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"Palomar Ballroom"
Palomar Ballroom
-- “Tboasted being “the largest and most famous dance hall on the West Coast.”he largest and most famous dance hall on the West Coast.” The "Palomar Ballroom" was located at No. Vermont Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Street was built in 1925 as the "El Patio Ballroom" and later changed it's name to the "Rainbow Gardens Ballroom," shortly after becoming known as the Palomar Ballroom which featured a exotic Moorish decor. -- Opening night in 1925 was attended by 20,000, including many of Hollywood's silent screen stars of the day. The dance floor alone could handle 4000 People. On August 21, 1935, Benny Goodman began his first Palomar engagement that marked the start of the Swing and Jitterbug Era. (Note: his earlier stop at Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, CA. is more correct.) -- The Ballroom burnt down in October 2, 1939 during intermission before the last set of the night due to a electrical outlet, It was never rebuilt.
Address: 3440 West 2nd. Street, Los Angeles, Ca. USA Films showing the Palomar Ballroom:
  1936 - The Big Broadcast of 1937 (Paramount Pictures)
  1939 - Dancing Coed
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September 25, 2005