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Page G: Vintage Dancer History Index List G (Pictured: DeLarosa and Nikki Faustino Brady) Listings
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Dancers Index: G

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists G. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter G. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Gades Antonio ?Spain? Carmen | Bodas de Sangre y Amor Brujo Cristina Hoyos? Flamenco 1940's?
Gai, La Louise USA Odeon Theater Quentin Tod Bacchic | Jig | Idyll | La Vie Joyeuse | La Sacrifice | Waltz | Maxixe 1913's
Gaines 'Bubba' n/a Member of the Copasetic's Real Name: Leslie 'Bubba' Gaines Tap d.1997
Galleti Anita NYC? 1866 Black Crook n/a Ballet 1850's
Gallini Giovanni- Andrea Europe n/a Author Minuet 1728-1805
Galo Alberto n/a n/a Lola ? Adagio | Ballroom 1940's
Galo Gilbert New York? Choreographer n/a n/a 1940's?
Anna (Amalie) n/a n/a Married: Paul Taglioni Dancer 1808-1881
Gandy Dancers USA Railroad Section workers ?? ?? 1900's
Ganjou Bob ?? aka Ganjou Brothers and Juanita fame | Dior Dancers (w/ Mirian). Married: Mirian | Mike Taylor | Sunday Night at the London Palladium ?? 1950's-60's
Ganjou Mirian ?? aka: Dior Dancers (w/ Mirian). Married: Bob Ganjou | Mike Taylor | Sunday Night at the London Palladium ?? 1950's-60's
Ganley Mary n/a MGM. New Moon Kenny Bowers Ballroom 1940's
'Garbage Sweet Papa' n/a Impeccably dressed Bert Williams like entertainer Real Name: Marshall Rogers Eccentric | Cakewalk 1910's
Garber Ethel K. Chicago, IL? Toured W/ Eddie Cantor n/a Chorus and Vaudeville dancer 1903-1975
'Garbo' (female) n/a Ellington's Flame Indigo n/a Fire | Skirt | Butterfly 1930's
Garcia, the n/a USA Need info on these dancers n/a Latin | Rumba 1940's
Gardel Maximilian n/a Perfected the Pirouette n/a See: Ballet 1700's
Gardel Pierre n/a n/a n/a Dancer | Choreographer 1758-1840
Garden Mary Scotland? 1917 Thais | 1918 Splendid Sinner | Salome. n/a Salome | Belly Dance | Seven Veils 2/20/1874-1/3/1967
Gardener Helena n/a Burlesque n/a Rumba 1940's
Gardner Ava Smithfield, NC. n/a n/a Actress | Dancer 12/24/1922-1/25/1990
Garland (Gumm) Judy (Frances) Grand Rapids, IL. Strike Up The Band | 1955 Summer Stock | 1929 The Big Parade Fred Astaire | Micky Rooney Tap | Jazz 2/20/1922-1/3/1969
Garr Teri n/a T.A.M.I. Show [1964] as Go-Go dancer n/a n/a n/a
Garratt Felicity n/a Eve's Film Review [#333-1927] aka: Andre and Felicity Garratt, European Dancers 1930's
Garrett Tom Florida? Guinness Record Holder n/a Charleston 1971's
Gascon Venna California Ray Rand dancer | San Francisco Worlds Fair aka: Venna Archer | Gil Hernandez | Hal Takier | Married: John Archer Charleston | Jazz | Jitterbug 1940's
Gay Beatrice NY? 1937 Ask Uncle Sol | Savoy Ballroom | Cotton Club aka: 'Big Bea | 'Shorty' George Lindy Hop | Charleston 1930's
Gehue Mayme USA? Topsy and Eva [1923] n/a Buck and Wing | Clog | Heel and Toe | also sang and acted 1923's
Geil Joe California Get Hep To Love Jivin' Jack and Jill's Jitterbug | Swing Dance 9/23/1927-1/1/1992
Geltzer Ekaterina (Yekaterina?) Moscow Bolshoi Ballet | Ballet Russe | 1913 pas de Deux | 1910 Genius of Belgium Yurov | Married: Vasili Tikhomirov. Ballet 1876-1962
Genée (Dame) Adeline Danish n/a Isitt Danish | Dancer 1878-1970
Gennaro Magri France? Author n/a Baroque dance 1779's
George Yvonne n/a on 'Dance Magazine' cover Harald Kreutzberg Indian | Hindu 1920's
Georges n/a n/a Born To Dance [1936]. Balmer and Steven's House. Riviera. aka: Georges and Jalna Latin | Ballroom 1936's
Georgigust Duo n/a Interesting Costumes n/a Ballroom 1920's
Geraldine and Joy ?? Europe Moss Hippodrome Theatre ?? Dancers 1952's
Gerhue Mamie Canada? Toronto Grand Theatre: Lunatics and Lovers Johnny Ford Buck and Wing | Wings 1940's
Gest Ina Odessa, RU. 1943 North Star n/a Specialty Dancer 2/11/1921-12/31/1964
Geva Tamara Petrograd, RU. 1942 Orchestra Wives | Manhattan Merry Go Round John Emery | Married: Balanchine. Ballet 3/17/1907-12/9/1997
Gibson Albert 'Gib' New York aka: part of the Choclateers - Eddie West, Paul Black and Albert Gibson Married: Mildred Pollard (grandson: Demarco Fowler) Tap | Peckin' 1930's
Gibson John n/a Soap Opera Star Vanna White Chippendale Dancer d.1986
Gibson Preston USA Noted Cotillion leader | Created the Gibson Glide Mrs. Edward Rowland Gibson Glide | Castle Half and Half| Castle Innovation | Maurice Glide 1914's
Gibson (Pollard) Sandra (Mildred) New York The Spirit Moves | Shake Blues | Call of the Jitterbug | Whitey's Lindy Hopper aka: Mildred Pollard | James Berry | Married: Albert Gibson Lindy Hop | Shake Dance 1930's?
Gilbert André n/a 1944 Lady and The Monster aka: Lola and André Gilbert | Marie Gilbert Adagio | Ballroom | Spanish 1930's
Gilbert Gloria n/a Ballyhoo of 1932 | 1938 Vogues Sunnie O'Dea Tap, 1930's
Gilbert (Montez) Marie (Lola) New York 1944 Lady and The Monster aka: Lola and André | André Gilbert Adagio | Spanish 1818-1861
Giles Sandra Hooker, OK. Daddy-O | Teenage Confidential n/a Jitterbug | West Coast 1950's
Gilmore Dorothy USA 1946 Harvey Girls | Ziegfeld Girl Matilyn Christine n/a 1940's
Di Gatano Adam and Jane USA FOX Theatre | Film ?? Apache 1930's?
Glass Bonnie n/a Vaudeville | Cafe Montmartre Harry Davis | Rudolph Valentino | Clifton Webb Ballroom 1914's
Glaum Louise Baltimore, MD. 1917 The Weaker Sex | 1920 Love | 1920 Sex Arthur Murray Hesitation Waltz | Spider Dance 9/4/1900-11/25/1970
Gloria Ana Cuba Montmartre Club Tony Rumba 1950's
Glory June USA 1933 Gold Digger | 1933 42 Street Gold Digger Chorus | Acrobatic 1930's
Gloudy Marion n/a 1939 Jitterbug Champions Jack Arkin Jitterbug | Lindy 1930's
Glover Savion Newark, NJ. Black and Blue | Jelly's Last Jam | Tap 1989 | Tap Dance Kid n/a Tap b.11/17/1973
Godfrey Renee New York Let's Make Music 1941 | Can-Can 1960 aka: Renee Haal Godfrey Dancer | Actress 9/1/1919-5/24/1964
Godunov Boris Alexander n/a n/a n/a Dancer 11/25/1949-5/18/1995
Goins Baby n/a Africana [1927], aka: Baby and Bobby Goins Jazz-Apache | Athletic | Acrobatic | Dancers 1927's
Goins Bobby n/a Part of 'The Crackerjacks | circa 1932' aka: Baby and Bobby Goins Jazz-Apache | Athletic Dancers | Acrobatic 1927's
Gold Al Britain Entertainers in British Films: a century in British Cinema aka: Al Gold and Lola Cordell British dancers n/a
Goldberg Jayne New York? Shoot Me While I'm Happy Honi Coles Tap 1940's?
Goldwyn Girls Hollywood, CA. Kid Millions | Musicals Many Chorus 1940's
Gómez Pilar New York Crazy Quilt Winona | Federico Rey Tango | Rhumba
González Francisca n/a n/a aka: La Quica Flamenco 1905-1967
Goodman Davis USA? Topsy and Eva [1926] Florence Martin Dancers 1926's
Goodman Gloria New York? n/a Clifton Webb Comic Ballroom 1913-14
Gordon Vic ?? Moss's Empire Theater Peter Colville Dancers 1950's?
Gorsky Alexandre St. Petersburg | RU Sleeping Beauty | Don Quixote n/a Ballet 1871-1924
Gosser Lowell San Diego, Ca. Competitor Diane Lynn West Coast Swing 1980's
Gould Norma Los Angeles, CA. Dansant's (Tea dances) aka: Gould and Surrat | Surrat | Ted Shawn Apache | Tango 1888-1980
Goya Carola Spain? n/a n/a Spanish 1937's
Grable Betty St. Louis, MI. 1944 Pin Up Girl | 1950 My Blue Heaven aka: Francis Dean | Dan Daily Jitterbug 12/8/1916-7/2/1973
Gracella (Winchester) and Theodor (Ted Logan) USA 9-15 Revue | Earl Carroll Vanities Patheon News Reel | (Grace skated in Sonja Henie Movies) 1930's Adagio dancers | Skate T:d.6/1988/G:d.8/1995
Graff Kurt Bonn, GR. Laban | Joos Ballet | Nightclubs Grace Cornell-Graff (Chicago) Ballet,Ballroom 1930's
Grafton Portia n/a n/a Alberta Rasch Dancer n/a 1920's
Graham Martha Allegheny, PA. Greenwich Village Follies | 1957 Dancers World Ted Shawn | Ruth St. Denis Ballet | Jazz 5/11/1894-1991
Grahn Lucille Denmark La Sylphide | Eoline Ballet | Catarina ou la fille du Brigand | Pas de Quartre Perrot | W. Whale | Mr. Barrett | Married: Fredrick Young Columbine Mazurka | la Perrotiana | Valse | Cing Temps | Brigand | Polka | Pas de Quatre 1819-1907
Grande Esme USA Old Mother Riley (Apache Scene) Real Name: Kathleen Sarah Crawley Partner and husband: George Wolkowsky Apache | Ballet 1930's-50's
Grant Coot Birmingham, AL Originally a vaudeville dancer turned singer | Real Name: Leola B. Pettigrew aka: Coot Grant and Sox Wilson | Married: Wesley 'Sox' Wilson Funky Butt | Mooche | Itch | Harlem Dances | Shimmy b.1893
Grant Horatio N. USA Created the Irene Skipping Rope Dance Irene Pirson Irene Skipping Rope Dance 1895's
Grant Norman and Nikki ?? Moss Empire Theatre ?? Dancers 1955's
Grant Sydney Boston, MA. 1913 Tea Dances | 1915-Jane Anna Wheaton Philadelphia Drag 2/20/1873-7/11/1053
Granville Bernard Chicago, Il. Go-Go 1923 | Ziegfeld Follies n/a Eccentric | Singer 7/4/1886-10/5/1936
Gray n/a USA Palomar (Vancouver) aka: Diane and Gray Acrobatic | Adagio 1948's
Gray Charley n/a Tin Pan Alec n/a Tap 1950's
Gray Dottie n/a Jergan's Adv. | Dance Instructor n/a Ballroom 1940's
Gray Gilda Krakow, Poland Play: Winter Garden. aka: Marianna Michalska 1922 Ziegfeld Girl Shimmy | Gilda Glide | Hula Dance 1901-1959
Grazis Genevieve Teresa Omaha, Nebraska Call of the Canyon | Campus Rhythm | Gangs All Here | Ghost Catchers | Naughty But Nice | Teen Age | Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo | Venice Beach Clip | Where Are Your Children? aka: Jenny Gray | Married: Joeseph Sliakis | Danced with Johnny Duncan | Jack Helwig Balboa | Jitterbug | Shag 6/14/1919-3/7/2009
Greco José Arbuzzi, Italy Around the World in 80 Days Greco Troupe Spanish b.12/23/1918
Green Charles 'Chuck' Fitzgerald, Georgia No Maps On My Taps [1979] aka: Shorty and Slim | Chuck and Chuckles | James Walker Tap 11/6/1919-3/7/1997
Green Jim n/a A.G. Allen's Mighty Minstrels aka Green and Robinson | Foots Robinson. Tap | Specialty 1920's
Green Sammy n/a n/a aka: Tip, Tap and Toe | Raymond Winfield | Teddy Frazier Tap | Acrobatic Flash 1920's
Green Wille n/a n/a n/a Tap n/a
Greenlee Rufus The South ?, USA Liza! 1922 | Vaudeville aka: Greenlee and Drayton | Thaddeus Drayton | Maude Russell Strut | Virginia Essence | Charleston Both born 1893
Grenidge George n/a Savoy Ballroom | Whitey's Lindy Hopper Willa Mae Ricker | Norma Miller Lindy Hop | Charleston 1930's
Gregory Joe n/a Swing City n/a Tap/ Emcee 1920's
Greunning Louise New York? Ray Jones Cafe' John Jarrott Turkey Trot | Grizzly Bear 1910's
Grey Jerry n/a n/a Jeannie Francis Adagio | Ballet 1930's?
Grey Sylvia n/a Gaiety Theater n/a Skirt Dance | Other 1890's
Griffith Corrine Texas De Classe Married: Walter Morosco Dancer | Actress b.1899
Griffith John n/a n/a n/a Dancing Master 1789's
Griffiths Peggy New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Girl Tap 1935's?
Grisi Carlotta Milan, Italy (Istria?) See: Ballet M. Lucien Petipa Polka | Ballet, 6/28/1819-1899
Groat Hal n/a USO Shows Gracie Saenz Acrobatic | Jitterbug 1950's
Grohs Charles C. n/a Reuben Foxtrot Sonia Baraban Fox Trot 1914's
Gross Etta n/a Greenwald's Beer Tavern at Coney Island n/a Early female Tap 1910's
Groundhog n/a Birmingham, AL. Real Name: Earl Basie | Cotton Club | Copper Rail | Hoofer's Club | The Big Store | Skirts Ahoy (Choreography w/ castle) aka: 'Showboy and Annie' | 'Pops Palmer' | 'Slick and Slack' | 'Rhythm Red' (Father was Showboy Holland Jr.) Jazz | Eccentric | Tap | Acrobatic | Flash | Shim-Sham b.1922
Guerard Roland Flat Rock, NC. Carnival | Brigadoon | The Merry Widow n/a Ballet b.1905
Guerrero Rosario Seville, Spain 1903 Carmen | Red Feather M. Volbert | L. Paglieri Spanish dances b.1876?
Guerro n/a Italy? n/a Marie Taglioni Ballet? n/a
Guglielmi Rudolph Castellaneta, Italy The Sheik | Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse aka: Rudolph Valentino | Married: Natasha Rambova Apache | Waltz | Tango 5/6/1895-8/23/1926
Guglielmo Ebreo (Last Name) Italy House of Sforza aka: William the Jew of Pesaro Ballet | Contre | Stately| Court b.1430
Guido Guy USA? Partner: Driene | Retired 1945, became printer. Married: Marguerite Gardner Adagio/Acrobatic 1940's
Guimard Marie-Madeleine France Corps de Ballet aka: Marie Despreaux | 'le squelette des graces' Ballet 1743-1816
Guízar (Tolentino) Tito (Federico) Guadalajara, Mexico 1941 Blondie goes Latin. 1944 Brazil Constance Moore. | Married: Carmen Noriega Spanish | Conga | Singer 4/8/1908-12/25/1999
Gulf port n/a n/a n/a aka: Gulf port and Brown Eccentric dance team 1900's
Gusman George C. Cuba? Instructor | Lawsuit with Gertrude Hoffmann over Rumba n/a Rumba 1920's
Guster Al Arturo, ? Harlem after Midnight Nicky O'Daniel n/a 1947's
Guy-Stephen Marie n/a n/a n/a Spanish Dancer 1818-1873
Guyan J. Louis n/a n/a aka: Mr. and Mrs. Guyan Ballroom Teachers 1910's