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Fabri Flora Paris, FR.? - - Pas La Castigliana 1840's
Faccuito 'Luigi' - aka: Eugene Louis Faccuito | Jazz Pioneer See page Jazz |Ballet 1950's
Fagan Barney - March of Time1934 | Minstrel - Soft Shoe | Father of Tap 1860's
Fairbanks (Twins) Madeleine New York 1912 The Twins | 1917 Ziegfeld Follies.
aka: Thanhauser Twins | m: Leonard Sherman Sister Tandem Act 11/15/1900-1/15/1989
Fairbanks (Twins) Marion New York 1912 The Twins | 1917 Ziegfeld Follies.
aka: Thanhauser Twins. (Mother was June Fairbanks.) Sister Tandem Act 11/15/1900-9/20/1973
Fallis Barbara Denver, CO Graduation Ball |Apollo - Waltz |Ballet b.1924-
Fambro Isabelle - - aka: Billy and Eleanor Byrd Tap 1940's
Fanchon (Fanny Wolfe) Fanny Wolfe New York Rogues Romance | 'Ballet of Jewles' aka: Fanchon and Marco (Bro./Sis,) |Valentino Tango? |Apache b.1895-
Fantino's The - - - Acrobatic Dancers 1945's
Farraris The USA Reno's Grand Theatre - Eccentric Whirlwind Dancers 1908's
Farnum Frank USA? Incorrectly reported as the originator of a Charleston Step - Charleston | School Coach 1930's
Farrell Allen and Rita - - - Ballroom -
Farren Fred England? Empire and Daly Theatre | Merry Widow | Cinderella | Catch Of The Season, Irene Maglay Foxtrot | Ballet | Choreographer 1917's
Farren Nellie England? Gaiety Theater aka: 'Our Nellie' | Kate Vaughn Skirt |Ballet 1878's
Fatima - - Fatima's Coochee-Coochee Dance 1896 | Fatima's Belly Dance 1897 | Fatima | Couchee Dancer 1903 - Belly Dancer | dance du ventre |Hoochy Coochie D.3/14/1921
Faustino Nicki Los Angeles, CA. Don't Knock The Rock | Jitterbug Champions Gil Brady West Coast Swing Swing |Jitterbug 12/22/1933-4/29/1989
Faye Alice Hell's Kitchen, NY Chester Hale Girl 1928 | Hollywood Gardens | George White Scandals 1930 Real Name: Alice Jeane Leppert Dancer | Actress | Singer 5/5/1915-5/9/1998
Feorova Sophia Moscow 1899-coprs de ballet aka: Fedorova II Ballet 1879-1963
Fehnova Ivan - Billy Gilbert Hollywood on parade aka: Fehnova Dancers Jitterbug |Ballroom |Fire Dance 1945's
Felix Seymoure New York Great Ziegfeld | Alexander's Ragtime Band | Yankee Doodle Dandy | Cover Girl Choreographer Ballroom 10/23/1892-3/16/1961
Fenech Salvatore - 1974 Harvest Moon Ball Tango Champions. Deborah Fenech Tango |Rumba D.4/19/1993
Fenton Mary - Marathon Dancer Joey Ray - 1932's
Ferguson Adele NY? Gaieties a la Mode One of the Roseland Girls Chorus 1927's
Fernandes Ammy Italy - aka: Ammy Fernandes and Patriczic Ballroom 1920's
Fernandez José - 1936 Ramona - Choreographer 1930's
Ferre Barbara - 1971 Harvest Moon Ball Frank Cacciatore Waltz | Ballroom 1971's
Ferren Nellie England? Gaiety Theater - Ballet |Skirt Dancer -
Ferrari Beatrice - - - Argentina Dancer 1950's
Ferrari Martin - Keith's Boston Theater Natalie Ferrari? One-Step |Habanera 1914's
Ferraris Amalia - - - Ballet 1830-1904
Feuillet Raul-Auger France? Choreographer (Like Laban) Dance master | Author Contredanses |Quadrilles 1659-1710
Field Grace USA Darktown Strutter's Ball A. Baldwin Sloan Ballroom 1914s
Field Rosalyn - - - Exotic |Ballet? 1920's?
Fielding 'Lady' Fanny England Hailed as finest ballroom dancer in 18th Century. - - 1700's
Fietsem Shirley California Routine and J and J Competitor Tom Boots West Coast Swing 1970's
Figg Catherine and Dean USA - - Adagio |Ballroom 1940's
Fiocre Sisters Louise and Eugenie - Paris Opera. Coppelia | 1860 Pierre de Medicis Louise was older sister Ballet Louise b.1843-
Fisher Nelle (Ethelwyn) Berkley,
Radio City Music Hall | Broadway. Melody Tour | Your Show Of Shows (TV) Jerry Ross Maxixe |Waltz 12/10/1920-9/19/1994
Fisher Snow - Africana [1927] Picaninny Hill Cakewalk 1927
Fissette Geraldine USA Ball Of Fire [1941] | Girl, Guy and A Gob [1941] - Native Dancer |Hula 1940's
Fitzgerald Ella New Port News, VA. Savoy Ballroom | Renaissance Ballroom |Apollo Theater | 1958 St. Louis Blues Charles Gilliver | m: Ray Brown Jitterbug 4/25/1917-6/15/1996
Fitzgibbons Dave and Dorothy - Walk a Little Faster [1932] - Ballroom? -
Fitz James Louise France One Hour | The Carnival Ball. Sister: Nathalie Fitzjames Dancer b.1809-?
Fitz James Nathalie France Les Mohican's 1837 | Paquita 1850 | Astor Place Opera House Sister: Louise Fitzjames Ballet | Boudoir Waltzes b.1819-?
Fitz-Simmons Foster Atlanta, GA Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers - Ballet |Jazz |Modern etc. 1933's
Flack and Lucas ?? - Moss Empire Theatre ?? High Speed Dancers ? 1954's
Flanagan Helyn R. Connecticut Paul Whitman Modernettes - Ballroom/ Teacher 1940's
Fleury Trio ?? USA 1903 Jimmy ?? Dance Trio 1903's
Fleury Louise France? - - Dancer 1800's
Flink - - Chicago's Club DeLisa and Rhumboogie - Comedy Dancer 1920's
Florence - - Student Tour [1934] aka: Florence and Alvarez Dancers 1930's
Florence Mrs. W.J. - - Real Name: Malvena Pray Actress/ Dancer 1834-1906
Flores Mariquita - Blood and Sand [1941] - Spanish 1940's
Fokina Vera Russia Russian Ballet aka: Antonova | m: Michel Fokine Ballet b.1886
Fokine Michel St. Petersburg, RU. 1898-Maryinsky Co. | Diaghilev Real Name: Mikhail Mikhailovich Fokin |M: Vera Fokina | Margot Fonteyn Modern Ballet 1880-1942
Foley John Elmira, NY Honey Boy Minstrels Wood Sisters | Jack Girard | Juan Terio | m: Laura Wood. Tap |Ballroom 1895-1967
Foley 'Kid' New York? A Tough Dance [1902] Sailor Lil Apache B.6/1902
Fontaine ~ New York? - aka: Fontaine and Fitcher Ballroom Dancers 1920's
Fontana Georges - Sunny [1925] Moss | Rosita Hesitation Waltz | Tragacio Tango 1925's
Fonteyn Margot Reigate, Surrey, ENG. Sadler Wells | Little Ballerina [1948] | Three Seasons [1955] | That's Dancing [1985] aka: Margaret 'Peggy' Hookham | m: Roberto 'Tito' Arias 1955-1989 | Rudolph Nureyev Ballet Dancer 5/18/1919-2/21/1991
Foodle Fitz France? French Dancing Master for Morris | Pells and Trowbridges minstrels - Dance Master 1860's
Foote Irene New Rochelle, NK. Whirl Of Life [1915].
Vernon Castle | aka: Mrs. Irene Castle Bunny Hug |Tango |Half and Half |Waltz 4/17/1893-1/25/1969
Ford Dora - Danced with the Four Fords | later danced with Mabel as the Ford Sisters. aka: The Four Fords | Palace Theatre Tap 1920's-1940's
Ford Edwin - Danced with the Four Fords | Edwin quit dancing aka: The Four Fords Tap 1920's-1930's
Ford Johnny Canada? Toronto Grand Theatre: Lovers and Lunatics Mamie Gerhue | M: Evelyn Louise Garten. Buck and Wing b.10/7/1921
Ford Mabel - Danced with the Four Fords | Later danced with Dora as the Ford Sisters. Also see Herb Leslie. aka: The Four Fords | Palace Theatre m: Jack Curtis Sr. Tap, 1/1/1888-1982
Ford Maxwell - Danced with the Four Fords | Maxwell left and became Movie Choreographer aka: The Four Fords | M: Hetty 'Nana' Urma. Tap | Wing | Maxie Ford creator 1920's-1940's
Fords Four, the - aka: Ford Sisters Edwin | Maxwell | Mabel and Dora Tap | Brother and Sister Dance Group 1920's?
Ford and Sheen - ?? Dewsbury Empire Theatre - Dance 1947's
Forrest John NY - Marianne Lewis Thumbs Up 1943's?
Forrest Sally San Diego, CA Till The Clouds Roll By | Not Wanted | Never Fear M: Frank Milo Ballroom B.5/28/1928
Forrester Gladys - (created Hitchy Koo dance) - Hitchy-Koo |Burlesque 1959's
Foster Clarence - - aka: Batie and Foster Acrobatic Tap 1930's
Foster Gae - 1944 Pin-Up Girl | Roxy Gae Foster Girls Eccentric |Tap 1930's
Forsyne Ida Chicago Black Bostonians 1897 | Black Patti Troubadours 1898-1902 | Smart Set 1902 | Green Pastures 1936 | Southerners Memphis Students | Enchantment Jazz? | Vernacular |Buck |Cakewalk |Russian b.1883-
Fosse Bob Chicago, IL. 1953 Kiss Me Kate, Choreographer and Dancer | Real Name Robert Louis | M: Gwen Verdon Jazz |Ballet 6/23/1927-9/23/1987
Fougère Eugenie Paris, FR. 1899 Edison Film | New York Theater - Variety Dance |Can-Can |Cakewalk |Ballet 1899's
Four Bobs, The - NY? Apollo Theater - Tap Dance Troupe 1934's
Four Step Brothers - New York 1938 Cotton Club Show | 1943 Rhythm of the Islands - Tap/Jazz 1920's
Fowler Addison London Cochran Revue | The Left Over Florence Tamara Tango |Ballroom |Adagio | 1924's
Fox Benny - Performed 20' in air on plank | 1938 Universal Newsreel Betty Fox Ballroom 1938's
Fox Edward Washington White House Mayris Chaney Windsor Waltz 1920's?
Fox Harry Pomona, CA. Jardin de Danse M:Yansci Dolly | Beatrice Curtis Created the Foxtrot 5/25/1882-7/20/1959
Fox Norton Bernard 'Ray' Los Angeles, CA. Clubs | Vaudeville | Owner of Continental Dance Studio in Bell, CA. Danced with his two sisters in Vaudeville and Stages | Son: Cary Fox West Coast Swing |Ballroom d.11/?/83
Foy Eddie New York City Minstrel | Vaudeville | Broadway 1910/23 the 'Seven Little Foys' Dancer | Actor 1856-1928
Franchonetti Sisters - 1903 American Mutoscope AND Biograph Co. three dancing sisters French Quadrille Dance 1903's
Francesca Alla Rome, Italy Dance Instructress Federigo Gonzago Student Galliarde 1528's
Francis Emma - - Pat Rooney II - 1903's
Francis Francine USA? Arthur Murray Shag Dancer | Big Apple Movie aka: Francine Wright |Son: David James Shag |Lindy |Big Apple 1930's
Francis Jeannie - - Jerry Grey Adagio |Ballet 1930's?
Franklin - - Nightclubs Astrid Adagio |Rumba |Ballroom |Spanish 1950's
Franklin Fredric (Frederic) Liverpool, EN Your Show Of Shows | Rodeo. Gaite Parisienne | Caprico Espagnol | Song of Norway Pauline Goodard | Wendy Toye Ballroom |Ballet b.1914-
Franklin Miriam - 1945 Duffy's Tavern Jonathan Coy - 1945's
Franksen Adolph G. Chicago? Chicago's Aragon Ballroom|Trianon (Aragon's Tues. Teacher from 1937 to 1949?) Note: credited as the creator of the dance: Posin' Posin' | Ballroom | Waltz 1937's
Frascuelita - Spain? - - Spanish Dance 1904's
Frazee Sisters Ruth and Jane Duluth, Minnesota Coconut Grove | Billy Rose |Hellzapoppin' | 1936 Study and Understudy Singers | started as Dancers Solo | Tandem Dancers 1940's
Frazee Sisters Jane and Ruth Duluth, Minnesota Coconut Grove | Billy Rose |Hellzapoppin' | 1936 Study and Understudy M: Glenn Tryon Solo | Tandem Dancers 1940's
Frazer Lilly Grove (Lady) Europe Mentioned in 1895 Am. Ballroom Companion. - Author d.1941's
Frazier Ernest New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric/Tap 1935's
Frazier Teddy - Part of 'Tip, Tap and Toe' aka: Tip, Tap and Toe | Raymond Winfield | Sammy Green Tap |Acrobatic Flash 1920's
Frederick M. - Burtons Theater - Serious Polka 1850's
Frederick Pauline Boston, MA. 1916 Emerald City 1926 Conrad Nagel Ballroom 8/12/1883-9/19/1938
Fredrickson Ken Los Angeles, CA Started West Coast Swing Dance Club in 1981 - West Coast Swing 1981's
Fredrowa Vera - 1932 - Musical West Mag. | Feather Light Theodore Kosloff Dancer 1932's
French Bert - 1913 The Vampire Alice Eis Vampire Dance 1913's
Frick and 'Frack' - 1943 The Silver Skates - Ice Dancers / Skaters 1940's
Fridkin and Rhoda - Loew's Theater - Acrobatic 1927's
Friend Joel - Here Comes The Waves | Variety Girl. Blue Skies - Specialty Dancer 1940's
Frisco Joe Milan, IL. Happy Hottentots | 1933 Mr. Broadway - Jazz dance (shuffle and Grind) 11/4/1889-2/12/1958
Friganza Trixie Grencoa, KA aka: 'Duchess of Mirth' - Worked with Fanchon and Billed as: The Champagne Girl | Marco Shows | 1912 Passing Show | Strong and Willing (Short) Real: Brigid O'Callaghan | Charles Ross Shimmie | Comedy |Apache 11/29/1870-2/27/1955
Frisco Joe - Billed himself as the first Jazz dancer - Jazz |Tap 1920's
Frobose Fred New Jersey Dancer / Teacher Eileen Kalin Ballroom |Tap |Rumba 1940's
Fuelling Edna Deanne - - - Dancer | Choreographer 10/15/1905-11/22/1995
Fuller Loie Fullersburg, IL. 1920 Lys de La Vie | 1985 That's Dancing - Ballet | Scarf |Ballroom |Serpentine 1862-1928
Fulton Eve ?England? 9/7/1931 Pathe Newsreel: Tireless Toes - Toe Dancer 1931's
Fulton Maude Eldorado, KS. Broadway Bad | Rock and Fulton (Became playwright) William Rock Turkey Trot 5/14/1881-11/9/1950
Furman A.P. New York Teacher Radie Furman (d.1983.) (A.P. Sister Happy Fanny Fieldsd.1961 | married Dr. Abraham Rangy) Hesitation Waltz | Ballet 1918's
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