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Vintage Nightclub, Ballroom, Saloon, Bar, Juke Joint, Hall and Pavilions Index List: 'M'

Nightclubs 'M' : Myron's Ballroom (as Crash Mansion)

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Name ▼ Notes ▲ Address X Street City State Dance Era Opened Closed Owner|Mgr.
Macomba, The Owners-Chess RecordsE. 39th St.S. Cottage Grove Ave.New York?NY.J40's--Leonard and Phillip Chess
Macombo, the-----Ltn40's---
Madame Zucca's Hollywood Casino-6000 Sunset Blvd.-HollywoodCA.Blrm44--Madame Zucca?
Madhattan RoomHotel Pennsylvania--ManhattanNY.Blrm30's---
Madison Square GardenOriginal LocationMadison4th AveNYCNY.--1892, 1st Location--
Madison Square GardenHarvest Moon Ball7th Street. 8th AvenueNYCNY.-30'sn/acurrentStanford White
'new' Madison Square GardenHarvest Moon Ball118th E. 28th St.50th AvenueNYCNY.--2nd Location--
Mahogany Hall---BostonMA.-50's---
Maine Ballroom-Steel Pier-Atlantic CityNJ.Blrm50's---
Maisonette Russe---New YorkNY.-30's1937--
Majestic BallroomDance Hostesses50th St.Corner of BroadwayNYCNY.Blrm30's---
Majestic, The-On The Pike-Long BeachCA.Swng40's---
Majestic HotelAnnes By The Sea--LondonEN.Blrm40's1940?--
Mambo Cityn/a--ChicagoIL.Ltn50sn/a--
Mandarin Ballroom---Redondo BeachCA.BlrmSwng40's---
Mandolin Club---San FranciscoCA.Blrm89's1892--
Mandolin Gardenswas Moonlight Gardens became Sebastian's Cotton Club6500 Washington Blvd.-Culver CityCA.Rest30's?---
Manhattan CasinoRockland Place155th St.8th AvenueManhattanCA.-10's19101927?-
Manhattan Club-11739 Parmlee-WattsCA.-40's---
Manhattan Nightclub Bar - 20 Laurd Rd, GR   Wanchai HK NC 60's - - -
Maple Leaf Club---Los AngelesCA.-50's1950--
Maple Leaf Club-119 E. Main Street-SedaliaMO.-00's---
Marbax Club Dancing Nightly | Shuffleboard 4469 E. Olympic Bl.   E. Los Angeles CA. - 50's - - -
Marble PalaceMinstrel Shows561 Broadway-New York N.Y.-1885---
Marigold Gardens---ChicagoIL.-20's1921-Mob Owned
Mary'sLesbian BarSunset StripOpposite Cafe' Gala HollywoodCA.-40's--Alla Nazimova
Matter's Ballroom----IO.Blrm30's9/1916rebuilt 2003 John and Emma Matter
Mayan Hotel(newer Mayan at 1038 S. Hill St.)3049 W. 8th. StWilshire?Los AngelesCA.Blrm40's---
Mayfair Ballroom in La Fayette Hotel - - Portland ME. Blrm 30's - - -
Mayfair Hotel-1256 W. 7th St.-Los AngelesCA.-40's---
Mayflower Ballroom---TorranceCA.Blrm----
Mayflower Ballroom   Connecticut Ave. L Street Washington D.C. Blrm 30's - - -
Mayflower Hotel-206 W. 6th St.--CA.Blrm40's---
Max's Kansas City - 213 Park Ave. So. - - N.Y. Rock 70's   1974 -
Maxim's-WilcoxHollywood Blvd.HollywoodCA.-40's---
Maxim's-W. 38th St.----40's---
Maxine's-9103 Sunset Bl.-HollywoodCA.-40's---
Mc Faddens BallroomWas: Sweets Ballroom1933 Broadway20th Street (19th?)OaklandCA.Blrm30's-1934?Mc Fadden?
McGurks Saloon (aka Suicide Hall)Beer Hall/ Saloon. --The BoweryNY.Swng89's18901902McGurk? (McGuirk)
McKenna’s Hallaka: Funky Butt Hall --New OrleansNO.Swng00's 1900's--
Meadow Acres Ballroom - 29th Topeka Bl. Topeka KS. - 30's - - -
Meadowlark Country ClubWest Coast SDC met here '8416782 Graham St.Warner/ Heil Huntington BeachCA.Swng80's--Had Big Band and West Coast Swing dances
Meadowbrook Gardens RestaurantDuke Ellington Played here8781 W. Washington Blvd.-HollywoodCA.BlrmSwng40's---
MeadowbrookPompkin Turnpike-Ceder GroveNewarkNJ.N40's--Frank Dailey
Mecca Ballrooms---EnglandEN.Blrm40's1940?--
Mechanics Social HallMinstrel Shows! J. Reese Europe Killed here472 BroadwayGrand and Broome St.New YorkNY.Blrm86's1860--
Melody Ballroom---ChicagoIL.Blrm38's---
Melody Club-127 E. 47th St.--NY.-40's--Edith Roarke
Melody ClubWas: Borston'sVeniceSlausonLos AngelesCA.-50's1954-Georgie Auld
Melody Grove Dance Club - Sugar Ridge Rd. Ridge Rd. Bender No. Ridgeville OH. Blrm 40's - - -
Melody RoomNow Viper Room8852 Sunset Bl.-HollywoodCA.Swng40's---
Meridian Room---SeabrightNJ.Blrm30's---
Merry Gardens Ballroom---DetroitMI.Blrm20s---
Merry Go-RoundSenior Smiths Rumba Band49 East 54th St.--NY.Ltn30's--Nick Bates
Messabessic Ballroom ---MassachusettsMS.Blrm10's---
Metro-pole ---NYCNY.-50's---
Metropolitan Ballroom---Camp BowieTX.Blrm10's---
Metropolitan Club-E. 60th. St.Fifth AvenueNYCNY.-89's1890--
Metropolitan Opera House---NYCNY.--10/22/1883current-
Mexico's Gin MillJazz133rd. St.-HarlemNY.-20's--Mexico Gomez
Meyer's Lake Ballroom-Meyer's Lake-CantonOH.Blrm50's---
Mickey Gilley'sCountry Western (hailed as Worlds Largest)-4500 Spencer HighwayPasadenaTX.CW70's--Mickey Gilley
Midnight FrolicNew Amsterdam Hotel---NY.Blrm--- Flo. Ziegfeld
Milford Ballroom Over 30 dance | Burnt down--ChicagoIL.Blrm30's?- 2/11/1983-
Mimic ClubMarathon attendee record holder--ManhattanNY.-30's--Phylis de Dauvis
Mimo Club---HarlemNY.Swng40's---
Minsky's BurlesqueBurlesque, No DancingHouston St.Broadway and 51st St.-NY. & FL.-30's-1939Billy Minsky, Harold Minsky Morton Minsky
Minsky's OrientalAt Roseland Ballroom239 W. 51st. St.BroadwayNew York CityNY.BlrmSwng1938--Billy Minsky, Harold Minsky Morton Minsky
Minton's PlayhouseBirthplace Of BOP music !!!--HarlemNY.-40's1941-Minton?
MiradorCabaret201 W. 52nd St.--NY.Blrm30's--Mario?
MirageHarry Horton125 East 54--N.-30's---
MitsoukoFeatured: Nancy MorenoSan Lazaro St.Blanco St.HabanaCuba?40s--J.M. Fernandez-mgr
Mocombo Club, TheFeatured a weekly Charleston contest. Built on the site of Club Versailles8588 Sunset Bl.Hollywood BlvdW. HollywoodCA.Blrm|Ltn40's1/3/19311958Charlie Morrison, Felix Young
Mocambo Club---CubaCU.Ltn50's---
Mahogany Hall---BostonMA.-50's---
Mon ParisHawaiian Music142nd East 53rd--NY.Ltn30's---
Monroe's Uptown HouseJazz and be-Bop--HarlemNY.J40's--Monroe?
Monseigneur Restaurant Lew Stone and Mantovani's Orchestras215 Piccadilly Square-LondonEN.JS30's---
Monte Carlo Club---MiamiFL.-----
Monterey Ballroom---OwatonnaMinn.Blrm40s---
MontmartreOriginally the Sixty Club. Jazz, LatinHollywood Bl.-HollywoodCA.Ltn20's --Eddie Brandstatter
Montmartre' Cafe-Broadway41st. Street-NY.Blrm10's--Bonnie Glass
Montmartre Cafeaka: Sixty Club6753-63 Hollywood Bl.near HighlandHollywoodCA.Blrm20s1923-Eddie Brandstatter
Montmartre Club---CubaCU.Blrm40's---
Montpamasse', Le2 Orch. for dance50 East 79th St.--NY.Ltn30's---
Moonlight Gardens-Washington Bl. ?-Culver CityCA.-30's---
Moore's PlaceBilly Holiday Sang Here!133rd St.-HarlemNY.Rest30's--Monette Moore
Morey's BallroomHad Sign 'No Jitterbugs'114 W. 15th St.(Ross Ballroom)Los AngelesCA.Blrm40's---
Moriarty's SaloonMoved to No. 216 in 1924Third Avenue-New YorkN.Y.--1850's1924Dan Moriarty
Moulin RougeMeans 'Red Windmill'--ParisFR.-40's10/6/1889-rebuilt in 1906
Moulin RougeNext to Earl Carrol'sSunset Bl.-HollywoodNR.Ltn50's1953-Frank Senne
Moulin Rouge---Las VegasNV.-50'S19541954-
Mueller's Hall Became: Rutherford's Hall, Grand Avenue Ballroom, Myron's, Dillon's, Grand Avenue Nightclub1024 South Grand Ave.Olympic Blvd Los AngelesCA.Blrm40's?1946Current(dance hall was originally built by Mary Pickford.
Murry's-42nd Str.-MiamiFL.Rest00's1903--
Murray's Dance Pavilion---Rockaway BeachNY.-20's---
Musso Cafe' Outdoor patio dancing6300 Wilshire Bl.-----2/21/1934--
Myron's Ballroom Was: Rutherford's Hall, Mueller's Hall, Grand Ave. Ballroom, became Dillon's, Club Vertigo, Grand Ave. Nightclub, Crash Mansion1024 South Grand Ave.Olympic BlvdDowntown Los AngelesCA.Blrm50's10/7/19552005 | now Crash Mansion, different ownersVernon and Myrna Myron
Myron's Colonial BallroomWas: Goldberg's Ballroom. Arthur Van Band playedat Venice Bl.1601 S. FlowerLos AngelesCA.Blrm50's19481955Myrna Myron

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