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Page F: Vintage Dancer History Index List F (Pictured: Ammy Fernades and Patrisic) Listings
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Dancers Index: F

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists F. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter F. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Fabri Flora Paris, FR.? n/a n/a Pas La Castigliana 1840's
Faccuito Luigi n/a aka: Eugene Louis Faccuito | Jazz Pioneer See page Jazz |Ballet 1950's
Fagan Barney n/a March of Time1934 | Minstrel n/a Soft Shoe | Father of Tap 1860's
Fairbanks (Twins) Madeleine New York 1912 The Twins | 1917 Ziegfeld Follies.
aka: Thanhauser Twins | Married: Leonard Sherman Sister Tandem Act 11/15/1900-1/15/1989
Fairbanks (Twins) Marion New York 1912 The Twins | 1917 Ziegfeld Follies.
aka: Thanhauser Twins. (Mother was June Fairbanks.) Sister Tandem Act 11/15/1900-9/20/1973
Fallis Barbara Denver, CO Graduation Ball |Apollo n/a Waltz |Ballet b.1924-
Fambro Isabelle n/a n/a aka: Billy and Eleanor Byrd Tap 1940's
Fanchon (Fanny Wolfe) Fanny Wolfe New York Rogues Romance | 'Ballet of Jewles' aka: Fanchon and Marco (Bro./Sis,) |Valentino Tango? |Apache b.1895-
Fantino's The n/a n/a n/a Acrobatic Dancers 1945's
Farraris The USA Reno's Grand Theatre n/a Eccentric Whirlwind Dancers 1908's
Farnum Frank USA? Incorrectly reported as the originator of a Charleston Step n/a Charleston | School Coach 1930's
Farrell Allen and Rita n/a n/a n/a Ballroom n/a
Farren Fred England? Empire and Daly Theatre | Merry Widow | Cinderella | Catch Of The Season, Irene Maglay Foxtrot | Ballet | Choreographer 1917's
Farren Nellie England? Gaiety Theater aka: 'Our Nellie' | Kate Vaughn Skirt |Ballet 1878's
Fatima n/a n/a Fatima's Coochee-Coochee Dance 1896 | Fatima's Belly Dance 1897 | Fatima | Couchee Dancer 1903 n/a Belly Dancer | dance du ventre |Hoochy Coochie D.3/14/1921
Faustino Nicki Los Angeles, CA. Don't Knock The Rock | Jitterbug Champions Gil Brady West Coast Swing Swing |Jitterbug 12/22/1933-4/29/1989
Faye Alice Hell's Kitchen, NY Chester Hale Girl 1928 | Hollywood Gardens | George White Scandals 1930 Real Name: Alice Jeane Leppert Dancer | Actress | Singer 5/5/1915-5/9/1998
Feorova Sophia Moscow 1899-coprs de ballet aka: Fedorova II Ballet 1879-1963
Fehnova Ivan n/a Billy Gilbert Hollywood on parade aka: Fehnova Dancers Jitterbug |Ballroom |Fire Dance 1945's
Felix Seymoure New York Great Ziegfeld | Alexander's Ragtime Band | Yankee Doodle Dandy | Cover Girl Choreographer Ballroom 10/23/1892-3/16/1961
Fenech Salvatore n/a 1974 Harvest Moon Ball Tango Champions. Deborah Fenech Tango |Rumba D.4/19/1993
Fenton Mary n/a Marathon Dancer Joey Ray n/a 1932's
Ferguson Adele NY? Gaieties a la Mode One of the Roseland Girls Chorus 1927's
Fernandes Ammy Italy n/a aka: Ammy Fernandes and Patriczic Ballroom 1920's
Fernandez José n/a 1936 Ramona n/a Choreographer 1930's
Ferre Barbara n/a 1971 Harvest Moon Ball Frank Cacciatore Waltz | Ballroom 1971's
Ferren Nellie England? Gaiety Theater n/a Ballet |Skirt Dancer n/a
Ferrari Beatrice n/a n/a n/a Argentina Dancer 1950's
Ferrari Martin n/a Keith's Boston Theater Natalie Ferrari? One-Step |Habanera 1914's
Ferraris Amalia n/a n/a n/a Ballet 1830-1904
Feuillet Raul-Auger France? Choreographer (Like Laban) Dance master | Author Contredanses |Quadrilles 1659-1710
Field Grace USA Darktown Strutter's Ball A. Baldwin Sloan Ballroom 1914s
Field Rosalyn n/a n/a n/a Exotic |Ballet? 1920's?
Fielding Lady Fanny England Hailed as finest ballroom dancer in 18th Century. n/a n/a 1700's
Fietsem Shirley California Routine and J and J WCS Competitor Tom Boots West Coast Swing 1970's
Figg Catherine and Dean USA n/a n/a Adagio |Ballroom 1940's
Fiocre Sisters Louise and Eugenie n/a Paris Opera | Coppelia | 1860 Pierre de Medicis Louise was older sister Ballet Louise b.1843-
Fisher Nelle (Ethelwyn) Berkley,
Radio City Music Hall | Broadway. Melody Tour | Your Show Of Shows (TV) Jerry Ross Maxixe |Waltz 12/10/1920-9/19/1994
Fisher Snow n/a Africana [1927] Picaninny Hill Cakewalk 1927
Fissette Geraldine USA Ball Of Fire [1941] | Girl, Guy and A Gob [1941] n/a Native Dancer |Hula 1940's
Fitzgerald Ella New Port News, VA. Savoy Ballroom | Renaissance Ballroom |Apollo Theater | 1958 St. Louis Blues Charles Gilliver | Married: Ray Brown Jitterbug 4/25/1917-6/15/1996
Fitzgibbons Dave and Dorothy n/a Walk a Little Faster [1932] n/a Ballroom? n/a
Fitz James Louise France One Hour | The Carnival Ball. Sister: Nathalie Fitzjames Dancer b.1809-?
Fitz James Nathalie France Les Mohican's 1837 | Paquita 1850 | Astor Place Opera House Sister: Louise Fitzjames Ballet | Boudoir Waltzes b.1819-?
Fitz-Simmons Foster Atlanta, GA Ted Shawn and his Men Dancers n/a Ballet |Jazz |Modern etc. 1933's
Flack and Lucas ?? n/a Moss Empire Theatre ?? High Speed Dancers ? 1954's
Flanagan Helyn R. Connecticut Paul Whitman Modernettes n/a Ballroom/ Teacher 1940's
Fleury Trio ?? USA 1903 Jimmy ?? Dance Trio 1903's
Fleury Louise France? n/a n/a Dancer 1800's
Flink n/a n/a Chicago's Club DeLisa and Rhumboogie n/a Comedy Dancer 1920's
Florence n/a n/a Student Tour [1934] aka: Florence and Alvarez Dancers 1930's
Florence Mrs. W.J. n/a n/a Real Name: Malvena Pray Actress/ Dancer 1834-1906
Flores Mariquita n/a Blood and Sand [1941] n/a Spanish 1940's
Fokina Vera Russia Russian Ballet aka: Antonova | Married: Michel Fokine Ballet b.1886
Fokine Michel St. Petersburg, RU. 1898-Maryinsky Co. | Diaghilev Real Name: Mikhail Mikhailovich Fokin |Married: Vera Fokina | Margot Fonteyn Modern Ballet 1880-1942
Foley John Elmira, NY Honey Boy Minstrels Wood Sisters | Jack Girard | Juan Terio | Married: Laura Wood. Tap |Ballroom 1895-1967
Foley 'Kid' New York? A Tough Dance [1902] Sailor Lil Apache B.6/1902
Fontaine ~ New York? n/a aka: Fontaine and Fitcher Ballroom Dancers 1920's
Fontana Georges n/a Sunny [1925] Moss | Rosita Hesitation Waltz | Tragacio Tango 1925's
Fonteyn Margot Reigate, Surrey, ENG. Sadler Wells | Little Ballerina [1948] | Three Seasons [1955] | That's Dancing [1985] aka: Margaret 'Peggy' Hookham | Married: Roberto 'Tito' Arias (1955-1989) | Rudolph Nureyev Ballet Dancer 5/18/1919-2/21/1991
Foodle Fitz France? French Dancing Master for Morris | Pells and Trowbridges Minstrels n/a Dance Master 1860's
Foote Irene New Rochelle, NK. Whirl Of Life [1915].
Vernon Castle | aka: Mrs. Irene Castle Bunny Hug |Tango |Half and Half |Waltz 4/17/1893-1/25/1969
Ford Dora n/a Danced with the Four Fords | later danced with Mabel as the Ford Sisters. aka: The Four Fords | Palace Theatre Tap 1920's-1940's
Ford Edwin n/a Danced with the Four Fords | Edwin quit dancing aka: The Four Fords Tap 1920's-1930's
Ford Johnny Canada? Toronto Grand Theatre: Lovers and Lunatics Mamie Gerhue | Married: Evelyn Louise Garten. Buck and Wing b.10/7/1921
Ford Mabel n/a Danced with the Four Fords | Later danced with Dora as the Ford Sisters. Also see Herb Leslie. aka: The Four Fords | Palace Theatre Married: Jack Curtis Sr. Tap, 1/1/1888-1982
Ford Maxwell n/a Danced with the Four Fords | Maxwell left and became Movie Choreographer aka: The Four Fords | Married: Hetty 'Nana' Urma Tap | Wing | Maxie Ford creator 1920's-1940's
Fords Four, the n/a aka: Ford Sisters Edwin | Maxwell | Mabel and Dora Tap | Brother and Sister Dance Group 1920's?
Ford and Sheen n/a ?? Dewsbury Empire Theatre n/a Dance 1947's
Forrest John NY n/a Marianne Lewis Thumbs Up 1943's?
Forrest Sally San Diego, CA Till The Clouds Roll By | Not Wanted | Never Fear Married: Frank Milo Ballroom B.5/28/1928
Forrester Gladys n/a Created Hitchy Koo dance n/a Hitchy-Koo | Burlesque 1959's
Foster Clarence n/a n/a aka: Batie and Foster Acrobatic Tap 1930's
Foster Gae n/a 1944 Pin-Up Girl | Roxy Gae Foster Girls Eccentric |Tap 1930's
Forsyne Ida Chicago Black Bostonians 1897 | Black Patti Troubadours 1898-1902 | Smart Set 1902 | Green Pastures 1936 | Southerners Memphis Students | Enchantment Jazz? | Vernacular |Buck |Cakewalk |Russian b.1883-
Fosse Bob Chicago, IL. 1953 Kiss Me Kate Choreographer and Dancer | Real Name Robert Louis | Married: Gwen Verdon Jazz |Ballet 6/23/1927-9/23/1987
Fougère Eugenie Paris, FR. 1899 Edison Film | New York Theater n/a Variety Dance |Can-Can |Cakewalk |Ballet 1899's
Four Bobs, The n/a NY? Apollo Theater n/a Tap Dance Troupe 1934's
Four Step Brothers n/a New York 1938 Cotton Club Show | 1943 Rhythm of the Islands n/a Tap/Jazz 1920's
Fowler Addison London Cochran Revue | The Left Over Florence Tamara Tango |Ballroom |Adagio | 1924's
Fox Benny n/a Performed 20' in air on plank | 1938 Universal Newsreel Betty Fox Ballroom 1938's
Fox Edward Washington White House Mayris Chaney Windsor Waltz 1920's?
Fox Harry Pomona, CA. Jardin de Danse Married: Yansci Dolly | Beatrice Curtis Created the Foxtrot 5/25/1882-7/20/1959
Fox Norton Bernard 'Ray' Los Angeles, CA. Clubs | Vaudeville | Owner of Continental Dance Studio in Bell, CA. Danced with his two sisters in Vaudeville and Stages | Son: Cary Fox West Coast Swing |Ballroom d.11/?/83
Foy Eddie New York City Minstrel | Vaudeville | Broadway 1910: the 'Seven Little Foys' Dancer | Actor 1856-1928
Franchonetti Sisters n/a 1903 American Mutoscope AND Biograph Co. three dancing sisters French Quadrille Dance 1903's
Francesca Alla Rome, Italy Dance Instructress Federigo Gonzago Student Galliarde 1528's
Francis Emma n/a n/a Pat Rooney II n/a 1903's
Francis Francine USA? Arthur Murray Shag Dancer | Big Apple Movie aka: Francine Wright |Son: David James Shag |Lindy |Big Apple 1930's
Francis Jeannie n/a n/a Jerry Grey Adagio |Ballet 1930's?
Franklin n/a n/a Nightclubs Astrid Adagio |Rumba |Ballroom |Spanish 1950's
Franklin Fredric (Frederic) Liverpool, EN Your Show Of Shows | Rodeo | Gaite Parisienne | Caprico Espagnol | Song of Norway Pauline Goodard | Wendy Toye Ballroom |Ballet b.1914-
Franklin Miriam n/a 1945 Duffy's Tavern Jonathan Coy n/a 1945's
Franksen Adolph G. Chicago? Chicago's Aragon Ballroom|Trianon (Aragon's Tues. Teacher from 1937 to 1949?) Creator of the dance: Posin' (Credited as) Posin' | Ballroom | Waltz 1937's
Frascuelita n/a Spain? n/a n/a Spanish Dance 1904's
Frazee Sisters Ruth and Jane Duluth, Minnesota Coconut Grove | Billy Rose |Hellzapoppin' | 1936 Study and Understudy Singers | started as Dancers Solo | Tandem Dancers 1940's
Frazee Sisters Jane and Ruth Duluth, Minnesota Coconut Grove | Billy Rose |Hellzapoppin' | 1936 Study and Understudy Married: Glenn Tryon Solo | Tandem Dancers 1940's
Frazer Lilly Grove (Lady) Europe Mentioned in 1895 American Ballroom Companion. n/a Author d.1941's
Frazier Ernest New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric/Tap 1935's
Frazier Teddy n/a Part of 'Tip, Tap and Toe' aka: Tip, Tap and Toe Group | Raymond Winfield | Sammy Green Tap |Acrobatic Flash 1920's
Frederick M. n/a Burtons Theater n/a Serious Polka 1850's
Frederick Pauline Boston, MA. 1916 Emerald City 1926 Conrad Nagel Ballroom 8/12/1883-9/19/1938
Fredrickson Ken Los Angeles, CA Started West Coast Swing Dance Club in 1981 n/a West Coast Swing 1981's
Fredrowa Vera n/a 1932 Musical West Magazine | Feather Light Theodore Kosloff Dancer 1932's
French Bert n/a 1913: The Vampire Alice Eis Vampire Dance 1913's
Frick and 'Frack' n/a 1943 The Silver Skates n/a Ice Dancers / Skaters 1940's
Fridkin and Rhoda n/a Loew's Theater n/a Acrobatic 1927's
Friend Joel n/a Here Comes The Waves | Variety Girl. Blue Skies n/a Specialty Dancer 1940's
Frisco Joe Milan, IL. Happy Hottentots | 1933 Mr. Broadway n/a Jazz dance (shuffle and Grind) 11/4/1889-2/12/1958
Friganza Trixie Grencoa, KA aka: 'Duchess of Mirth' | Worked with Fanchon and Billed as: The Champagne Girl | Marco Shows | 1912 Passing Show | Strong and Willing (Short) Real: Brigid O'Callaghan | Charles Ross Shimmie | Comedy |Apache 11/29/1870-2/27/1955
Frisco Joe n/a Billed himself as the first Jazz dancer n/a Jazz |Tap 1920's
Frobose Fred New Jersey Dancer / Teacher Eileen Kalin Ballroom |Tap |Rumba 1940's
Fuelling Edna Deanne n/a n/a n/a Choreographer | Dancer 10/15/1905-11/22/1995
Fuller Loie Fullersburg, IL. 1920 Lys de La Vie | 1985 That's Dancing n/a Ballet | Scarf |Ballroom |Serpentine 1862-1928
Fulton Eve ?England? 9/7/1931 Pathe Newsreel: Tireless Toes n/a Toe Dancer 1931's
Fulton Maude Eldorado, KS. Broadway Bad | Rock and Fulton (Became playwright) William Rock Turkey Trot 5/14/1881-11/9/1950
Furman A.P. New York Teacher Radie Furman (d.1983.) | Furman's Sister 'Happy Fanny Fields' d.1961 | Married Dr. Abraham Rangy Hesitation Waltz | Ballet 1918's