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Page D: Vintage Dancer History Index List D (Pictured: Miss Altide) Listings
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Dancers Index: D

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists D. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter D. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
D' Antonio Carmen Philadelphia, PA. Salome | Kismet | Destry Rides Again | Coney Island | Cobra Girl | Sins of Jezebel and more aka: Carmen De Antonio | Carmen d'Antonio Salome? | Jazz? 11/28/1911-2/9/1986
D' Arcy Andre n/a Ma and Pa Kettle Vacation aka Andre and Rosario | RealName: Rosario Imperio Apache dance 1940's
D' Arnell Nydia n/a Topsy and Eva: 1924 n/a Ballet | Singer 1924's
D' Arville Madelene Brooklyn Also see D'Harville Maurice Mouvet -1910 Apache dance| Tango 1888-5/19/1927
D' Arvine n/a NY? Proctor's Theater Magic | Mirth Black face song and dance team 1902's
D' Ary Armand France Edison Kinetoscope Film Real name: Marthe Armandary Dancer 1895's
D' Auban Mr. J n/a n/a n/a Dance Teacher 1880's
D' Avalos n/a NY Let's Rhumba -TV Aleida? Mambo | Rhumba 1950's
D' Egville James Harvey n/a n/a n/a Dancer Choreographer 1770-1837
D' Orleans Sieur Issack France? French Court n/a Dance Master | Rigadoon | Court 1700's
Da Pron Louis Herman, IN. Big Broadcast of 1936 | Follow the Band | Hideaway Girl 1936 | No. Carolina Girl n/a Choreographer | Tap! 2/3/1913-7/13/1987
Dafora Asadata Freetown, Sierra Leone Choreographer and dancer | formed: Shogola Oloba troupe | African Dance Festival -1943 Real Name: Austin Asadata Dafora Horton African Dance dramas 8/4/189-3/4/1965
Dagmar n/a USA Jerry Lester's Broadways Open House in 1951 | Milton Bearle show -10/13/1953 R=Virginia | Ruth Egnor Singer | dancer 1950's
Dailey Dan NY, NY My Blue Heaven Betty Grable| Gene Kelly Ballroom 12/14/1913-10/16/1978
Dalhias Mr. France? La Dace Renversee Mlle. Angele Heraud Ballroom 1900's
Daleo Frances n/a 1956 Harvest Moon Ball John Oleskowicz Polka 1956's
Dame -Genée Adeline Denmark Empire Theatre Married: Isitt? Ballet | Court | Mime 1878-1970
Damron Roy Los Angeles, CA. Blondie Meets the Boss | Look Mag. dancer of the year 1938 aka: Roy and Choppy Seed? | Barbara Kent | Snookie Bishop | Lola Cogan Jitterbug | Alligator's dance club 1938's
Damita Lilly Bordeaux, FR. Scandal In Paris Married: Errol Flynn n/a 7/19/1901-3/21/1994
Dance Educators of America Orginization USA Dance Organization n/a Ballroom | etc 1932-
Dancers Gandy USA Railroad Section Workers n/a n/a 1900's
Dancing Red Caps New York? Runnin' Wild Troupe Charleston 1924's
Dandridge Dorothy Cleavland, Ohio Sun Valley Serenade | Carmen Married: Harold Nicholas Shimmy | Mambo | Charleston | Jitterbug | Snake Hips 11/9/1922-9/8/1965
Daniels BeBe Dallas, TX. Hi Gang Valentino | Harold Lloyd | Married: Ben Lyon Flapper | Dancer | Chorus Line | Actress 1/14/1901-3/16/1971
Daniels Billy Jacksonville, FL. Dickie Wells | Sepia Cinderella | Billy Daniels Show | Dorothy Dayton Can-Can | Swing | Singer | Actor 9/12/1915-10/7/1988
Daniels Billy Fort Worth, TX. Brazil | Footlight Rhythm | Sweet and Low | Three Caballeros | Samba-Mania n/a Choreographer 7/4/1912-5/15/1962
Daniels Harold n/a aka: Slap and Happy Leslie Irwin Tap! n/a
Danilova Alexandra Petrohof, Russia Asturian Fandango n/a Ballet | Operetta Waltzes 1903-1997
Dario and Diane NY? Clubs n/a Ballroom? 1937's
Darion M. USA Creator of the Gigaloo Dance. Mlle. Nadine Ballroom | Gigaloo | 1926
Darros Ada and Eddie n/a Folies Bergere 1932 n/a Acrobatic dances 1932's
Daton Dorothy Dracut, MA. Too Much Honey 1933 | Great Gatsby | Man About Town | Zaza | George White Scandals n/a Dancer | Actress | Hula 9/10/1908-1/12/1997
Davidson Eduardo n/a Said to be creator of La Pachanga | La Bimbi | Le Frisson dances n/a Dancer | Singer | Composer 1960's
Davis Charley New York Chocolate Dandies | Shuffle Along 1933 | George White Scandals | Owned own studio Tommy Woods | Josephine Baker | aka: Carey and Davis Choreographer | Tap!- Chorus | Buck and Wing | Flash 1923's
Davis Eddie n/a 1937 Harvest Moon Ball Gladys Crowder Lindy Hop 1937's
Davis Harry New York? n/a Bonnie Glass Ballroom 1914's
Davis Jim Los Angeles, CA. Far East 1947 | Contests contests: 1st: Frank DeVal Show / 1st: Al Jarvis Show Jitterbug | West Coast Swing 1947-59's
Davis Michael and Shirley Australia? Moss Empire Theatre n/a Adagio dancers 1950's?
Davis, Jr. Sammy Harlem, N.Y. 1933 Rufus Jones for President | Porgy and Bess 1959 | Will Mastin Trio | Ciro's | Copacabana Solo | -Elevera Sanchez was Sammy's Mother. aka:Dancing Midget | Silent Sam. Tap! | Singer | Actor | 12/8/1925-5/16/1990
Davis Toots USA Darktown Follies Popularized the 'Flash' Air Step Act for stage. -- Over The Top | Tap! 1910's
Davis Uriel Washington Palm Gardens n/a Creator of the Horse Trot | Fish Walk | the Grape Juice Wallow | London Taps 1912's
Dawson Garfield George NY? Broadway aka: The Strutter | Married: Elida Webb Ballroom | Charleston 1940's
Day Doris Cincinnati, OH. Singer | Actress Married: Al Jorden. George Weidler | Marty Melcher | Barry Comden | Jerry Doherty Ballet | Ballroom | Taxi Dancer B.4/3/1924
Day Dorothy n/a Having Wonderful Time | Vogues of 1938 n/a Toddle, the 1898-7/24/1975
Day Miss May USA Song and Dance Artiste n/a Buck and Wing | Fancy dance 1909's
Day Mildred USA Hollywood Revue at the Castle Farm n/a Latin: Fast Rhumba -Cha 1935's
Day Sunny NY aka: Butterfly Goddess Lady Godiva Stunt-10/4 /1975 Burlesque 1970's
Dayton Dorothy Dracut, Mass. 1934: Stand up and Cheer | Zaza | George White Scandals | Rumba | Great Gatsby Billy Daniels Toe | Chorus | Swing | Can-Can 9/10/1908-1/12/1997
Dayton Sisters n/a Bell Theater George Devoy Song and Dance 1910's
Dazie Mademoiselle N.Y. Follies of 1907/1908 | Maid in America 1915 | 2/27/1914 Photoplay | Real Name: Daisy Peterkin Auber | M. Deveuille | Prince of Tokyo Ju-Jitsu Waltz | Salome | 7veils 1884-1952
De Ambrose, Ahearn Jacques -Joseph Deadham, MA. Seven Brides | Carousel Married: Carolyn George Ballet | Court B.7/28/1934?
De Beryl Simone France Sitca Emil Agoust n/a 1915's
De Brow Anne n/a n/a Daughter of Jessie Reed n/a 1940's
De Carlo -Middleton Yvonne, Peggy Point Gray, Canada FilMarried: Salome, Where she Danced | Danced at Florentine Gardens | became 'Lily' of the Munsters TV Show Married: Robert Morgan Salome | Belly dance | Oriental 9/1/1922-
De Cordoba Maria Spain? 7/8/1957 Pathe Newsreel: Spanish Dancing Pietro Torres | Maya Spanish dances 1957's
De Forest Francis n/a La Belle Tango Music Joseph C. Smith | Ward Tango | Apache 1900's
De Garmo William B. NY? Dance Instructor n/a Ballroom | Cotillions | Quadrilles Etc. 1860's
De Ghilany Anthony Manhattan, NY. Arthur Murray Arthur Murray n/a 1930's?
De Haven Carter Chicago, IL. Weber and Fields Married:Flora Parker | Gloria De Haven's Father Ballroom | the Masher 10/5/1886-7/20/1977
De Korponoy Gabrielle Boston?, MA. n/a Pauline Desjardins Polka 1840's
De Larosa Andy Los Angeles?, CA. Rag Doll | Tailspin nightclubs Nicki Faustino West Coast Swing | Jitterbug 1950's
De Leka n/a France Stage Dance Star n/a n/a B.1904
De Lour Pamela Chicago, IL. Rectors. Vaudeville Percy Oakes Adagio dances 1914's
De Marco Tony Buffalo, N.Y. Girl Crazy Belcher | Kosloff | aka: The De Marcos Tango | Mambo | Adagio 1898-1965
De Marco -Kroner Nina n/a n/a Tony De Marco | aka: The De Marcos Real | Name: Nina Kroner Waltz | Tango 1920's
De Marco /Le Blanc Renée Montreal, Quebec | CAN Persian Room Tony De Marco | aka: The De Marcos | Real Name: Renee Leblanc Waltz | Tango | Rumba | Ballroom 1930's
De Marco -Craven Sally n/a Music Box Revue 1929 Tony De Marco | aka: De Marcos | Real Name: Ora Lee Allen Waltz | Tango | Rumba | Ballroom 1940's
De Mattiazzi Carlo n/a Lullaby of Broadway Constance De Mattiazzi Ballroom 1950's
De Medici Catherine, '-'Queen' France Comique de la Reyne 1581 King Henry II Stately | Court | Ballet | Landler | Galliard | Pavane 1518-1589
De Merode Cleopatre, Diane Paris, FR. Choryhee 1886 aka: Cleopatre Diane de Merode and Cleopold Ballet 1873-1966
De Mille Agnes George NY City? Black Crook 1929 aka: Mrs. Walter Prude Ballet | Modern 1906-1993
De Remer Rubye Denver, CO. Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic | The Eye n/a American Dancer | Silent Film Actress 1/9/1892-3/18/1984
De Takacs n/a n/a n/a n/a Bunny Hug 1912's
De Vere Elsie n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1910's?
De Wolf Billy n/a Vaudeville n/a Dancer | Comic 1907-1974
Deas Lawrence n/a Shuffle Along n/a Choreographer 1920's
Dean Dora Covington, KY. Creole Show, the Married: Charles Johnson Cakewalk | Swing 1872-1/1950
Dean Jo Ann n/a 3/1955 TV Guide n/a Dancer 1950's
Deaton Anita n/a Glenn Miller Story n/a Lindy Hop | Whip | West Coast Swing 1940's
Debonairs The USA London Palladium n/a Dancers 1951's
Deck Arna n/a n/a Leon Van Dell LuLu Fado 1915's
Dee Dale n/a Dancing Lady 1933 n/a Chorus 1930's
Deering Jane n/a n/a Harold Lang Dancer 1946's
Dehn Mura Odessa, RU. 1932: 'The Wise and Foolish Virgins' | Jazz troupe performed Olympic Games in Mexico | Spirit Moves | 1/14/1987 NY Times Obituary Married: 1st Adolphe Dehn | 2nd Herman Thomas Dancer | choreographer | Film Maker 1903-2/14/1987
Del Carlo Louise San Francisco, CA. n/a n/a West Coast Swing 1980's
Del Rio Dolores Durango, MX 1935: In Caliente Married: Jaime Martínez del Río Dancer | Actress 8/5/1905-4/11/1983
Del Rio Lois n/a n/a n/a Latin | Conga 1930's?
Delibes Leo n/a Sylvia | Paris Opera n/a Ballet 2/21/1836-1/16/1891
Delirio Luis and USA n/a n/a Maxixe 1910's
Delrina Neil and Pat London? Palace Blackpool Theatre n/a Dancers 1961's
Delita n/a n/a n/a aka: Martez and Delita Rumba Equalibrists Supreme 1950's
Dell Dorothy n/a 1933 Tattle Tales | Ziegfeld Folies: 1931 Georges Fontana Latin 1936's
Dell Leon Van n/a n/a Arna Deck LuLu Fado 1915's
Dempster Carol Duluth, MN. Intolerance 1916 | The Sorrows of Satan 1926 | Broken Blossoms Trained with Ruth St. Denis School | Denishwan dancer | Married: Edwin Larsen Dancer | actress 12/9/1901-1991
Derby n/a n/a Bamboola 1929 See: Derby Wilson Tap! 1929's
Derminy Mme. Paris? n/a Paule Morley La Mattichiche | Maxixe 1905's
Desatoff Willie E. Los Angeles, CA. California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee Married: Lila Gavin Balboa Master/ Legend | Lindy | Swing 1922-10/1/2005
Desha Mlle. USA Rose of Stamboul-1922 | Vanderbilt Theater | Capitol Theater Tony Sansone | aka: Desha and Sansone Adagio | Belly dance 1930's
Deshayes Andre Jean-Jacques France n/a n/a Dancer 1777-1846
Desjardins Pauline Boston, MA? n/a Gabrile De Korponay Polka 1850's?
Deslys Gaby NY 1914 Rosy Rapture Joseph Stanley | Ned Wayburn Gaby Glide 1881-1920
Despreaux Marie France Corps de Ballet Real Name: Marie-Madeleine Guimard | aka: La Guimard | le squelette des graces Ballet 1743-1816
Desrat Master England? Dance Teacher n/a Polka? | Mazurka 1800's?
Devere George n/a n/a Julian Martin Tap! | Jazz 1910's?
Devine Lauri n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1929's
Devoy George n/a At: the Bell Theater Dayton Sisters Song and Dance 1910's
Dey Jimmy n/a On Video: Entertainers in British Films: a century in British Cinema aka: Alice and Jimmy Dey Tap! n/a
Di Gitano Adam n/a Billed as: Jayne and Adam | danced Loews State 1942 | Jane Di Gitano Ballroom | 'Fashions in Dance' 1942's
Diamond T.C. California Star Search Video Clip| Street Life Wayne 'Crescendo' Ward | Toni Basil Tap! | Hip-Hop 1980's
Diamond Jack New York City Minstrel Shows | Dance Contests | Considered best white Jig dancer of all time Lost to Juba numerous times Jig | Competed Against Juba 1823-18-
Diamond John Boston, MA.? Minstrel Shows | Dance Contests | African American Top Jig Dancer | PT Barnum | Vauxhall Gardens Jig | Competed Against Juba 1823-10/29/1857
Dickey Mary -Adelaide CoHoes, NY Bensonhurst by the Sea | Jardin de danse Johnny Hughes | aka: Adelaide and Hughes Ballroom? 1884-1960
Dickson Dorothy Kansas City, MO Ziegfeld Follies of 1917 | Sally | Girl o' Mine 1918 | Royal Vagabond 1919 Married: Carl Heisen | Father of Dorthy Hyson Ballroom | Sheet Music: Dorothy Waltz 7/25/1893-9/25/1995
Digges Mae n/a 1936 San Francisco Nicholas Brothers | Cotton Club Swing/ Peckin' 1937's
Diniz Antonio Lopes de Amorim n/a Cafe de Paris | Alhambra | Olympia | Alcazar d’Été | Chanticleer | Theatre des Capucins aka: Duque. Partner: Maria Lina Tango | Maxixe 1884-1953
Dix Christine France ? n/a Did dance movements imitating Bugs Scarab Crawl | Cicada Twist | Bee Sweep 1912's
Dixey Henry E. Boston, MA. 1913 Chelsea | 1916 Father and Son Minstrel Shows Pedestal Dancer | See: Clog 1/6/1859-2/25/1943
Dixon Aland n/a Cotton Club Express Anise Boyer Waltz 1930's
Dixon Harland Toronto, Canada Manhattan Mary | Tip Top | Kid Boots | George White Scandals James P. Doyle | Mae Clark | Doris Dixon | Jimmy Malone Tap! | Five Step | Ballroom B.1885
Dixon Bennie NY The Palace Theater aka: Dixon and Joan Sawyer Polka | Tango 1914's
Dixon Harry n/a 1931 Scandals Dorothy Dixon Acrobatic Dance 1930's
Dixon Lee Brooklyn, N.Y. Gold Diggers of 1937 Ruby Keeler Tap 1/22/1914-1/8/1953
Dixon Mildred NY Cotton Club Girl aka: Mildred & Henri | Henri Wessells | Married: Duke Ellington Tap 1929's?
Dixon Will n/a Danced out his conducting Cab Calloway would later copy. Tap! /Conductor 1905's
Djita n/a Egypt aka: Oriental Tattooed Lady n/a Salome 1900's?
Dodge Sisters, the USA n/a n/a n/a 1929's
Dodsworth's The n/a n/a Allen Dodsworth Ballroom 1900's
Dolfina n/a n/a n/a Bimbo's 365 n/a 1950's
Dollar William E. St. Louis, MI. Musicals n/a Ballet | Tap! | Ballroom | Folk 1940's
Dolly Sisters n/a Mexico? Mexican Film Stars Not American Dolly Sisters Mambo | Cha-Cha 1940's
Dolly -sisters Yancsi (Jenny) Hungary 1913: The Merry Countess Harry Fox -divorced 10/26/1921 Habanera | Galop | Fox-trot | Mambo 10/25/1892-6/1/1941
Dolly -sisters Roszika (Rosy) Hungary 1913: Maid and The Millionaire Martin Brown Habanera | Galop | Mambo 10/25/1892-1/1/1970
Domenichino n/a Piacenza aka: Domenico Domenichino Treatise Danse Master 1400's
Dominguez Beatrice San Bernardino, Ca. 1921: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rudolph Valentino Tango | Apache dance 1897-1921
Donahue Jack New York Ziegfeld | Rosalie | Canterville Ghost Married: Tuta Rolf Tap! | Shadow | Eccentric | similar to Harland Dixon 11/3/1908-3/27/1984
Donay Millie n/a n/a n/a n/a 2/23/1936-7/15/2007
Doner Ted n/a Mazie King | Midnight Trot Mazie King Maxixe 1915's
Donna n/a n/a n/a n/a Flamenco n/a
Doo Shabba n/a 1990: Deadly Dancer n/a Break Dancer 1990's
Dooley John n/a n/a n/a n/a 1940's?
Dora Josefine n/a n/a n/a Spanish dancer 1898's
Doran Nancy Chicago? Rio Cabana n/a Featured Dancer? 1946's
Doreen Peggy England London Palladium | Dubarry was a Lady Sherman Fisher Girl Tiller/line B.4/22/1913
Dorf Maxie Los Angeles Movies | Clubs Mary McCastlin | Ray Rand Swingers West Coast Swing | Balboa D.2000
Doring Henry Troy, NY Created the Motto Gavotte | Dance Master of America n/a Motto Gavotte 1910's
Dorn Geneve Chicago? Black hawk n/a Song and Dance 1946's
Dorsha n/a n/a n/a Rulson-Dorsha and Baro Ballroom n/a
Dot and Dash n/a Chicago? Budland Club n/a Dance Team 1956's
Dot, Donna and Teddy n/a USA Vitaphone: Little Jack Little. Sisters Tap! | Synchronized Dance Trio 1950's
Dotson Clarence n/a Danced Kieth Circuit | Created the Throwing A Fit Dance aka: One-Eyed Dotson | Clarence ' Dancing' Dotson | Retired in 1943 Vernacular dances | Itch | Quiver | Eccentric Tap 1881-1954
Doucette Buddy n/a Derby show Dance Marathon Alice Brown Tango 1938's
Douglas Bros n/a n/a Vaudeville | USO | Canteens | Vaudeville video's Vol7 n/a Acrobatic | Tap! 1940's
Dowling Thomas n/a Down Argentine Way Catherine Dowling Specialty Dancers 1940s
Downes Johnny Brookly, NY. Rhapsody in Blue Betty Grable| Lana Turner? Ballroom 10/10/1913-6/6/1994
Doyle Jimmy (James P.) n/a Hitchy-Koo | Dancing Around 1915. Harland Dixon | aka: Doyle and Dixon Tap 1919's
Drake Michael USA 1/1955 Focus Mag Margot Myers Ballroom | Kinsey Waltz 1955's
Draper Paul Florence, IT. 1936 Colleen n/a Tap! 10/25/1909-9/20/1996
Drayton Thaddeus NY Liza 1922 Rufus Greenlee | Married: Ethel Johnson Ballroom | Tap! | Virginia Essence B.1893-1964
Drewe Sisters London? n/a n/a Cabaret 1932's
Dubarry Twins n/a London Theatre Royal n/a Dancers n/a
Dubois Blanche n/a n/a Real Name: Blanche Houghtaling | Married: Malin. Dancer 1900's
Dudley Bessie England Bundle of Blues 1933 | Cotton Club dancer Snake Hips Tucker | Florence Hill Eccentric? | Tap! | Acrobatic 3/16/1904-1/16/1999
Dudley Sherman H. n/a Comic Skit with a Mule | Millionaire from Honolulu Skit | Later bought theaters and helped form T.O.B.A. Dancer-Comedian 1900's
Duffins The n/a Joyce and Matt | Ken Murrays Blackouts of 1942 (El Capitan Los Angeles) Acrobatic | Comedy Ballroom 1930's
Dukes Jim n/a n/a n/a Legendary Tap! Dancer 1910's?
Dumilatre Adele France Giselle Henri Desplaces | Sister to Sophie Dumilatre Ballet 1821-1909
Dunbar Dixie Montgomery, AL. George White's Scandals 1934 | First Baby 1936 | King of Burlesque 1936 | Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938 Johnny Downs | aka: Christine King | Married: Gene Snyder Tap! Dancer | Actress 1/19/1919-8/21/1991
Duncan Anna n/a Dinner At Eight 1933 | Black Cat 1934 | Scarlet Empress 1932 | Electra 1934 | John 1927 Adopted daughter of Isadora | an Isadorable Dancer 12/21/1894-3/7/1980
Duncan Brothers, The -2 n/a Vaudeville n/a Clog 1800's
Duncan Irma n/a Adopted daughter of Isadora | an Isadorable n/a Dancer 1916's
Duncan Isadora San Francisco, CA. That's Dancing 1985 | Isadorables Married: Sergi A. Yesenin-1922 (Poet) | Had a Child by Gordon Craig Ballet | Mime |Ballroom | Modern | Rubaiyat | Barefoot 5/26/1877-9/14/1927
Duncan Johnny Kansas City, Missouri All Ashore | Batman and Robin | Beat the Band | Call of the Canyon | Campus Rhythm | Good Sam | Ghost Catchers | Horn Blows at Midnight | Jive Junction | Juke Box Rhythm | Rock Around the Clock | Running Wild | So You Want to Be a Musician | Summer Stock | Swing Fever | Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo | Twice Blessed | Youth Aflame | Wild One | Where Are Your Children? Realname: John Bowman Duncan | Partner: Genevieve Grazis, Jean Phelps-Veloz | Married: Susan Duncan Jitterbug | Actor 12/7/1923-2/8/2016
Duncan Maria Theresa n/a Adopted daughter of Isadora | an Isadorable n/a Dancer 1916's
Duncan Mary n/a n/a n/a Spanish dance 1910's
Duncan Evelyn Los Angeles, CA. Peer Gynt 1915 | Topsy and Eva 1927 aka: Topsy and Eva | Duncan Sisters Tap! | Actress 1/21/1893-6/8/1972
Duncan Rosita Los Angeles, CA. Two Flaming Youths 1927 | Tip Top 1920 | Topsy and Eva 1927 | Surprise 1933 aka: Topsy and Eva | Duncan Sisters Tap!| Actress 11/23/1894-12/4/1959
Duncan Vivian Los Angeles, CA. Broadway Brevities 1935 | Tip Top 1920 | Topsy and Eva 1927 | Surprise 1933 aka: Topsy and Eva | Duncan Sisters: Nils Asther Tap! | Actress 6/17/1902-9/19/1986
Dunham Katherine Chicago IL. Cabin In The Sky| Stormy Weather John Pratt Ballet | Jazz | Modern | Mambo | Ballroom B.6/22/1914-
Dunhills, the n/a n/a Coached by Pete Nugent Worked into the 1960's Tap! | 'a Class Act' 1930's
Dunn James Howard New York Bad Girl 1931 | Dance Team 1932 | Scandals 1935 Sally Eilers | Alice Faye | Shirley Temple | Married: Francis Gifford Ballroom 11/5/1905-9/3/1967
Dupree Louis France? Les Fètes Vénitiennes n/a Ballet 1697-1774
Dupree Roland n/a Boogie Woogie Jivin' Jacks and Jill's Swing Dance | Ballet 1945's
Duque L. n/a Cafe de Paris | Alhambra | Olympia | Alcazar d’Été | Chanticleer | Theatre des Capucins Realname: Antonio Lopes de Amorim Diniz -originally a dentist. Partner: Maria Lina Tango | Maxixe 1884-1953
Duran Gloria n/a 1943: Iron Major n/a Chorus 1940's
Durang Charles USA Dance master Son to John Durang Ballroom | Country | Folk 1796-1870
Durang (Dyrang) John Lancaster, PA. Dance Master | also see Dyrang Father of Charles Ballroom | Ballet | Durang's Horn Pipe | Clog | Jig | Reels 1768-1822
Durand Basil, N. New York Plaza Hotel Basil Dooly | Margurette Hawkesworth La Rumba | Black face 1918's
Durfee Minta (Ariminta) Los Angeles 1914: Fatty's Magical Pants Married: Fatty Arbuckle Texas Tommy 10/1/1889-9/9/1975
Durrant Eli Suffolk n/a n/a Step Dancer | Apache dance 1920's?
Duryea Dorothea n/a n/a aka: Dorothea Duryea Ohl Contest Judge 1950's
Duryea Oscar New York? International Teacher Mrs. Duryea | Dorothy Duncan All Ballroom | Dances of the Time. 1888's
Duschee Tiny Pittsburgh? Bavarian Society club house Arrested for her dance Spring | Oriental | Fig Leaf 1913's
Duthers Lou n/a 1935 Love Dept. n/a Tap! 1935's
Duvernay Pauline France Le Diable Boiteux (Retired in 1832) Real Name: Pauline Yolande Marie Louise Duvernay Cachucha 1813-1894
Dvorak Ann n/a Hollywood Revue of 1929 n/a Chorus Dancer | Actress 1930's
Dvorak John Las Vegas, NV. n/a Married: Liz West Coast Swing 1960's
Dyer Florence, C. Washington? Dance Instructor n/a Wilson Glide | Innovation | London Swish | Tango | Ballroom 1912's
Dyer Sammy n/a Swing Mikado 1949 | The Dyerettes African-American Choreog. | Chicago's Club DeLisa's Choreographer Tap! 1947's
Dyke Miss Winifred-Hart n/a Savoy Pieces n/a Ballet | etc. 1900's
Dyrang -Durang John Philadelphia? Dance Master | Minstrel | also see Durang Was Americas first 'pro' Dancer. Ballroom | Ballet | Durang's Hornpipe | Clog | Jig | Reels 1768-1822