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Picture of the Palace of Versailles --- Versailles (France), was originally a hunting lodge built King Louis XIII (1610-1643). In 1661 his son,King Louis XIV (1710-1774), decided to build a monument in his own vision you can see on the left of the screen. He rebuilt the Lodge into the beautiful palace it is today, which helped the country go bankrupt. The growth of Versaille in 1682 was due to Louis moving his court there and remained a royal residence til the French Revolution

--- The palace was to become the center for of the goverment and French Court. The vastness of the Palace is huge, the Gardens alone cover over 250 acres. The Structures were the work of Louis Le Vau, J. H. Mansart, and Charles Le Brun. The park and gardens were the work of André Le Nôtre

Versailles (park area) contains two smaller palaces, the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon, as well as numerous temples, grottoes, and other very nicely French styled decorative structures.

Today, Versailles is one of the greatest tourist centers in France. The palace also serves as a residence for visiting foreign leaders.

Pronounced: Versi  

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