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Page B: Vintage Dancer History Index List B (Pictured: Betty Grable) Listings
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Dancers Index: B

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists B. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter B. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Babb Dorothy Amarillo, TX. Get Hep To Love Jivin' Jacks and Jill's Swing Dance 1926- 5/13/1998
Babette n/a n/a n/a Part of the Paramount Parisians: the Red Heads Orchestra Specialty | Ballet| Black Bottom 1920's
Baccelli Signora n/a Stage n/a Ballet? 1890's?
Bache Violet  USA n/a n/a Collegiate Dances | Alabamy Stomp 1920's
Baclanova Olga Moscovo, Ru. 1933 Murder at the Vanities. Freaks aka: Baklanova Actress | Ballet ? 8/19/1899- 9/6/1974
Bacon Faith Los Angeles, CA. 8th Earl Carrol Vanities | 1931 Ziegfeld Follies Committed Suicide Fan Dance 7/19/1910-9/26/1956
Bacon Virginia Cincinnati, Oh. 1927 Cameo Revue Frank Bacon andNed Wayburn Ballet | Comedy and Vaudeville B.1911
Bage Joseph n/a Joesph Sisters were known as the Castleton Sisters aka: Jan and Arlene | Arlene-Miles Johnson Ballet? 1930's
Bailey Pearl Mae Newport News, VA. Apollo | Carmen Jones | Cabin In The Sky Singer | Started as a dancer | Brother Bill Bailey | Married: Louis Bellson Eccentric | Jitterbug 3/29/1918-8/17/1990
Bailey Bill Ph. or Va. Bill Bailey Dancers | Apollo 1954: Beale St. Revue | 1901 Ain't Dat A Shame Blanche Calloway | Darden (Pearl's Brother) Ballroom | Tap 12/8/1912-12/12/1978
Baker Enoch USA Florida Cotton Blossoms Dewy 'Pigmeat' Markham Sand Dance 1910's
Baker Josephine St. Louis, Mi. The Savoy
Revue Nègre, the
Married: Pepito de Albertino | Jean Lyon Banana Dance | Chorus | Exotic | Modern | Lindy Hop 6/3/1906- 4/12/1975
Balanchine George St. Petersburg Ru. 1929: Dark Red Rose Married: Vera Zorina and Tamara Geva Dancer | Choreographer 1/22/1904--4/30/1983
Balden Elaine n/a TV Dancer Bobby Burgess Ballroom 1950's
Bales William USA Choreographed the "Furlough" forAstaireand Rogers Jayne Dudley and Sophie Maslow Ballet | Jazz | Ballroom | Furlough 1930's
Ball Bill NY D.B.T.A. Louise Kline Instructors 1937
Ball Lucille Desiree Jamestown,Celeron, NY Goldwyn Girl | Ziegfeld Follies | Dance Girl Dance | Stage Door | Swing It . M: Desi Arnez | Gary Morton Actress | Ballroom | Latin | Chorus 8/6/1911- 4/26/1989
Ball Marguerite n/a 1926: Topsy and Eva n/a Specialty dancer 1926
Balliol -? France? Empire Room | Riviera and Piccadilly Hotels aka: Balliol and Merton Ballet | Adagio 1928
Balon (Ballon) Jean France? Paris Opera Ballet Francois Prevost | Marie Camargo | Louis XIV Dance Master | Ballet | Minuet 1676-1739
Banjo Jo n/a Paradise Club n/a Tap 1930's
Bankhead Tallulah Brockman Huntsville, Alabama 1923: The Dancers Married: John Emery Actress | Broadway | Ballroom 1/31/1902-12/12/1968
Bankoff Ivan n/a Palace Theatre | Alhambra Theatre 11/1913 (Tex Tommy) aka: Bankoff and Girlie Texas Tommy | Russian | Hesitation Waltz | Tango | Turkey Trot | Acrobatic 1913
Banks Margaret Vancouver West Side Story | Les Sylphides n/a Ballet | Choreographer B.1924
Banks Restina NY Apollo Theater n/a Chorus /Tap 1930's
Banky Vilma Nagyrodog, Hungary Four Horsemen Rudolph Valentino | Married: Rod La Rocque Actress | Tango 1/9/1903- 3/16/1991
Bara Theda (Theodosia) Cincinnati, OH Salome | Camille aka: The Vamp Salome 7/29/1885- 4/7/1955
Baraban Sonia n/a Reuben Foxtrot Charles C. Grohs Foxtrot 1914
Bari (Fisher) Lynn (Marjorie) Roanoke, VA 1933: Dancing Lady. King Of Burlesque n/a Dancer | Actress 12/18/1913- 11/20/1989
Barkis Nina (Lina) n/a Salome n/a Belly | Salome 1929's
Barnes Deslys USA 1934: Stand Up and Cheer n/a Chorus Dancer 1930's
Mae NY, NY 1924: Runnin' Wild. 1959 Odds Against Tomorrow | Shuffle Along aka: Edith Mae Stith Tap | Charleston? | Singer 1/23/1907- 12/13/1996
Baro ? n/a n/a Rulson-Dorsha & Baro Ballroom n/a
Baron and Blair n/a n/a n/a Ballroom n/a
Barrow Clyde Telice, TX Criminal-Bank Robber Bonnie Parker Jitterbug 5/24/1909-5/23/1934
Barrett Grace San Francisco, Ca. 1941: Sunny aka: The Hartman's Charleston | Bolero | Tango 1/7/1907-8/8/1955
Barrett Janet n/a 1936: Ramona n/a Dancer 1930's
Barrett Muriel n/a 1936: Ramona n/a Dancer 1930's
Barrett Thomas n/a n/a n/a Tap n/a
Barringer "Miss" NY? n/a Hardee Swing | Peelin' The Peach 1930's
Barron Charles n/a Follies? Frances Nevins Ballroom 1928
Barry Billy n/a n/a n/a Tap 1920's?
Barry Lilliane n/a n/a n/a Chorus 1940's
Barry Fred and Elaine n/a 1941 Empire Rm. | 1953: Tit Coq. Chicago | Chicago aka: Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vaudeville song And dance team 1920's?
Bartalo Lou n/a 1931 - Cuban Love Song | 1933 - Peanut Vendor aka: Bart Bartalo Swing 1940's
Bartho Cathrina n/a 1900: Edison Films n/a Ballet | Variety | Skirt 1900
Barto Dewey USA Did cartoon characters such as Mutt and Jeff | Spark Plug | Hans and Fritz | Jiggs and Maggie: circa 1926 aka: Barto and Mann. Beverly Mann | George Mann Comedy dancers 1930's
Bartola Bart n/a Dean Collins group n/a Swing 1960's
Barton James Gloucester City, NJ. Tobacco Road Black Face comedian Tap 11/1/1890-2/19/1962
Baryshnikov Mikhail Latvia, Ru. White Knights | Turning Point Kirov Ballet Ballet B.1/27/1948
Basil Tony Philadelphia, Pa. 1964: T.A.M.I. Show| Hullabaloo | American Graffiti | Easy Rider | Rockula | Legally Blonde | Gap commercial Real Name: Antonia Christina Basilotta . Formed break dance group: The Lockers. | Sang"Mickey" Dancer | Choreographer | Singer | Swing | Latin | Rock | Twist | Go-Go | WCS B. 9/22/1943
Basquette (Baskette) Lina (Lena) San Mateo, Ca. Louis XIV | Ebb Tide | Ziegfeld Girl | Follies Married: Sam Warner | Marge Champion (sis) Ballroom | Ballet 4/19/1907-9/30/1994
Bate Janette n/a Instructor to Child Stars n/a Various 1930's?
Bates Barbara n/a Model | Actress | Ballerina n/a Ballet 8/6/1925-1968
Bates Clayton P. Fountain Inn, Sc. Vaudeville aka Peg-Leg Bate | One Legged Tap dancer (Handicapped) Tap 10/11/1907-12/6/1998
Bathyllos n/a Rome Roman Dancer n/a Roman Dancer n/a
Batie n/a n/a n/a aka: Batie and Foster | Real Name: Walter Batie AcrobaticTap 1930's
Bauersfield Bill Plula 1939: Worlds Jitterbug Champions Dorothy Sacco Jitterbug B.1918
Bausch Mae Australia Devils Passkey | 1946Ziegfeld Girls n/a Spanish | Actress 1915
Bausch Pina Solingen, Ger. Choreographer | The Planet of the Empress: 1990 n/a Ballet | Ethnic | Bacchanal B.7/27/1940
Bayaderes n/a India Indian Dancers n/a n/a Ancient
Baye, de Mademoiselle France? Moulin Rouge n/a Chorus | Ballet 1910's
Bayrooty Mary n/a Hailed as Queen of all Oriental and Dervish Bayrooty and her exotic dance troupe Oriental | Dervish 1890's
Beasley 'Snookie' n/a Savoy Ballroom | Danced with Whiteys Lindy Hoppers | 8 Big Apple Dancers. Realname: Pettis Dotson. Lindy Hop 7/7/1918-8/1970
Beatty Tally USA Show Boat Black-face Ballet | Negro! 1940's
Beauchamps Pierre France Originated 5 basic Foot Positions Lully | Louis XIV | Ballet | Dance master and Musician 1639-1705- 1631-1719?
Beavers Susie Atlanta, Ga. Rabbit Foot Minstrels | Funny Foot | Florida Blossoms Married: Paul Howard. Buck Dance | Time Step | Singer B.1888-
Becker Lee n/a n/a n/a Jazz | Ballet 1950's?
Beckis ?Nina? n/a Salome n/a Salome 1910
Beckwith Charles F. (Mrs.) NY? Created the : Trocadero Dance Charles F. Beckwith Trocadero | Boston | Rumba | Tango 1937
Béjart Maurice France Fire bird | Kabuki n/a Ballet | B.1927
Belcher Ernest CA? 1939: Little Princess Marge Champion and Lina Basquette's Father Ballet | Apache Dance | Instructor 6/8/1882-2/24/1973
Belcher Marge Los Angeles, Ca. aka: Marge Champion | Ernest Belcher (father) Champion | Hightower | Belcher Ballroom | Swing B.9/2/1923-
Belden Lillian n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1912
Bennett Barbara Montreal Quebec Sisters Joan and Constance Bennett Maurice Mouvet | Married: Morton Downey Sr. Ballroom 8/13/1906-8/8/1958
Bennett Dave USA Said to have created the Charleston and Black Bottom¹. Started dance in 1905, became a dance director n/a Charleston, Black Bottom 1920's
Bennett Joe USA? George Primrose Minstrels n/a Comedy Dancer | Tap 1900's
Bennett Michael n/a Subways are for sleeping n/a Chorus work 1961
Bennett (Benjamin) Sue Oakland, Ca. 1949: Teen Tune Times | 1950's: Your Hit Parade Sweets Ballroom(Contests) Jitterbug 1943
Bent Marion n/a n/a Pat Rooney II n/a 1920's
Bently Dorothy NY Jardin de Danse Carlos Sebastian Waltz | Tango | Maxixe | Flirtation 1913
Bentley Muriel NYC Fancy Free | Tally Ho Ruth St. Denis | Jose Greco Modern | Ballet | Spanish | Contemporary dance | 1930's
Bergeron Henry USA 1929: Hollywood Revue | Fanchon and Marco n/a Chorus dancer | studio Owner 1930's
Bergh Happy n/a 1938: Hellzapoppin Play aka: Bergh and Moore (Stormy Moore) n/a 1938
Berk n/a USA 1950: Dancing in the Dark aka: berk and Hallow Ballroom 1950
Berkley Busby Los Angeles, Ca. Director /Choreographer n/a Musicals 11/29/1895-3/14/1976
Berle Milton NY, NY Milton Berle Show | It's a Mad | Mad World | Bellboy Georgia Gibbs | Ricki Fields and more All dances of the time | Actor | Singer | Host | Comedian 7/12/1908 - 3/27/2002
Berry (Brothers) Ananias | (Nyas / Nias) NY Apollo |Lady Be Good | You are My Everything | Panama Haiti | Cotton Club etc. Rivaled Nicholas Brothers. Tap | Acrobatics | Strut | Cane Work 1912- 10/6/1951
Berry (Brothers) Jimmy NY Apollo | Lady Be Good | You are My Everything | Panama Haiti | Cotton Club etc. Rivaled Nicholas Brothers Tap | Comedian | Vocalist | Acrobatics 1914-1969
Berry (Brothers) Warren Denver, CO. Apollo | Lady Be Good | You are My Everything | Panama Haiti | Cotton Club etc. Rivaled Nicholas Brothers. Tap | Acrobatics | Gyrations 12/25/1922-8/10/1996
Berry Mimi n/a Panama Haiti | My Favorite Spy no relation to Berry bros.? Chorus work B.1924
*Bes n/a Egyptian Mythology God of music and dance. n/a Usually shown as a "Grotesque Dwarf." n/a
Betz Lenora USA Harvest Moon Ball (Winner 1942) Killer Joe Piro Lindy Hop 1942
Bethel 'Pepsi' Greensboro, NC Savoy Ballroom | Kwamina [1961] | One Mo' Time [2002] Whitey's Lindy Hoppers aka: Alfred Bethel Lindy Hop 1919-8/30/2002
Beulah "Gypsy" USA Leon and Eddies n/a Girdle Dance 1940's
Biggerstaff Walton n/a n/a Eleanor Brown Lambeth Walk 1938
Bigotinni Emilia France Nina ou la folle par amor (Napoleon's Favorite dancer) Ballet (retired in 1823) 1784-1858
Billings Essa Iola USA (Iowa?) Vaudeville | Medicine Shows Married: Gay Billings | Daughters Eva Iola Billings-Merriam | aka Flying Merriams |Ethel Serpentine dance 1904
Bird Dorothy Vancouver Straw Hat Revue | Hooray for What | Kate Smith Hour Harriet Hocter | Jose Limon n/a 1922 debut
Birgitta n/a n/a n/a aka: Birgitta and Dino Dancers 1970's
Bishop Snookie Los Angeles?, Ca. n/a Ray Damron Jitterbug 1940's
Blair And Dean n/a n/a aka: Blair and Dean Ballroom 1940's?
Blair Janet Altoona, PA. Broadway and Movies George Raft Tango B.4/23/1921
Blair Marilyn n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1940s
Blair Skippy Pleasantville, NJ Hayride [1944] | Atlantic City Author; Book Red Rex | Married: Robert W. Armstrong Tap | West Coast Swing | Ballroom | Instructor B.3/15/1924
Blanca Maria Mexico? Maria Conessa La Garita Blanca n/a Mexican Dancer 1900's
Blankenborn Ruth Englewood | New Jersey Int'l Newsreel Adolph Newberger The U.S. Swing 1928
Black Paul California n/a aka: The Choclateers: Eddie West | Paul Black and Albert Gibson Pecking | Jitterbug | Chinese Splits 1930's
Black Dots | the n/a n/a Africana [1927] aka: Johnson and Taylor Tap | Black Bottom 1927
Blanks Osceola Iowa Plantation Days [1923] Harper and Blanks | Married: Leonard Harper Tap B.9/5/1897
Blanquita Unknown Hungary? n/a n/a n/a 1910's
Blasis Carlo Naples Marseilles | Milan Imperial Academy Mdmsl. Gosselin | Le Gallois | Bougnotti | Vaguemoulin Ballet | Invented the: Attitude Pose! 1795-1878
Blo n/a n/a n/a aka: Blo and Asher Eccentric comedy dance team 1900's
Bloch Stella n/a Dancer and artist Married: Edward Eliscu Ethnic | Jazz | Artist 1897-1999
Blue Angela n/a 1944 Pinup Girl | Contact Hermes Pan Apache | Jazz D.2/3/04
Blue Ben Montreal-Quebec Canada 1938: $ Big Broadcast | 1950: Ben Blue Show aka: Benjamin Bernstein Charleston 9/12/1901-3/7/1975
Blythe Betty Los Angeles, Ca. Chu Chin Chow | Sarong Girl Honky Tonk | Over the Top aka: Elizabeth Blythe Slaughter Actress | Stage | ? 9/1/1893-4/7/1972
Bohée Brothers London? Her Majesty's Theater | Georgia Minstrels ?Hammond ? Clog | Soft Shoe 1880's?
Bojangles Bill Robinson Richmond, Va. aka: Mayor of Harlem | Little Colonel Shirley Temple Tap | Stair Dance 1878-1949
Bolender Todd Canton, Oh. Ballets | Musicals Chester Hale | Catherine Littlefield Ballet 1940's
Bolger Ray Dorchester, Ma. On Your Toes | 1939 Wizard Of Oz (as Scarecrow) Tamara Geva | Eleanor Powell | Janette McDonald Tap | Jazz 1/10/1904-1/15/1987
Bollinger Marie Spain? n/a Gabriel Cansino Ballet | Jota| Spanish | Flamenco 1940's
Bononomo Joe Brooklyn, NY. Silent Actor | Dance Instructor Wrote dance manuals Lindy | Shag | Ballroom 12/25/1901-3/28/1978
Bontemple Jimmy California Dancer | Instructor | Judge Ca. Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee West Coast Swing 1970/ 1980's
Booker Beulah n/a FilMarried: My Lady's Ankle Interesting leg art (tattooed) in photo Dancer 1910's
Booth Robert USA n/a Married: Dorothy Lee Adagio dancer 1930's?
Booth Lally n/a Greenwich Village n/a Rhumba 1940's
Boots Tom California Lion D' Or (Downey, Ca) n/a West Coast Swing 1980's
Boots Vicki California Various Night Clubs aka: Boots and Vicki West Coast Swing 1940's?
Borrull Trini n/a 1928 Dance Mag n/a Spanish 1928's
Bottolo Jose n/a 1936 Ramona n/a Dancer 1930's
Bougnotti Mademoiselle n/a n/a Carlo Blasis Ballet 1800's
Bournonville Antonius Augustus Copenhagen Academy of Copenhagen n/a Ballet B.1805-
Boris Ruthanna Brooklyn, NY Frankie and Johnny | Les Sylphides | Ballet Russe Michael Fokine Spanish | Flamenco B.1918-
Bornstein "Miss" Ohio? 1893 Kirmess Opera House n/a Rag Doll Dance 1893's
Bow Clara Gordon Brooklyn, NY. Silent Films | It Cafe aka: It Girl Flapper | Charleston 7/29/1905-9/27/1965
Bowden Barbara n/a Ergotti Studios n/a Baby Ballet? 1900's
Bowens Clarence n/a n/a n/a Legendary Tap Dancer n/a
Bowman Patricia Washington, DC Roxy Theater | Radio City Music Hall | Musicals Massine | Haakon | Eglevsky | Dolin | Mordkin | Zoritch Contemporary Ballet 1930's
Bowers Kenny Jersey City, NJ. Best Foot Forward | New Moon Mary Ganley Ballroom B.3/10/1923
Boyce Deighton Panama Part of the Crackerjacks n/a Acrobatics | Gymnastics | Flyweight Boxing Champion B.1913
Boyd Betty Kansas City, Mo. Borston's Nightclub (L.A.) n/a West Coast | Jitterbug 5/11/1908-9/16/1971
Boyd Maxene California Dancer Ca. Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee Daughter: Linda Cook | Brother Dennis Boyd West Coast | Jitterbug | Balboa 1960's
Boylans The (Rose and Arthur) n/a Silver Tip Rag (Sheet Music Cover) Isham Jones and His Orchestra [1933-Vitaphone] Blue Fountain Room- Hotel La Salle Tango | Hesitation | Maxixe 1914's
Boyle Johnny n/a Taught James Cagney the Yankee Doodle routine Dance Instructor | Performer n/a 1920's
Bowen David H. Ogdensburg, (IL?) Oldest Dance Masters of America member n/a n/a 1910's
Brascia John - 5/26/1957 Ed Sullivan Show | 1953 Hazel Flagg | White Christmas | Meet Me in St. Louis Tybee Arfa and John Brascia | Vera Ellen | Cyd Charisse Jazz | Ballet | Adagio 1950's
Bradford Perry USA Originally a song and dance Man for years. Later became a successful Composer Bradford and Jeannette | Stringbeans and Sweetie May All the dances of the 1900's-20's 1893-1970
Bradford Theodore 'Ted' USA Real name: Elmo Newton Wells. Top dancers of the time. Faye Adler Ballroom | Ballet | Adagio 1930's
Bradley Buddy Harrisburg, PA. Billy Pierce Studio | Florence Mills Revue | Evergreen-London | Connie's Inn Ada May | Marie Saxon Ballin' The Jack | Break down | Black Bottom | Baltimore Buzz 7/24/1905-7/17/1972
Bradley Doryce n/a Swing City n/a n/a 1930's
Bradley Eileen NY? Headliners at Peppermint Lounge in NY. Partner | Married: Frankie O'Rourke Twist etc. 1960's
Bradley Josephine Dublin (London) ISTD | Introduced the Jive to UK. | aka: "The First Lady of the Ballroom," Had a Orchestra as well. G.K. Anderson (1924) | Frank Ford. Married: Douglas Wellesley-Smith. Ballroom | Jive | danced in the movie: Let's Make a Night of It (1937) 3/24/1893-1985
Brady Gil Los Angeles?, Ca. Movies | TV | Clubs | Swing Contests Nicki Faustino West Coast Swing 1940-50s
Branca Barbara n/a 1956: Harvest Moon Ball John Mansell Foxtrot 1950's
Branda Beate England? 10/12/1931 and 1936: Pathe Newsreel name also spelled as Bradlia on path Acrobatic dance 1930's
Brandt Bobby n/a RKO Vaudeville Palace Theater (NY) n/a Tap-acrobatics 1949/7/7
Brant Peggy n/a Patrick The Great. Jivin' Jacks Swing Dance 1945's
Bray -? n/a n/a Woods Apache dance 1940's
Brecker Louis J. n/a Dance Promoter InternationalContests Ballroom 1930s
Bremer Lucille Amsterdam, NY. Ziegfeld Follies | Barkley's of Broadway Fred Astaire Rhumba 2/21/1917-4/16/1996
Brennan Dan n/a 1925: Topsy and Eva Elaine Palmer Dancers 1925's
Brian Donald n/a 1914: Girl From Utah Carol McCommas (the Marriage Market) Balli'n The Jack | Futuristic Twirl creator | also singer 1914's
Bridges Jack n/a U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships (Founder/ Owner.) Married: Mary Ann Rogers West Coast | Jitterbug | Lindy hop 3/24/-10/2003
Brier Audrene n/a 1934: Stand Up and Cheer. Gold Digger Chorus 1930's
Briggs Bunny NY, NY Tap [1989] | No Maps On My Taps [1979] | Kelly's Stables | Ubangi Club | Occasionally with Baby Lawrence | Charles Lucky Roberts | Lucky Millander Band | Tap | Buck and Wing | Paddle and Roll | Singer B.2/26/1923
Brianza Carlotta Milan Created role of Aurora n/a Ballet 1867-1930
Brittny n/a France? aka: Brittny Dancers n/a Folk | Gavotte 1900's
Brodel Betty USA 1944: Cover Girl | 1944 Swing Host. 1944 Hollywood Canteen. Sister to Joan Leslie Jitterbug | Ballroom 1940-50's
Brooks Louise Cherryvale, KA. n/a Studied with Ruth St. Denis Ballet | Modern 11/4/1906-8/8/1985
Brooks Walter n/a Shuffle Along n/a Dance Director 1920's
Brown ??? Kentucky n/a ???-Collins | No Clasp Dance B.4/1912-
Brown Alice n/a Derby showMarathon Buddy Doucette Tango 1938
Brown Clyde 'Brownie' n/a Danced with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Lucky Millinder Revue (1936) n/a Lindy hop | Charleston 1930's
Brown James Richard "Buster" Baltimore, Maryland aka: Three Aces | Speed Kings | Brown and Beige | Harlem All-Stars | Choclateers | The Copasetic's | Daughter Lolita Price. Sam Campbel | John Orange | Snake hips Tucker | Pops Whitman | Ernest 'Pippy' Cathy Tap | Charleston | Soft Shoe | Flash | Rhythm Tap 5/17/1913-.5/7/2002
Brown Eleanor n/a 1950: Annie Get Your Gun Walton Biggerstaff Lambeth Walk 1938's
Brown Ernest 'Brownie' Chicago, Il. Chicago's College Inn [1930] | Cotton Club [1934] | Kiss Me Kate -Broadway [1948] | Loews State | Roxy aka: Cook and Brown | Tiny Brown (4'10") | Brownie | Charles Brown. member of the Copasetic's Comedy | Tap | Eccentric | Acrobatic | Tumbling 1916-8/21/2009
Brown Fred San Francisco, Ca. n/a Jimmy Byler Dancer Duo 1920's?
Brown (Hayes) Helen n/a Ziegfeld Girl Albertina Rasch Chorus | Ballet 1927
Brown Johnny "Mack" Dothan, Al. Fair Coed | Our Dancing Daughters Gwen Lee Bowery-Tap | Ballroom 9/1/1904-11/14/1974
Brown Joseph B. Studio in Boston Tremont Hall (Dance Studio) (Dance Teacher) Fancy Dances 1861's
Brown Lonzo n/a n/a n/a Sand Dancer 1800's
Brown Louis NY Cotton Club Cotton Club Boys Eccentric | Tap 1933's
Brown (Dorothy) Louise n/a n/a n/a Dancer and Instructor 1906-1996
Brown Martin n/a 1913: Merry Countess | Ziegfeld Follies of 1913 | Kiss Waltz | Motor Girl M:Roszika Dolly Ballroom | Comedy 1913
Brown Ralph Indianapolis Harlem After Midnight [1934] | Jivin' Bebop [1946].| Ee Baba Leba [1947] The Original Hoofer's Tap 1914-11/19/1990
Brown Rastus, "King" Louisville, KY. 1895: Black Patti's Troubadours | 1910 Madison Square Gardens. Born in either Louisville Kentucky or Boston Mass. Tap | Buck | Cakewalk | Jig | Sand Dance | Cane | Stair Dance D.1940's
Brown Reuben n/a Plantation Club | Georgia Minstrels? Russell Brown | Joe Peterson | aka: The Three Browns Tap 1920's
Brown Russell ? Plantation Club | Runnin Wild [1923] Reuben Brown | Joe Peterson | 'Champ' | aka: Russell 'Charleston' Brown | The Three Browns Charleston | Camel Walk | Challenge dancing | Acrobatic - knee drop 1923's
Brown Vida Oak Park, IL. Rodeo | Coquette | Nightclubs n/a Ballet | Tap | Spanish B.1922
Brown Walter and Jean USA 1921: Porcelain Lamp Brother and Sister Ballroom 1930's
Browne Gloria n/a You Can't Take it With You | Marijuana n/a Dancer 1938's
Brownell George Boston, Ma. Dance Master Benjamin Franklin Court 1712 to 1740's
Browning Ed B. NY? Did Exhibition with President Cooley's Daughter at Commodore Ethelinda Cooley Charleston 1926's
Browning 'Peaches' n/a 1917: - Ziegfeld Married: Edward 'Daddy' Browning n/a n/a
Bruce Betty NY, NY. 1937: Featured nightclub dancer | 1962 Gypsy Cansino | M. Fokine | Carlos Ballet-Tap | Ballet | Spanish | Tap 5/2/1920-7/18/1974
Bruce Mary Chicago, IL. Teacher-Starbuds (Noble Sissle) Taught under-privileged kids 8/25/1900 - 12/12/ 1995
Bryant Dan USA n/a Minstrel dancer | Famous for his Essence dance Virginia Essence | Buck and Wing 1833-1875
Bryant Jerry n/a Christy's Minstrels n/a Jig 1829- 4/8/1861
Bryant Marie New Orleans, La. Duke Is Tops | Jammin' The Blues [1944] | Bli-Blip [1942] | Gang War | Mr. Bee-Bee | Carolina Blues [1944] Willie Covan | Paul White | Archie Savage | Harold Nicholas Swing | Jive | Tap | Jitterbug 1919- 5/23/1978
Bryant Willie n/a n/a Whitman Sisters | Princess Wee-Wee Tap | a Trio for awhile | also a band leader 1926's
Los Angeles, Ca. 1942 Fiesta | 1944 Hollywood Canteen. aka: Elizabeth John Jitterbug | Ballroom 1940's
Bubbles (Sublett) John W. Kentucky Cabin In The Sky | Porgy and Bess Ford Lee 'Buck' Washington | Anna Marie Alberghette
Eccentric | 'Rhythm Tap' | Sang 1919- 5/18/1986
Buck (Washington) Ford, Lee Louisville, KT Cabin In The Sky | Porgy and Bess 'Bubbles' Sublett Eccentric | Tap | Played Piano 10/16/1903- 2/?/1955
Buckley G. Swaine n/a Sally Come Up n/a Minstrel 1800's
Buddies (Dancing Bon Ton) Harlem, NY Sugar Cane Club n/a n/a n/a
Bunch 'Tiny' Harlem, NY Day At The Races Danced with Dorothy 'Dot' (Moses) Johnson Lindy Hop | (Comedy Swing Dancer) 1940's
Buoy Dailey n/a Brothers aka: Ford Buoy and Dailey Tap | Class Act 1930's
Buoy Ford n/a Brothers aka: Ford Buoy and Dailey Tap | Class Act 1930's
Burgess Bobby n/a 1959 *Grand Prix des Nations Champion | TV Dancer | Lawrence Welk Show | Mickey Mouse Club | Learned from Willie Covan | 8/1960: Ballroom Dance Mag | $Video *Doreen Freeman | Elaine Balden | Cissy King | Married: Kriste Floren Ballroom | Tap | Jitterbug | West Coast Swing B.5/19/1941
Burke John J. n/a 1923 Radio Mania | Bowery Theater William J. Miles Song and Dance 1883's
Burks n/a n/a Buena Vista Tango Cover aka: Lorraine and Burks Tango 1913's
Burns George N. NY, NY La Paradise | dancing stars w/ Bob Hope Bob Hope | Jose Hermosa | Gracie Allen Comedy dance| Ballroom 1/20/1896- 3/9/1996
Burrull Trini n/a Trini the magnificent n/a Flamenco 1928's
Burse Charlie Memphis, TN? Handy Park, Beale St. n/a Acrobatic | Musician 1950's
Burt Billy n/a Soundie: A Jazz Etude n/a Dancer | Jazz 1940's
Burton Buzzin' n/a Danced in Carnivals, Gillies, Medicine and Minstrel shows n/a Eccentric | The Buzz | Truckin' | Pantomime 1920
Butler Albert n/a Teacher to the '400' | Harvest Moon Judge Josephine Butler Rhumba | Tango 1930s
Butler John Memphis, TN. Oklahoma | On The Town |
Hollywood Pinafore.
Eugene Loring | Martha Graham | Hanya Holm Ballet B.1921
Butterbeans n/a n/a Recording of: When My Mammy Shimmies Stringbeans | aka: Butterbeans and Susie | Real Name: Mr. and Mrs. Jodie Edwards Black Bottom | Charleston | Tap dance 1920's
Butts David n/a Mama Lu Parks Dancer | Albany Empire Dept ford Mama Lu Parks | Dickie Harris Charleston | Lindy Hop | Truckin' 1980's
Byler Jimmy San Francisco, Ca. n/a Fred Brown Dance Duo 1920's?
Byrd Betty USA n/a Danny Hoctor Ballroom dances 1930's
Byrd Bill n/a n/a aka: Billy and Eleanor Byrd (Isabelle Fambro) Tap dance 1940's
Byrne Allie n/a Entertainers in British Films: a century in British Cinema n/a Tap dance n/a