n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1940's
Hartmans Paul San Francisco, Ca. Night Club Dancers | (played 'Emmet' on the Andy Griffith) Grace Hartman Charleston | Bolero | Tango | Comedy, 3/1/1904-102/1973
Hartmans (Barrett) Grace San Francisco, Ca. Night Clubs | 1941 Sunny | 1936 Red White and Blue Paul Hartman Charleston | Bolero | Tango 1/7/1907-8/8/1955
Hatfield n/a n/a Music Box Revue Wallace Ballroom 1924's
Hathaway Arria n/a n/a Joe McShane Reuben Foxtrot |Ballroom 1913's
Havenhill Pat Eggars Los Angeles Clubs | Movies n/a Swing 1950's
Hawn Goldie (Jeannie) Washington, DC Actress: Laugh-In Dancer (TV) Married: Kurt Russell Ballet | Tap | Go-Go b.1945
Hawkins Frederick n/a n/a aka: Eric Hawkins Dancer 4/23/1908-11/23/1994
Hawkensworth Margurette New York Plaza Hotel Basil N | Durand n/a 1918's
Hay Mary Fort Bliss, TX 1918 Hearts of the World | New Toys Clifton Webb | Married: Richard Barthelmess Actress |Ballroom 8/22/1901-6/4/1957
Hayden Melissa n/a 1947 Helen of Troy n/a Ballet b.1926
Hayworth(Cansino) Rita (Margarita) Brooklyn, NY Anna Case | 1937 Paid To Dance Eduardo Cansino is Rita's Father Ballroom | Spanish | Actress 10/17/1918-5/14/1987
Hazelton Ruth n/a n/a Fred Easter Acrobatic |Adagio 1924's
Healy Eunice Philadelphia, PA 1936 Follow Your Heart n/a Vaudeville Dancer 1930's
Healy Mary Sligo, Ireland? 1963 Champion Jig Dancer Jig 1963's
Healy Thomas W. Chicago? Dance Instructor Married: Eileen Long Ballroom 1920's
Heard 'Crip' n/a Boarding House Blues (TV) It's Black Entertainment (One arm and Leg Dancer) 1948's
Hearn Fred Asheville, NC Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers n/a Ballet | Jazz | Modern etc. 1934's
Hearn Sisters n/a n/a Granville Theatre n/a Fast Steppers 1950s ?
Heath Thomas K. Philadelphia Said to have invented the Buck and Wing. James McIntyre | aka: McIntyre and Heath Buck and Wing b.8/11/1852
Heatherton Joey Long Island Village Real Name: Davenie Johanna Dean Martin Show | Perry Como Show | Bob Hope USO Show The Frug | etc. 1960's
Heaton Anne n/a Dance Magazine n/a Ballet 1930's
Heberele Teresa Vienna La Reception d'une... Ferdinand Albert Ballet | Adagio 1830's
HedNut (Hudnut) Winifred Salt Lake City, UT n/a aka: Natasha Rambova | Married: Rudolph Valentino Tango 1/19/1897-6/5/1966
Heffner Bobby Oklahoma City, California Danced in Night Clubs and Dean Collins group in 1983 | Dance Club n/a West Coast Swing | Lindy | Jitterbug | 1960's
Heidwoog n/a n/a n/a n/a Modern | Ballet n/a
Heilich Elsa n/a Danced at the Chaliff School of Dance n/a Interpretive 1920's
Heison Carl n/a Ziegfeld Follies of 1917 | Sally | Girl o' Mine [1918] | The Royal Vagabond [1919] Father of Dorthy Hyson | Married: Dorothy Dickson Ballroom | Dorothy Waltz 1920's
Henderson-Wood Betty n/a n/a n/a Big Apple | Shag | Swing d.2005
Henderson Bill n/a 1943 Moonlight in Havana Jivin Jacks and Jill's Swing b.1925-
Henderson Carolyn Rich New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Girl Tap 1935's
Hengler Sisters Film | Married: Sisters Hengler Specialty Dancers [1896] Flora and May Hengler Specialty Dancers 1896's
Heraud Mlle | Angele France? La Dace Renversee Mr. Dalhias Ballroom 1900's
Herrmann Adelaide A Night In Japan aka: The Herrmann's (Leon) Oriental Dancer and Magician 1899's
Herrmann Leon Digby Bell Theatre aka: The Herrmann's (Adelaide.) Herrmann the Greats Nephew Legomania | Magician | Dancer 1899's
Hermanos Los USA Copa Cabana Review [1950s] aka: Williams and Juanita Juarez Male and Female Dance Team 1950's
Hermosa José New York Dance Halls |Dance Contests aka: Anna Siegal |George Burns Ballroom 1930's?
Hernández Brothers n/a Casanova Roof n/a Acrobatic? 1920's
Hernández Gil Los Angeles | CA Ray Rand Swingers Venna Gascon Jitterbug 1940's
Hernández Jauno Puerto Rico Cotton Club Lena Horne Voodoo Dance 1930's
Heron Freddie New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric/Tap 1935's
Herzogs The n/a Moulin Rouge aka: Continental Thrillers Ballroom 1940's
Hessling Catherine Charleston [1927] Monkey (Space Ship) Charleston 1927's
Hicks Chicken Durham, N.C n/a Lynda Shag | Camel Walk 1940's
Hightower Louis n/a The Hightowers Marge Champion Ballroom | Ballet | Adagio 1940's
Hightower Robert n/a The Hightowers Married: Vera Ellen Ballroom | Ballet | Adagio 1940's
Hilarot Antonia Philadelphia Placides Varieties St. de Vegas Spanish | L' Andalusa 1850's
Hill Chippie Charleston, NC Leroy's Harlem Palladium(Chicago.) aka: Bertha Hill n/a 1905- 1950
Hill Florence n/a Bundle of Blues [1933] | Gone Harlem [1939] | Symphony in Black [1935] Bessie Dudley |Snake Hips Eccentric? |Tap | Shake Dancer |Jitterbug 1930's
Hill Martha Modern Dance | Teacher 1901-11/19/1995
Hill Picaninny Africana [1927] Snow Fisher Cakewalk 1927's
Hines Earl n/a n/a Harold Horton | Earl Hines Dancers Tap? 1930's
Hines Gregory NY, NY Tap! [1989] | White Knights [1985] | Eubie! [1978] Maurice Hines | Michail Baryshnikov aka: Hines | Hines and Dad | the Hines Kids | Hines | Hines and Brown | Married: Pamela Koslow | Patricia Panella Tap 2/14/1946-8/9/2003
Hines, Jr. Maurice n/a Tap! [1989] | Girl in Pink Tights | Eubie [1978] | Uptown | Its Hot [1986] Gregory Hines brother | aka: Hines, Hines and Dad: 'the Hines Kids': Hines, Hines and Brown' Tap | Choreographer B | 1/1/1943-
Hines, Sr. Maurice Tap! [1989 | Cotton Club 1984 Gregory and Maurice Hines Father | aka: 'Hines, Hines and Dad'.' Tap
Hirsch Annie Akron, Ohio Sweets Ballroom | Lion D' Or Jack Carey West Coast Swing | Argentine Tango | Charleston | Lindy | Balboa b.1929
Hirsch Ray Phoenix, Az. Among the Living | Blondie Meets the Boss | Mad Youth (aka' Marijuana Madness') | Among the Living | Her First Romance | Kristopher Kolumbus (WB) | Georgie Porgie | Strike Up The Band Patty Lacey | Edith Fellows Jitterbug | Collegiate Shag | Big Apple 1921-8/2015
Hixon Opal n/a n/a n/a Sword | Ballet 1924's
Hoctor Danny n/a Dapper Dan Song Betty Byrd Tap | Ballroom 1950's
Hocter Harriet Hoosick Falls, NY. Shall We Dance | Kate Smith Hour | Topsy and Eva [1926] | 1936 Ziegfeld Follies Bird! |Ziegfeld Girl Famous Back Bend Routine 9/25/1905-6/9/1977
Hodge Thomas n/a Jitterbug Champions Ann Walls Jitterbug | Swing 1940's?
Hoffman Gertrude Cleveland, OH. Colonial Theater | 1931 The Exile | aka Kitty Hayes Lee Chapin | The Hoffman Girls Tango | Glide 1886-1966
Hogan Ernest Kentucky Clorindy, Origin of the Cakewalk | Georgia Graduates | Rufus Rastus Real Name: Reuben Crowder Composer |Eccentric | Dancer | Comedian | the Pasmala d.1909
Hogan Marty USA Coliseum (Ohio) Miss Elby (Eby?,) Miss Martin Kinkajou | Dixie Stomp | Lindbergh Wave Waltz | Boston Stomp 1927's
Holder Roland n/a Hot Chocolates [1929] Billed as Bojangles Protege | was an assistant to Buddy Bradley. Tap | Soft Shoe | Schottische 1929's
Holiday Mildred n/a n/a Donald Sawyer The Al Smith Hop 1920's
Holly (Smith) Edna Mae NY Cotton Club Girl Married: Sugar Ray Robinson Tap 1935's
Holm Hanya Germany Pinocchio | Vagabond King aka: Johanna Eckert | Modern Dance Pioneer Ballet | Modern Dance | Jazz 3/3/1893-11/3/1992
Holman Libby New York? 1929 The Little Show Clifton Webb Apache | Snake Hips 1929's
Holmes Rubberneck n/a Duke Is Tops | Solid Sending Soft Shoe Specialist [1944] n/a Eccentric | Soft Shoe 1930's
Hooker and Davis n/a USA 1900: High-Class Vaudeville n/a Specialty Dancers 1900
Hooker Dynamite n/a n/a aka: Ad-Lib Buck | Tap Charleston Gone Mad Comic Dancer | Eccentric | Buck and Wing | Tap 1920's
Hope Bob Eltham, England 1920s La Paradis - Washington | 2/4/1946 Life Mag | learned some dance from King Rastus Brown | Married: Dolores Reade George Burns | Bing Crosby | Mildred Rosequist | Daisy and Violet Hilton | Lloyd “Lefty” Durbin | aka:Leslie Townes,Lester Hope | Cleveland Castles | Burns and Hope (billed as Dancing Stars) Ballroom | Buck and Wing | Eccentric | Soft Shoe | Waltz Clog 5/29/1903-2003
Hopkins Miriam (Ellen) Savannah, GA Dancers In The Dark George Raft Chorus |Ballet 10/18/1902-10/9/1972
Horne Lena n/a Actress n/a Lindy Hop | Jazz | Charleston | Tap 1930's
Horne Joyce n/a Yankee Doodle Dandy n/a Dancer 1942's
Horsey Chick Chester, PA. Member of the 3 Eddies Jimmy Walsh | Pop Bennett | Clarence Wesly | Tiny Ray Legomania | Tap b.9/3/1904-?
Horton Harold New York Earl Hines dancer Margot Webb Romantic -Adagio 1933-46
Horton Lester Indianapolis, IN 1947 Atlantis | Ciro's Nightclub Choreographer Ballet | Modern | Ethnic |Ballroom, d.11/2/1953
Houghton George 'Shep' Salt Lake City, UT 1941 Hollywood Canteen | Lullaby of Broadway n/a Dancer b.6/14/1914
Houser Bonnie California Ca. Hall Of Fame Inductee n/a West Coast Swing 1980's
Hovick Rose Louise Seattle, WA. Stripper to Actress aka: 'Gypsy Rose Lee' Burlesque | Striptease 2/9/1914-4/26/1970
Howitt (clar) Reva 'Lollipop' USA Link | danced and worked with Fanchon and Marco | 8 original Sunshine Girls Billee Doyle Green Chorus | Troupe | Tap d.1997
Howland Jobyna n/a Black Butterflies Ned Wayburn | Married: Richard Arlen Chorus dancer turned actress 1920's
Hoyos Christina n/a Carmen? Antonio Gades? Flamenco 1940's?
Hudgins Johnny New York? Shuffle Along (1924) n/a Dancer 1923's
Hudson (Wonders) Ray and Geraldine Chicago, IL Follies Bergeré | Earl Carroll Sisters | mother was Vera Zorina Modern type Dancers 1940's
Hughes Carolyn n/a Bachelor and The Bobby Soxer | A Girl a Guy and a Gob n/a Dancer 1940's
Hughes Johnny 'J.J.' New York Passing Show of 1912 Adelaide Dickey Hoop Dance 1912's
Hughes La Meri Louisville, KY n/a Sister to Lilian Hughes Spanish | Ethnic |Ballet 5/13/1899 - 1/7/1988
Hughes Lilian Louisville, KY ? n/a Sister to La Meri Spanish | dancer | teacher d.1/1965
Hughes Leonora New York Cafe de Paris | aka: Leona Married: Maurice Mouvet Apache | Ballroom d.1910
Humphreys Dick W.(Dickie) n/a Summer Stock | Private Buckaroo | My Reputation Marilyn Kay | Shirley Doble | Dale Cornell Jitterbug | Jivin' Jack and Jill's 1929-12/27/1977
Humphrey Doris Oak Park, Illinois Ziegfeld Follies | Americana | 1932 Musical West Mag. Ziegfeld Girl | Charles Weidman | Married: Francis Woodford Hoop |Ballet | Clog | Modern 1895-1958
Hunger Betty n/a Broadway n/a n/a 1924's
Hungria Blanquita Spain? n/a n/a Spanish? 1910's
Hunter Alberta Memphis, TN 1935 Radio Parade (Dancer | Singer Black Bottom 4/1/1895-10/17/1984
Hutton Betty Battle Creek, MI. Actress | Dancer b.2/26/1921
Hutton(Cowen) Ina Ray (Odessa) Chicago, IL. Jazz Band Ball film | 1935 Feminine RhythmPalace Gus Edwards |Ziegfeld Girl Dancer and Band Leader |Truckin' |Tap, 3/13/1916-2/19/1984
Hyde Tom n/a Orpheum Theatre (Winnipeg) Honey Boys Tap | Clog | Black Bottom | Kinkajou | Five Step b.1898-
Hyman Prudence n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1914-6/1/1995
Hyson Carl n/a aka: Heison Married: Dorothy Dickson Dorothy Waltz 1914's