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Dancers Index: A

Streetswings Dancer History Archives index lists A. This page lists legendary/ famous dancers from the past that start with the Letter A. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.
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Last Name First Name Location Notes, Performed etc. Dance Partners, Misc. Dances Done Dates
Abdill Joie n/a Dance Marathons Buster Craw Marathon dancer 1930's
Abezetian Martin n/a 1948 Harvest Moon Ball Champions Elaine Shepro Jitterbug dancer 1948's
Ackerman Jack n/a Buck Clayton Jam Session: 'Rock-a-Bye Basie' Master Tap Dancer | Jimmy Slyde Tap dancer 1940's
Acuna Maria Cuba n/a n/a Spanish dancer 1940's?
Adams Billy n/a Danced with Aaron Palmer Married: Victoria Spivey Tap dancer 1920's
Adams Diana Staunton, VA. 1943 Oklahoma! | Helen of Troy | 1956 Invitation To Dance Danny Kaye | Married: Hugh Laing Ballet dancer 3/29/1926-1/10/1993
Adams "Miss" New Orleans, La.? Married: Florida Creole Girls n/a Cakewalk dancer 1903's
Adams Jill (Mrs.) n/a Tap Sandals ? n/a Tap dancer 1950's?
Adams Sisters n/a Europe Fan Dance [pathe 1932] n/a Fan Dance 1932's
Adelaide and Hughes n/a 1912 The Passing Show Johnny J.J. Hughes Ballroom | Hoop 1920's?
Adger Jules New York Cotton Club | Hot Mikado: ( Broadhurst Theatre) Cotton Club Boy Eccentric | Tap dancer 8/19/1913 - 5/27/1991
Adler Faye n/a 1940 The Bank Dick Ted Bradford n/a 1930's?
Adorée (La Fonte) Renée (Jeanne) Lille, France Four Horsemen | 1928 The Cossacks | 10/1926 Motion Pic Mag. Rudolph Valentino | John Gilbert |
Married: Tom Moore
Tango | Actress | Circus 9/30/1898-10/5/1933
Adrian Iris USA Married: Road To Zannzibar n/a Rumba | Broadway 1930's
Agoust Emil France Sitca Simone De Beryl n/a 1915's
Aguilar Pedro New York? 1954 El Duende de Jerea | 1951 Que Rico el Mambo aka: Cuban Pete | Mr. Mambo Mambo | Salsa | Latin 6/14/1927 – 1/13/2009
Ahlberg Irene n/a 1931 Erroll Carroll Vanities Beryl Wallace? n/a 1930's
Aicha n/a n/a n/a n/a Belly dancer 1915's
Ailey Alvin Rogers, TX Alvin Ailey Troupe n/a Jazz| Modern etc. 1/5/1931-12/1/1989
Aland ? New York Cotton Club Express Anise | ? Waltz 1937's
Alba Florina Spain? A Night in Spain Julio Toledo | Cabalgata Co. Spanish | Ballet 1949's
Albertieri Luigi n/a Instructor Anna Pavlova Mime| Ballet| Stage 1920's
Alberto ??? n/a n/a Clara Rumba 1920's
Albright Helen ("Mousie") California? Groovie Movie | Jr. Prom (1946) | Twice Blessed (1945) | Hollywood Cafe (1953) Dean Collins | Waxey West Coast Swing | Jitterbug 1940's
Albright Wally n/a Twice Blessed (in sweater in Jitterbug Finals Tonight scene) ?? Lindy 1940's
Alcorn William USA I'll Remember April | Hollywood Canteen Irene Thomas Jitterbug 1944's
Alderson Ethel n/a Le Parardi's Restaurant Headlined with Bob Hope Acrobatic Dancer 1920's
Aldrich "Miss Frances" USA? n/a n/a Moth dance | Lariat dance | Oriental | Spanish | Step | Clog 1940's?
Aleda ??? n/a Instructors D'avalos Mambo 1950's?
Alejo Wlliam De Cuba Instructor n/a Rumba 1950's
Alexander Louise New York Circle Theater - Queen of the Moulon Rouge Joseph Smith| John Jarrott Apache 1905-10's
Alexander Rod Los Angeles, CA. Your Show Of Shows (TV) Bambi Lynn Ballroom 1940-70's
Alexis ? European Dancers Danse Apache [B Pathe 1934] | You are my Song Divibe [B Pathe 1936] aka: Alexis and Dorrano | Alexis and Isolde Adagio | Apache | Ballroom 1930's
Ali Princess n/a Barnum and Bailey Circus | Midway Plaisance | Edison Films n/a Oriental | Belly dancer 1895's
Allan Maude Toronto, Canada 1903 Debut in Vienna | Vision of Salome | Great Salome Dance [1908] Correct aka: Maude Allen Ballet | Greek | Salome 4/23/1887-11/7/1956
Allard Marie n/a Dance Instructor | Author n/a Contre Danses 1738-1802
Allen Amelia Europe Eve's Film Revue [1925] n/a Ballet 1920's
Allen Billy New York n/a n/a Ballroom 1914's
Allen Debbie Houston, TX. n/a Dancer | Actress | Singer n/a B.1/16/1950
Allen Gracie San Francisco Originally a dancer with Burns | became actress Bob Hope | Married: George Burns Ballroom 7/26/1906-8/27/1964
Allen Hortense St. Louis, Missouri Known for her act dressed as half snake and half woman. aka: 'the Body' Allen | Hortense Allen Jordan Tap 1950's
Allen Jane Washington? Created the Mule Walk dance n/a Mule Walk | Turkey Trot | Horsetrot | Tango 1913's
Allen Jean Minneapolis, MN 1932 Kid From Spain | 1934 Stand Up and Cheer Goldwyn Girl Chorus 1930's
Allen Phyllis Staten Is. NY Caught in the Cabaret Charlie Chaplin Dancer | Actress 11/25/1861-3/26/1938
Allewelt Norma USA n/a n/a n/a 1920's
Allyson June n/a n/a aka: Ella Geisman | Dick Powell Ballroom | Jazz B.1917
Alonso n/a n/a n/a aka: Alonso and Pepita Apache 1910's
Alonso Alicia Havana Cuba Ballet Theater Fernando Alonso Flamenco | Ballet 1950's
Alstock Al New York Cotton Club a Cotton Club Boy Eccentric | Tap 1935's
Alston and Young USA 1941 Murder with Music Young Dance Team? 1941's
Altide D. n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1910's
Alvarez ? n/a Student Tour [1934] aka: Florence and Alvarez Dancers 1930's
Alvarez ? Montreal, Canada n/a Carlotta Ballroom 1940's
Alvarez Anita Tyrone, PA. Something for the Boys | Tars and Spars Married: George Jacobsen Various B.10/13/1920
Alvarez Vicky n/a n/a n/a Cabaret Dancer? 1950's
Alvis Nina Europe Murder at the Cabaret [1936] Capla Dancers 1936's
Amaya Carmen Barcelona Spain 1945 See My Lawyer | Follow The Boys n/a Flamenco and Spanish 11/2/1913-11/19/1963
Ambrose Jacques n/a n/a n/a Ballet 1950's
Americus Quartet USA Edison Films [1903] n/a Cakewalk 1902's
Ames Charles n/a n/a Amy Revere Ballroom 1930's
Ames Florenz n/a Of Thee I Sing [1931] | Let 'Em Eat Cake [1933] Mainly an Actor n/a 1930's
Ameta n/a ?USA? 1903: Edison Films n/a Mirror Dance | Fire Dancer 1903's
Anderson Charles USA Uncle Remus Visit to New York [1914] aka: Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Anderson Society Dances 1914's
Anderson Evelyn n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1907-10/29/1994
Anderson Jose Europe 1935 Pathetone #253 | London Hippodrome (1943) Heather Anderson Dancers 1935
Anderson Ivie n/a Doin The Chocolate Shake | Savoy Ballroom n/a Shimmy | Singer 1930s
Anderson John Murray Newfoundland, Canada Author | Teachers | Performers | 1930 King Of Jazz Mrs. Anderson | Genevieve Lyon Turkey Trot | Ballet | One Step | Gavotte | Tango | Maxixe 9/20/1886-1/30/1954
Anderson Lottie n/a Bowery Theater James Riles Song and Dance 1883's
Anderson Maceo E. Charleston, SC aka: one of "Four Step Brothers" Walker | Robertson | McDonald | Spencer | Williams Tap dance 9/3/1909-7/4/2001
Andre Jules n/a Eve's Film Review [333-1927 | 440-1929 | 474-1930] | Mountains O' Mourne [1938] aka: Andre and Curtis | Andre and Felicity Garratt European Dancers 1930's
Andre n/a n/a FilMarried: Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation aka: Andre and Rosario (Rosario Imperio) Apache | Spanish 1940's
Andre Dot n/a 1934 Stand Up & Cheer n/a Dancer 1930's
Andre' Gilbert n/a n/a aka: Denise or Rudac Andre' Adagio | Ballroom 1940's
Andre (Gilbert) Lola n/a 1929 "Show of Shows" | 1933 Lal-e-Yamin aka: Andre and Lola. Alberto Galo
Ballroom | Adagio | Flamenco | Spanish 1930's
Andrejewa n/a Russia n/a aka: Andreeva Ballet 1910's
Andrews Laverne Sophie Minneapolis, Minn. Hlywd Canteen | Road to Rio | Follow The Boys aka: Andrews Sisters Singer | Swing 7/6/1911-
Andrews Maxene Angelyn Minneapolis, Minn. Hlywd Canteen | Road to Rio | Follow The Boys aka: Andrews Sisters Singer | Swing 1/3/1916-10/21/1995
Andrews Patty Mound, Minn. Hlywd Canteen | Road to Rio | Follow The Boys" aka: Andrews Sisters Singer | Swing B.2/16/1920
Andrews Ron California CA. Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee Cousin of Andrews Sisters. Married: Lorna Martin West Coast Swing | Jitterbug | Competitor 1950's and up
Andrews Julie Surrey, England Mary Poppins | Sound of Music | My Fair Lady aka: Julie Elizabeth Wells Actress B.10/1/1935
Anise Boyer New York Cotton Club Express | 1932 Harlem Is Heaven aka: Anise and Aland | Aland Dixon Waltz 1930's
Anita n/a n/a A Ray of Sunshine [1950] | Entertainers in Britsih Films: a Century in British Cinema aka: Anita and Armand Dancers 1950's
Anita n/a European Dancers British Lion Varities 2:5 | Entertainers in Britsih Films: a century in British Cinema. aka: Anita | Charles and Jack Apache 1936's
Anita Little USA? 1903: Edison Films n/a Betsy Ross Dance 1903's
Antonio n/a Europe Climb Up The Wall [1960] n/a Spanish 1960's
Antonio Clotilde n/a Comedy type Ballet dancer Solo Ballet | Eccentric 1895's
Antonio and Rosario Seville Ziegfeld Girl | Hollywood Canteen | Son's Of Fun Rosario Perez. | aka: Antonio Lopez Spanish 1940's
Appletons Charles & Mitzi n/a n/a Husband and Wife team Apache Dancers 1930's
Apollo Picon n/a n/a Yolanda Latash Modern 1950's?
Apollon Dave Kiev, RU World's greatest mandolin virtuoso | but also a dancer. (Hot From Petrograd | etc) Married: Miss Danzi Goodell and eccentric dancer Russian dances 2/23/1897-5/30/1972
Appleyard Beatrice n/a n/a n/a Dancer 1914-1994
Arbeau Thoinot Dijon, France Renaissance dance | Author aka: Jehan Tabourot Dance Master 3/17/1520-7/21/1595
Arbuckle Roscoe "Fatty" Smith Center, KS. Fatty's Magic Pants [1914] | Keysone Film Corp. Married: Minta Durfee | alias: William Gordon Texas Tommy | Actor 3/24/1887-6/29/1933
Archer John California Dancer 1945: I'll Remember April aka: John Bowman. Venna & Anne Archer | Married: Leddy | Marjorie Lord | Venna Jitterbug| WCS | California Hall Of Fame Inductee 5/8/1915-12/3/1999
Archer Venna California Ray Rand dancer | San Francisco Worlds Fair Gil Hernandez | Hal Takier | Married: John Archer | Maiden Name: Venna Gascon Charleston | Jazz | Jitterbug| WCS 1940's
Arco Jean n/a Harvest Moon Ball Winners Charles Penatello Ballroom 1968
Arden ??? n/a n/a aka: Arden and Reynard. Reynard Ballet 1930's
Arfa Tybee Monticello, NY. 5/26/1957 Ed Sullivan Show | Silk Stockings | Lost Horizon | The Godfather | featured in Monte Proser's Tropicana Revue in Las Vegas | Tropicana in Havana Joe Vega | Tybee Arfa and John Brascia| Fred Astaire | Lecouna Cuban Boys (Tito Puente) Mambo | Jazz | Ballet | Adagio B.4/1932-1982
Argentina La Buenos Aires, Arg. n/a aka: Antonia Mercè Spanish | Flamenco | Tango 1888-1936
Argentinita La Buenos Aires, Arg. n/a aka: Encarnación López Spanish | Flamenco 1898-1945
Argyle Pearl European Dancers Chu Chin Chow [1934] | Adventure LTD [1934] | Royal Cavalcade [1935] | Things to Come [1936] n/a Dancer 1935's
Arkin Jack Los Angeles 1939 Intrntl Jitterbug Championships (Brother to Nate Atkin) n/a Jitterbug | Lindy 1930's
Arkin Nate Los Angeles 1939 Intrntl Jitterbug Championships (Brother to Jack Arkin) Marion Gouldy Jitterbug | Lindy 1930's
Armand Brothers, the n/a Billed as the Armand Brothers William M. & Edward Meyers Dance Act 1930's
Armida n/a n/a n/a n/a Spanish Dancer n/a
Armand n/a Europe A Ray of Sunshine [1950] | Entertainers in British Films: a century in British Cinema aka: Anita and Armand Dancers 1950's
Armstrong Audrey USA 1947 Harlem Rhythm n/a Choreographer? 1940's
Armstrong Maxie New York Cotton Club Cotton Club Boy. Eccentric | Tap 1933's
Arnaud n/a European Dancers Let's Make a Night of It [1937] aka: Arnaud | Peggy and Ready Acrobatic Dancers n/a
Arnaz, III Desi Santiago, Cuba 1947: Jitterumba | Cuban Pete | Too Many Girls Married: Lucille Ball Singer | Latin | Conga 3/2/1917-12/2/1986
Arnley n/a European Dancers Home Sweet Home [1945] | Randle and All That [1946] | Top of the Bill [1971] aka: Arnley and Gloria Dancers 1946
Arnold Louis Mexico Teacher | Choreographer Mitzi Mee | Nena Samaniego Ballroom | Flamenco 3/5/1909-12/4/1983
Ascot Duggie London Love Mirth Melody [1934] | Stepping Toes [1938] | Petite Ascots Choreographer | Father to Hazel Tap 1930's
Ascot Hazel London Talking Feet [1937] | Stepping Toes [1938] Child Tap Dancer | Daughter of Duggie Tap B.1928?
Ashton n/a n/a Las Vegas Dancers | 1953 Focus Mag. aka: Ashton and Allan Ballroom 1953's
Ashton Frederick Guayaquil, Ecuador Sadler Wells | Tales of Hoffmann [1951] | Tales of Beatrix Potter [1971] n/a Ballet 1906-1988
Asoka n/a n/a n/a Sujata Fire Dancer 1940's
Aspasia Aspasia Greece? taught Socrates 1st dancing master Pantomime n/a
Asquith Ruby USA Films: The Great Waltz William Christiansen
Married: Harold Christensen
Ballet | Ballroom 1930's
Adele Omaha, NB Films: Over The Top Fred Astaire | Real Name: Adele Austerlitz | Married: Lord Cavendish Ballroom | Hoop | Tap dancer 9/10/1896-1/25/1981
Astaire Fred Omaha, NB Films: Swingtime | Rio Rita
Ginger Rogers | Adele Astaire | Tilly Losch | Gene Kelly | Real Name: Fred Austerlitz. Ballroom | Tap | Ballet | Carioca | Yam | the Astaire 5/10/1899-6/22/1987
Aston Joe European Dancer The Weapon [1955] aka: Joe Aston and Renee n/a 1955's
Astrid ??? n/a Nightclubs aka: Franklin and Astrid Adagio | Rumba | Ballroom | Spanish 1950's
Ates (Batir) Nedjai or Nejla (Necla) Romania Son of Sinbad | King Richard and Crusaders | Fanny Musical aka: Little Miss Firecracker | Exquisite Turkish Delight Belly Dance | Moorish dancer 5/7/1932-4/2005
Athena ? Chicago? Vine Gardens Club n/a Spanish Dancer 1946's
Atkins Charles "Cholly" Pratt City, Alabama Cotton Club | Apollo | Twist (1992) Rhythm Pals Charles Honi Coles | Cotton Club Boy | Married: Dottie Saulters Eccentric | Tap | Twist | Charleston 9/30/1913-4/19/2003
Atkins David Australia? Starstruck | Dancin' Man n/a Choreo. | Dancer B.1955
Atkinson Betty n/a Holiday on Ice (1947) | Youth on Parade (1942) | Mad Youth (1940) | Colorado Sunset (1939) | A Night in a Music Hall (1939). Charles Hain Tap | Baton Twirler | Champion Majorette | Ice Skater 1930's
Atkinson Scott n/a 1925 World Tango Champion Dancers Dorothy Cole Tango | Black Bottom 1925's
Atlanta Rita Kansas 1966 Bed Of Violence n/a Belly| Burlesque | Strip 1940's
Auber Odette France? Walery Girl | Ambasador Theater | Queen of the Moulin Rouge (1908) n/a Dancer 1903's
Augie Rodriguez USA Palladium | Roseland | Ed Sullivan Show | Steve Allen Show | 1956 Harvest Moon Ball aka: Augie and Margo | Married: Margo Bartolonei Latin | Mambo | Ballet | Adagio | Moder n| Tango | Spanish 1956's
August Mlle. n/a n/a n/a Quadrille n/a
Austin "Miss" Ohio? 1893 Kirmess Opera House. n/a La Caprice | English Navy | Black Crow | Irish Tilt 1893's
Austin Shirley USA Newspaper Article Joe McNeil Jitterbug 1940's
Avaltroni Joseph n/a Harvest Moon Ball Champions Dolores Avaltroni Tango dancer 1940's?
Avril Jane Paris, France (Belleville) Jardin de Paris | Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec paintings real name: Jeanne Beaudon | Married: Maurice Biais Can Can dancer 1868 – 1943
Ayres Lew Carbondale, IL n/a Actor Jitterbug | West Coast Swing 12/28/1908-12/30/1996
Azziz Grescion Ancona Dance Teacher for the Pope Jalomacis | aka: 'Two Jews from Ancona' Court | Ballet | Saltarello 1775's