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Streetswings Dance Groups History Archives Groups, Troups, Teams etc. of three or more index lists. This page lists legendary/ famous Group dancers, Troupes or Teams of dancers from the past, Famous or not. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Group Name Manager/Choreographer Location/Other Performed / Notes Dance(s), Misc. Dates
3 Dukes ---- Cotton Club | Cab Calloway Loews Trick Dancing 1930's
3 Eddies, the Gussie Francis, Chick Horsey Chick Horsey, Jimmy Walsh, Pop Bennett, Clarence Wesly, Tiny Ray | (Chick stabbed Johnny Hudgins in arguement) A "Picks" group for the singer, later becoming an Blackface act on their own. Blackbirds of 1927 Tap, Wings, Legomania | Eccentric 1910's
3 Miller Brothers ---- ---- Hummin' Sam [1933] ---- 1930's
3 Whippets ---- ---- Vaudeville Videos Vol6 Dancers 1920's?
4 Flash Devils ---- ---- Shuffle Along [1933] ---- 1930's
5 Percolators ---- Cotton Club | Cab Calloway Loews Song and Dance Quintet 1930's
6 Cheerful Steppers ---- ---- Shake It Up [1929] Tap? 1920's
6 Military Dancers ---- USA Orpheum Theatre ---- 1930's?
12 Harlem Steppers ---- Harlem N.Y. ? Gig and Saddle, Scandals [1933] Tap? 1930's
12 Zanzibeauts ---- Café Zanzibar [NYC] ---- Chorus Girls 1944
16 Dorothy Bellettes Dorothy Belle, Gus Flaig Baltimore Burlesque- Gayety Theatre Burlesque 1940's
16 Dottie Bellettes Dorothy Belle Baltimore Burlesque- Gayety Theatre Burlesque 1940's
16 Necklettes Buddy Nickel Baltimore Burlesque- Gayety Theatre Burlesque 1940's
16 Palladium Girls Tiller London Palladium, also Palladium Boys and Girls, Palladium Tiller Girls London Palladium Chorus Girls 1938
Abbot Dancers Gypsy Abbot NY ( Frank Mazzone,) Fine & Dandy w/ Betsi Rees [1931], Latin Quarter [1951] Apache? 1920's
Abbott Dancers Merrill ?? ?? ?? 1950's
Acromaniacs ---- Chicago, IL. Empire Room [12/28/1941] Acrobatic 1940's
Adajio Trio, the ---- Europe Toyland [1930]. Gypsy Land [1930]. Classic v Jazz [1930] Adagio, Acrobatic 1930's
Adelphi Girls Europe Elstree Calling [1930] ---- ---- ----
Aida Foster Girls Aida Foster Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema ---- ---- ----
Al White Girls AL White Aka: Al White Beauties Top-Notchers [1942], Keep 'em Laughing Chorus Girls 1942
Alasandro Don Europe, It's A Twist [1937], Cherie Alasandro Dancers 1937
Albertina Rash Girls Albertina Rasch Los Angeles See: Albertina Rasch Page! Ballet, Precison B.1924
Alhambra Girls ---- Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema. Dancing Girls, Trilby [Paul 1896] ---- ---- 1896
Allen Foster Girls Allen Foster ---- The Great Temptations [1926], A Night in Venice [1929], Broadway Nights [1929] Chorus Girls 1920's
Alme', the ---- Egyptian dancers who attained the title of Alme' Highly educated in their art of dance. Belly | Oriental, Raks Very old
Aloma Hawaiians ---- Europe, Ideal Cinemagazine [1931], ---- Dancers 1937
Americus Quartet ---- New York See Edison Films | aka Americus Four Cakewalk 1898
Andre Charlot Girls Andre Charlot? Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema ---- ---- ----
Andrea Dancers Jonny Pangrazio From Hungary. 1952 Ed Sullivan Show Aka "Three Mexicanos" (Eszter and Jonny Pangrazio | Laszlo Sandor) Adagio, Acrobatic 1950's
Anna Held Girls Flo Ziegfeld N.Y. - Jardin De Paris Ziegfeld Girls | Ziegfeld Follies of 1907 Chorus Girls 1907
Aristo Genes Girls Club? ---- ?Maybe a Dance group? Beware [1946] ---- 1946
Arlene Phillip's Hot Gossip Arlene Phillips Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema ---- ---- ----
Arnaud, Peggy and Ready ---- Entertainers in British Films: 'A Century in British Cinema' ---- Acrobatic Dancers ----
Balavea ---- ---- Dance Troupe ---- 1950's
Bayaderes Dance Troupe Latin Quarter Corky Baysinger | Monika Erickson | Laurie Lambert | Lila Burgesa | Vicki Hanian | Connie Warner | Ann Walken ---- 1958
Bee Ruth Girls Bee Ruth? Omaha, NB ---- Chorus Girls 1930's
Beef Trust Billy Watson England/ U.S. also: Cozy Corner Girls | Beer Gardens, Forerunner of the Hootchy-Cootchy Burlesque, Line, Strip, Hootchy 1870's
Beryozka Dancers ---- Russia? Russian Dancers Russian ----
Berry Brothers Themselves New York Cotton Club, Panama Hattie Tap 1930's
Betty Fox's Eight Dancing Teenagers Betty Fox Moss Empire Theatre ?? ?? 1957
Big Apple Dancers, The ---- New York The Spirit Of Youth [1937],
Aka: Whiteys Lindy Hoppers
Big Apple 1937
Big Drew's Dancing Lovelies Big Drew ? Breighton Hippodrome, London? ?? ?? 1950's
Black Rhythm Swingsters ---- Black Rhythm [1936]     (Maybe: Whiteys Lindy Hoppers)   Swing 1936
Blubell Girls Need info London Dancer- Anne Williams Tiller Type 1950's
Bodenwieser Dancers, the Female Troupe USA ? Emmie Taussig, Evelyn Ippen, Bettina Vernon & Melitta Melzer Ballet | Modern ? 6/1941
Brittny Dancers ---- Europe ---- ---- 1900's
Broome Street Dancers USA     Broome Street [1941] ---- 1940's
Brown Buddy Girls Need info Harlem, New York Hot From Harlem w/ Bojangles [1932] ---- 1932
Buck and Bubbles Themselves ---- Black Cat Tales [1933] Tap 1933
Bunny and the
Cotton Girls
Need info ---- Slow Poke [1932] ---- 1930's
Burch Mann Dancers Burch Mann? ---- Back Beat Boogie [1944] ---- 1944
Carla Torney Dancers Miss Carla Torney Pabst Theater Balley Unique & other dances Ballet, Other 1922
Celebrated Helen Jackson Girls Helen Jackson? ---- Earl Carroll's Vanities [1932] ---- 1932
Chester Hale Dancers Chester Hale Capitol Theater, New York [1934] | A Night in Venice [1929] | Broadway Nights [1929] Dania Krupska | aka: Student Co-Eds | Chester Hale Girls Precision 1930's
Cheyenne Mtn. Dancers ---- Colorado Springs ---- Rodeos, 1941
Chez Paree Adorables Mike Fritzel, Joey Jacobson Chez Paree Nightclub (Chicago) June Taylor was and original member | Dancers came from Murriel Abbott School of dance 8 girl Dance group 1931
Chocolate Drops, the ---- Dixie to Broadway 8 Chorus Girls (also see plantation steppers) Backed up star dancers 1923
Chocolate Steppers New York Two Boys and a Girl in solo spot with Calloway's Act   Jazz | Tap 1923
Co-Ops, The ---- Threesome/ Duke Ellington Ann Henry | Peter Green | Julian Swain Modern 1950's
Congeroo's Hubert White New York's Savoy, aka: Whiteys Lindy Hoppers Killer Diller Lindy Hop 1930's
Copasetic's, the Honi Coles Steve Condos, Chuck Green, Honi Coles, Leslie 'Bubba' Gaines, Buster Brown, Albert 'Gib' Gibson, Ernest 'Brownie' Brown and Charles 'Cookie' Cook ---- Jazz | Tap 1960's
Cossack Dancers Don Cossack Hollywood Parade ---- Precision? 1947
Cotton Club Boys ---- Cotton Club | Hot Mikado Others (6 original, later 10) Tap | Jazz | Class Act team 1930's
Cotton Club Chorus Dancers ---- Cotton Club The Lady Fare [1929] ---- 1920's
Cotton Club Girls ---- Cotton Club ---- ---- 1930's
24 Creole Bells ---- ---- ---- Fast Steppers, Tap | Clog ----
Crackerjacks, the 1914 -1922 Lulu Coates. (then Archie Ware took over in 1922) Aka: the 3, 4, 5, 6 Crackerjacks | (Original Archie Ware, Harry Irons, Wilfred Blanks, Clifford Carter) Bobby Goins, Deighton Boyce, George Staten, Joe Chism, Lloyd MacDonald, Norman Wallace, Raymond Thomas, Tosh Hammond, Walter Humphrey 1929, Hot Chocolates, Harlem Cavalcade [1942] Tap | Flash | Acrobatic Tap 1920's
Cronus Dancers London Based 70-Ravina Festival | 70-Venice Biennial | 69-Palace Biennial de Paris [1969] ---- 1960's
Cuban Conga Dancers ---- ---- Cotton Club Revue ---- 1930's
Cuban Dancers, The ---- ---- Rockin The Blues [1955] Latin? 1950's
Czarina and Girls Czarina? Maxims ?? ---- 1901
Dancettes, the ---- ---- Watch Free Tap 1938
Dancing Demons Dewey Weinglass Orginally 3 dancers, later named 4 dancing demons | Bombed, but later made it big. Dewey Weinglass | George Henry Lattere | | Bertha Roe | Nettie Perry Tolliver Tap | Buck etc 1918
Dancing Dudes London? ---- Watch Clip Tap 1940
Dancing Duo ---- ---- Standin' Joe [1945] ---- 1940's
Dancing Four Frank & Albert & McGuiness, & Buchanaz? ---- ---- Tap 1920's
Dancing Redcaps Elida Webb? Runnin' Wild Chorus Boys Pete Nugent | Chink Collins | Sammy Dryer | Derby Wilson and others Charleston 1923
Danny Lipton Dancers Danny Lipton Danny and 4 Girls Clip1 Tap 1937
Danny Lipton Trio Danny Lipton London Clip1 | Clip2 Tap 1935
Danseuses Viennoises (48) Principal Theatres in Europe and USA ---- Galop des Drapeux | Harvest Dance 1846
Dausons Dancing Dolls Dauson? Atlantic City Million Dollar Pier ---- ----
Davis Dancing Dells Davis? Paradise Cafe ---- ---- 1940's
De Pol's Ballet Troupe De Pol? Theatre Comique ---- Ballet | Can-Can 1868
De Vere Dancers (aka: Marie Devere Dancers) Marie De Vere Alladin and his Wonderful Lamp. (Also may be linked to de Vere's 10 Football Lovelies) Moss Empire Theatre ?? 1950's
Demay, Moore and Martin
---- London Palladium | Also USA Billed as 'Sensational Dance Trio' Ballroom 1938
Dennis Family 3 Generations London Watch Clip Tap 1937
Deyadasi Dancers ---- Latin Quarter Pricilla Callan | Charlotte Winson | Barbara Hunt | Ann Stevens | Doris Creb | Anna Steffens | Martin Renfro ---- 1958
Dixie Steppers, The ?Harlem? Song and Dance Troupe that toured the South Josephine Baker ---- 1920's
Doreen Aston's Jubilee Troupe Doreen Ashton Variety Jubilee [1943] ---- Can Can 1943
Doris O'Shea Girls Doris O'Shea London's Palace Theatre | Revels of 1934 ?? Chorus 1934
Duggie Ascot's Dancing Girls Duggie Scott, London 1934 Love Mirth Melody Child dance groupe | Father of: Hazel Scott Tap 1930's
Dumitrescu Carpati Group Carpati? Romaian Dance Group ---- ---- 1906
Duncan Dancers Isadora Duncan Columbia Theater Lisa | Margo | Anna Modern | Ballet 1920's
Dunhill Dance Trio ---- Paris France Call Me Mister (Film) ---- 1940's
Dyerettes, the Sammy Dyer Tap Dance drill team Chicago's Club De Lisa Tap 1940's
Dziria Dancers ---- ---- ---- Folk 1908
Eight Covan Dancers Covan? ---- Bargain With Bullets [1937] ---- 1937
Embassy Dancers ---- London Watch Clip Precision | Tap and Kick 1937
Ernest Belcher Dancers Ernest Belcher Is Marge Champion's father, worked with many Movie Stars ---- Ballet | Ballroom 1909
Evelyn Taylor and Her Golden Girls Evelyn Taylor Baltimore, MD. Gayety Theatre Burlesque 1940's
Exquisite Three, the ---- ---- Watch Free Tap 1939
"Fame" Cast ---- New York City Fame Movie & TV Jazz 1970's
Fanchonettes, the USA Hollywood, Ca. Fanchon and Marco | Alice Pickering (dncr 1931-1939) ~ 1930's
Fantino's, The Four ---- ---- ---- Acrobatic 1945
Fast Steppers, The ---- ---- Sing and Swing [1943] ---- 1940's
Five Hot Shots NY Black and Tan Fantasy [1929] Class Act Male dancers in Unison Tap | Class Act 1929
Five Kelly's, the USA Joan, James, Gene | Louise | Fred Kelly Vaudeville Tap 1920's
Florodora Girls USA Sing Out the News [1939] , ---- Tiller/ Rockette Type 1900's
Fontaines, the ---- Ballroom Balancing Act (2 Guys, 1 Girl) ---- Ballroom | Balancing, Acrobatic 1930's
Four Amaranths New York ---- Vaudeville Billed | BF Keiths Theater Novelty Dancers 1916
Four Astaires, the London 2 Girls, 2 Guys Watch Free Tap also: Stilts Tapper | Stair Tap dance 1938
Four Bobs, the Philadelphia Copied Tip, Tap and Toe's entire act. ---- Tap 1930's
Four Knobs, the Harlem aka: the 'Six Knobs' Block Party Revels | Dispossed Blues Lindy Hop 1930's
Four Covans | Willie Covan | Willie and Florence Covan | Dewey and Wife Palace Theatre, Dixie to Broadway Tap | Acrobatic 1920's
Four Dancing Demons Dewey Weinglass Originally three dancers Dewey Weinglass | George Henry Lattere | | Bertha Roe | Nettie Perry Tolliver Tap | Acrobatic 1920's
Four Flash Devils ---- Change Your Luck [1930] | Shuffle Along [1933] One of the newer generations of tap dancers | Group acrobatic tap Tap | Acrobatic 1930's
Four Fords, the ---- Maxwell, Mabel (1891-1981,) Dora, Edwin Mabel and Dora became the Ford Sisters, Maxwell became Movie Choreographer Tap 1940's
Four Step Brothers Themselves New York Cotton Club | Barbershop Blues Tap 1937
Gene Louis Dancers Gene Louis? NY? Nat King Cole & Morgans [1953] ---- 1953
George Carden Dancers George Carden London Palladium ?? Chorus 1955
Geoffrey Holder Troupe Geoffrey Holder ---- Shango [1953] ---- 1950's
George White Girls George White NY George White Scandals of 1928 ---- 1928
Gerardo Rumba Dancers Gerardo Club Bali (Philadelphia, PA.)   Rumba 1941
Gertrude Hoffman Girls Gertrude Hoffman Artists and Models [1925], Punch and Judy Co. [1903], Broadway to Paris [1912] Billy Macon | Catherine Wilson | Lee Chapin, See Page Precision, Tiller Type 1920's
Girls of Breton ---- Courts of Catherine de medici Great feast of Bayonne Passepied | Branle 1565
Girls of Burgandy ---- Courts of Catherine de medici Great feast of Bayonne Galliarde 1565
Girls of Champagne ---- Courts of Catherine de medici Great feast of Bayonne Galliarde 1565
Girls of Poitou ---- Courts of Catherine de medici Great feast of Bayonne Galliarde 1565
Girls of Provence ---- Courts of Catherine de medici Great feast of Bayonne Voltas 1565
Gladys Sears and her Tango Girls Gladys Sears Star Theatre (Canada) 4/12/1914: Toronto Sunday World Newspaper Tango 1914
Gleason Girls Jackie Gleason ---- Jackie Gleason TV Series Chorus 1952
Gold Diggers ?george White? New York? Gold Diggers of ... Chorus, Line 1930's
Golden Dancers ---- ---- Aka: Original Golden Dancers Lifts | Gold Paint 1928
Goldwyn Girls MGM ---- Thrill Of Brazil Prescision ----
Gombey Dancers ---- Bermuda? ---- ---- 1950's
Hal Mack & His Dancing Demons Hal Mack Moss Empire Theatre     1940's?
Hal Sands Dancers Hal Sands ---- ---- ---- 1940's
Harlem Cuties Harlem ---- Block Party Revels Soundie (1943) Vernacular | Harlem Jazz | Lindy Hop 1940's
Harlemaniacs, The James | Minns New York Harlem Cavalcade [1942] | Boy!, What a Girl [1946] Swing, Jazz 1946
Heavenly Apsaras ---- Latin Quarter Lillian Bell | Phyllis Gilbert | Rosemary Ridgewell | Mary Bokino | Pat O'Connor | Thelma Rowland | Dezie Rome Dance of Saris 1958
Helene Hughes Dancers Helene Hughes 11 girls ---- Chorus 1941
Hello Girls, the Clements Clements 1927 DANCE REVUE Grayce Harper | Doris Dewey | Betty Brosnan Spanish | Oriental | Slave Girl 1927
Herb Ross Dancers Herb Ross 1954 Milton Bearle Show ?? Stage/ Jazz 1950's
Hi - Hatters ---- /Duke Ellington Clarence Landry | Vernod Bradley | Udell Jackson Tap 1930's
Hit Parade Singers and Dancers ---- Hollywood? Your Hit Parade TV Show | Gisele MacKenzie joined in 1953 Various 1950's
Hollywood Rock And Rollers Joe Lanza? Gil and Nikki Brady | Joe Lanza | Lou Southern | Frieda Angela Wyckoff Untamed Youth Jitterbug | West Coast Swing 1957
Hottentrot Dancers ---- Peoria IL. ---- ---- 1910
Hubba-Hubba Girls Maybe dancers? ---- Jivin' In Be-Bop [1946] ---- 1940's
Imperial Tango Dancers ---- 4/12/1914 - Toronto Sunday World Newspaper In "The Golden Crook" Tango 1914
Jack Cole Dancers Jack Cole Chicago? Chez Paree Club Ballroom 1948
Jacksons English Dancers ---- ---- The Tatler Mag: 2/11/1925 ---- 1925
Jitterbug Johnnies May-Ace / Kit-Kat New York $ Juke Joint Lindy 1940's
Jivin' Jack and Jills Joe Geil | Dick Humphreys Hollywood, Donald O'Connor Get Hep To Love [1942] | Give Out Sister | Jitterbug 1942
John Tiller Girls John Tiller ---- The Revue des Revue [1927] Precision, Line 1920's
June Taylor Dancers June Taylor ---- Jackie Gleason Show Chorus, Ballet | Jazz | Tap 1950's
Jungle Jivesters, The Maybe Dancers? NY? Jungle Jamboree [1943] Jitterbug 1940's
Katherine Dunham
Katherine Dunham ---- Carnival of Rhythm [1944], Ballet 1940's
King, King and King Mateo Olvera Tap dance trio - Brothers Broadway Nights Tap 1929
Kink A Jou Girls   ---- Little Old New York   1928
Kosloff Dancers Alexis Kosloff Oriental, Ballet ---- Ballet | Oriental 1922
Lathrop Brothers and Virginia Mack Lathrop Coached by Nick Castle M: Virginia & Mack Tap | Class Act | Ballroom | Soft Shoe 1930's
Legs and Co.   UK Disco TV music dance group Also see: Pans People, Beat Girls and the Go-Jo's Freestyle disco/ Rock | TOTP's (Top Of The Pops) 1978
Leggy Rose Girls ---- ---- Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe ---- 1944
Leicolla Brothers Dancers Leicolla? ---- ---- ---- 1940's
Lenox Lindy Hoppers Edna Mae Harris & Slim Thomas? NY, see Whiteys Lindy Hoppers Rhythmania [1930's] Lindy Hop 1930's
Leslie Horton Dancers Leslie Horton ---- Rhythm of the Islands [1943] ---- 1940's
Leonard Harper Ensemble Leonard Harper ---- The Exile [1931] ---- 1930's
Lew Dockstader & His Minstrel Co Lew Docstader ?? Manhattan Beach Theatre [7/13/1903] ?? 1903
L.I.M.E. Trio ---- Vaudeville Videos Vol6 Goliwog, Acrobatic dance Golliwog 1920's?
London Palace Girls Palace Theatre, London, Eng. Billie Bart | Hettie Ward | Kittie Dolan | Rosa Thomson | Rosie Swettenham | Teresa McSpirit | Violet Little Topsy and Eva [1924] | George White Scandals of 1923 Piccaninny Chorus Girls 1923
Lucky Seven Trio ---- Honi Coles danced briefly Class Act Dancer Tap, Dice Dance 1930's
Mde. Avila's Can Can Girls Madame Avila? (probably Avril) NY Latin Quarter [1951] Can Can 1950's
Mama Lu Parks Dancers Mama Lu Mama Lu | Gigi Brown | David Butts | Gloria Thompson Harvest Moon Ball | TV | Savoy Ballroom [Harlem] | Savoy Manor [Bronx] Lindy Hop 1970's
Margaret Faber Dancers Margaret Faber (aka: Faver) Lido Club | Andre's Supper Club ---- 1930's
Marion Morgan Dancers Marion Morgan London Palladium 14 dancers total in group Ballet | Modern 1920's
Markham Dancers Dewey Markham New York Burlesque In Harlem ---- 1955
Marmein Dancers ---- Miriam, Irene and Phyllis Marmein Carnegie Hall | B.F. Keiths Theatre | "Odalesques" Ballet | Modern | Society Dances | 'Original Drama Dances' 1920's
Maureen Lawrence Dancers Maureen Lawrence ---- Swingin' In A Harem [1943] ---- 1940's
Mayfair Twins ---- London Watch Free Tap 1937
Mayris Chaney Dancers Mayris Chaney ---- Weekend Pass [1944] Dancers 1940's
Mazowsze Polish State Dance Co. Tadeusz Sygietynski USA (Mazowsze pronounced as Mazofcha) Mazurka | Polonaise | Polka 1950's
Meglin Dancers Meglin? Hollywood Ca. Childrens Dance Troupe Tap 1920's
Merriel Abbott Dancers (Muriel) Merrial Abbot Chicago, IL Marion Polson Apache 1940's
Metro-Golwin Mayer Girls MGM Hollywood, Ca Meet The Baron ---- 1940's
Millers Bros. and Lois ---- ---- Top Billed Tap dance act Tap ----
Minstrel Misses Ned Wayburn New York? ---- ---- 1906
Morlacchi's Ballet Troupe Mlle. Morlacchi Comique Theater-Boston De Pols Ballet Troupe, Mlle. Baretta, Augustine, Mazzeri Sisters, Moffitt, Panzera, Bartholomew Polka | Tarentella | Ballet | Can-Can 1850
Moulin Rouge Dancers ---- New York, Paris, North Carolina Moulin Rouge(NC) Chorus Line 1940's
Muriel Asche Girls Muriel Asche Gayety Theatre Gayety Theatre Burlesque Burlesque dance group 1950's
Muriel Abbott Dancers Muriel Abbott Chicago, IL June Taylor was an Abbott Dancer Various 1930
Nautch Girls ---- India Festival dancers Oriental | Ethnic Old
New Abbey Girls ---- ---- ---- Folk Dancers 1934
Nora Jackson Dancers Nora Jackson? Fems de Paris Revue Watch Clip Tap 1933
Nicholas Brothers Self New York? Cotton Club | Down Argentine Way Tap 1930's
Original Copa Girls     USA Copacabana [1947] Chorus 1947
Ozzy Malones Jitterbugs Ozzy Malone New York? House Rent Party [1946] Jitterbug 1946
Pamela Devis Dancers Pamela Devis ABC Blackpool Theatre ?? ?? 1965
Pans People (6 girls) Flick, DeeDee & Babs All girl UK Disco dance group. (DeeDee, Ruth, Babs, Flick Colby, Louise) TV Top of the Pops | Bobby Gentry series | also see Go-Jo's | Legs and Co. | Beat Girls Freestyle Disco / Rock | Ballet | Tap 1967 to 1976
Paramount Astoria Girls ---- ---- First T.V. Revue Can-Can Type 1940's
Paraders The Hips ---- Harlem Follies [1950] Maybe? 1950's
Peggy Taylor and Her Dancing Pirates Peggy Taylor ---- Calling All Stars [1935] ---- 1935
Percy Athos Beauties Percy Athos ---- Eve's Film Review 254 [1926], Let's Make a Night of It [1937] ---- 1920's
Perry Mansfield Dancers Perry Mansfield ---- ---- ---- 1930's
Pilobolous ---- ---- $ Video Eccentric | Jazz 1970's
Plantation Steppers, the ---- Dixie to Broadway [1923] 8 Chorus Boys (also see the Chocolate Drops) Backed up star dancers 1923
Portia Mansfield Dancers ---- USA? Marjorie Leet-dancer Greek 1920's
Rae Bourbon ’s “ Boys Will Be Girls” extravaganza Rae Bourbon Hollywood, Ca. Performed at Jimmy's Back Yard, Rendezvous and Chez Boheme in Hollywood. Stage Show 1930's
Rapid Rhythm Danny Lipton Trio London Clip1 | Clip2 Tap 1935
Ray Rand Swingers Ray Randazzle Hollywood, Ca. ( Aka: The Big Four: Maxie Dorf & Mary McCaslin, Hal & Betty Takier, Lawrence 'Lolly' Wise & Lillian Arnold, Gil Fernandez & Venna Cascon) Contests, Dianna Ballroom, West Coast | Balboa | Jitterbug | Lindy Hop 1935-40
Rhythm Pals, the ---- "Cholly" Atkins, William Porter ---- Tap 1930
Rhythmettes, the ---- Black Rhythm [1936] ---- Swing 1936
Rialto Versatile Five ?Pearl Regay? Palace Theater -1/24/1921 Tap Syncopators Dancers w/ Pearl Regay Tap 1920's
Rocket's, the Sonny Allen (Four females and one male) Ruth Sullivan, Sonny Allen, Lindy Hop 1956
Rockets, The ---- New York Henry Roberts & Andrew Jackson ---- 1930's
Rocketts ---- New York Radio City Music Hall Precision 1930's
Rodney Hudson Dancers Rodney Hudson London Clip 1 | Clip 2 Precision 1933
Roseland Girls ---- Empire Theater Rhode Island | Solly Ward & Lillian Fitzgerald (Golden Crook) Gaities a la Mode | The Golden Crook Extravganza (1914) ---- 1928
Roussets, the ---- NYC Area? "Caroline | Clementine | Adelaide | Teresine" Ballet | Redowa | Orientale 1851
Rufus LeMaire Dancing Girls Rufus LeMaire Rufus LeMaire's Affairs ---- Tiller Type 1927
Russell Market Girls, (16) Russell Market Just A Minute [1928] | Keep It Clean [1929] ---- Tiller Type 1928
Russian Trio Kamarowa Maybe Dancers ---- Revue des Revues [1927] Russian 1920's
Sammy Lee Girls Sammy Lee Hollywood Revue Watch Clip Formation 1929
Sande Dancers Frankie Little Frankie Little & the Sande Dancers 16mm soundie "Spicy and Spanish" [1944] Spanish 1944
Sara Mildred Strauss Dancers Sara Mildred Strauss ---- Calling All Stars [1935] Chorus 1935
Saronga Dancing Girls ---- Sarong Song Movie | Pardon My Sarong ---- Dancers 1930's
Sarroni Sisters ---- Watch Clip Formation 1933
Savoy Lindy Hoppers & Big Applers Aka: ALT Group for Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Savoy Ballroom | Hellzapoppin' | Day at the Races | Killer Diller The Policy Man [1938], Black Rhythm [1936] Lindy | Big Apple | Shim Sham 1938
Scooter Teague's Modern Dance Ensemble Scooter Teague Brighton Hippdrome Theatre, London ?? Modern 1962
Sextuplets, The ---- Paradise Club, Atlantic City ---- Suzy Q, et 1940
Sherman Fisher Angels Sherman Fisher London Watch Clip Precision | Tap and Kick | Tiller type 1932
Sherman Fisher Girls Sherman Fisher London Palladium Peggy Doreen Tiller type 1930's
Shuffle Along Girls Harlem Shuffle Along [1921] ---- Chorus 1921
Six Little Rosebuds, the   Each girl weighed 250lbs+ | Floor Shook when dancing Midway Worlds Fair Dancers 1910's
Six Samba Sirens, the USA Copa Cabana Review [1950's] ---- Samba 1950's
Sixteen Moorish Dancing Girls Tortajada La Belle Paree [1911] Biilled as: Tortajada and Her Sixteen Moorish Dancing Girls in a Spanish Ballet ---- 1911
Sixteen Navassar Girls ---- ---- Orpheum Theatre (10/23/1916) ---- 1916
Steading Sisters ---- Partners- Weinstein & Seidel Biltmore Hotel Ballroom ----
Stephen Martel Dancers Stephen Martel Paris Lido Club- Paris ---- 1949
Steppers The Sepia... ---- Popppin The Cork [1943] | Stepping Along [1943] Tap 1940's
Stepping Out Sisters Ziegfeld Girls Ziegfeld Follies Watch Clip Tap 1932
Stepping Stars ---- ---- Vaudeville Videos vol6 Tap, Stair 1920's?
Stetson Boy Dancers Buddy Ebsen? New York Whoopie! Tap 1930's
Stoney Mountain Cloggers ---- ---- ---- Square Dancers 1950's?
Stretch Cox Troupe Stretch Cox New York ---- Limbo ----
Slim and Slam Self New York Hellzapoppin' Musicians 1930's
Slip and Slide ??? ---- Burlesque In Harlem ---- 1955
Small's Paradise Entertainers ---- New York Smalls Nightclub, Smash Your Baggage [1932] ---- 1930's
Swing Maniacs Maybe dancers? NY Jumpin at the Jubilee [1944] Jitterbug 1940's
Tally Beatty Dancers Tally Beatty ---- "Tropicana"- [Sweden 6/49] (Dancers and Drummers) ---- 1949
Terry Girls, the ---- Trois Jeunes Filles Nues [1929]. Follies Bergere type Chorus 1929
Dancing Four Frank & Albert & McGuiness, & Buchanaz? ---- ---- Tap 1920's
Three Browns Joe Peterson Joe Peterson | Reuben Brown | Russell Brown Act disbanded due to fast paced dancing and body wear and tear over time Acrobatic | Tap 1920's
Three Brown Jacks ---- ---- Jim Lunceford & His Dance Orchestra [1936], TapDancers 1930's
Three Cuties ---- Girl Tap Dance Trio Watch Free Tap 1936
Three Dukes, the Nat Nazzaro Copied Pete Peaches and Duke (Nugent) Mills Blue Rhythm Band [1934 Vitaphone] Tap | Class Act 1930's
Three Eddies Gussie Francis, Chick Horsey Chick Horsey | Jimmy Walsh | Pop Bennett | Clarence Wesly | Tiny Ray A "Picks" group for the singer, later becoming a Blackface act on their own Tap, Wings, Legomania, Eccentric 1910's
Three Emeralds ---- ---- Watch Clip Tap 1935
Three Klassy Kids ---- Aka: (Dickie) Wells | Mordecai and Taylor Class Act Dancers Tap 1930's
Three Little Words ---- Dance Trio (Jones) Dance for sound [1937] | Connies Inn [1931] | Dickie Wells Club Tap | Shim Sham | Acrobatics 1937
Three Midnight Steppers ----   Hot Chocolates [1929] Tap C1929
Three Millers, the ---- Honi Coles and ??? ---- Tap 1931
Three Rockets ---- Tap Dance Trio DuMont network TV show circa: 1949 Tap 1930's
Tiller Girls John Tiller Sr. & Jr. England, USA, aka: Twelve Tiller Girls Ziegfeld Follies of 1922 | Nifties of 1923 Precision 1920's
Tip, Tap and Toe Self? Started in late 20's. (Original Members: Sammy Green | Teddy Frazier | Raymond Winfeld) | Freddie James Palace and Paramout theatres, George White Scandals [1936] | Claude Hopkins & His Orch. Tap 1935
Tosh Hammond & Co. Tosh Hammond ---- Dance Your Old Age Away ---- 1944
Tyroliers, the - 10 men and 4 women, dance and sing - Tyroliene 1952
Varietetties Dancing Girls Katherine Dunham ---- Killer Diller [1948] ---- 1948
Vienna Revue Dancers ---- Venus & Reisen ---- ---- 1920's
Vic, Ace and Danny ---- ---- Smash Your Baggage [1932] Lindy Hop 1930's
Victor Trio Victor | Macey | Nova ---- ---- Ballroom ----
Wally Cox Group Wally Cox 1953- Ford 50th Annaversary #2 ---- ---- 1953
Wally Wanger Girls Wally Wanger NY Latin Quarter | Copacabana ---- ---- 1940's
Walter Saier Group Walter Saier 1939 Worlds Fair ---- ---- 1939
Wanda's Glamourettes ---- ---- Vaudeville-Theater ---- ----
Wazzan Troupe Whirling Dervishes 1950's Latin Quarter (with Mae West) Burlesque ---- 1950's
Westway Corps de Ballet ?? S.H. Nesome's' babes in the Wood' ?? Ballet 1950's
White Heather Girls May Hoxon Edinburgh Empire Theatre (Not Sure if dancers) ?? 1940's
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Hubert White Savoy Ballroom Hellzapoppin' | Day At Races Lindy Hop 1930's
Whites Hopping Maniacs Hubert White Savoy Ballroom Cotton Club Revue, Hot Chocolates Lindy Hop 1937
Wigman Dancers Hanya Holm ---- ---- Ballet | Modern 1930's
Will Vodrey Girls Will Vodrey ---- Rufus Jones For President [1933] Precision 1930's
Winnie Hoveler Dancers Winnie Hoveler ---- Riff [1943] ---- 1940's
Yacopia Acrobatic Troupe ---- Circus Acrobatics ---- Acrobatic 1941
Yama Yama Girls ---- ---- ---- Tiller/ Rockette Type 1905
Ziegfeld Girls Flo Ziegfield Ziegfeld Theater Ziegfeld Follies of 19XX | Rio Rita | Smiles... Various 30yrs