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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Zorima"

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Zorima Vintage Burlesque dancer, Snake Handler, animals photo 1

Zorima ... "There Is Only One | Queen of the Nudists."

Worked Burlesque Nighteries starting as a Showgirl in 1931 along with her two sisters. Swam the Ohio River as a publicity stunt for a local club appearance (She did other stunts as well such as at the Golden Gate International Exposition 1939.) 1933 was dancing the Nudist role of Chicago's Century of Progress Expo. and in 1934 was featured again as a nudist in Zoro Gardens at the Pacific International Exposition in San Diego which is where she obtained the moniker of Zorima. She was managed by her husband Mr. W. W. McCloskey² as the William McCloskey 'Zorima' Nudists³.

In 1940 she appeared in the New York World's Fair "Her Garden Of Nudists and Sun Bathers" carnival show. In 1941 was hired to perform as a midway featured show called "Zorima Gardens." She would appear at four World's Fairs in total and (after her husband past away) was one of the few women to own a carnival show (William McCloskey's Greater Shows, the Centennial Greater) on the west coast.

Photo 1: Miss Zorima is posing nude under a fishing net for Maurice Seymour.

  • Birth Name: Margaret Lehitinen.
  • Birth Date: N/A
  • Birth Place: Erie, PA. USA
  • Married: William W. McCloskey (died 1946).
  • Parents: Finnish Parents
  • Clubs/Theaters: Barbary Coast (SF) | Burbank (CA) | Cat & Fiddle | Crystal Nite Club (OH) | Maple Grove (PA) | New Follies (CA) | Nu-Gaiety (OR) | Oriental (CA) | Tower (CA) |Taber (CA) | Palomar (CA) |
  • Films: N/A |
  • Magazines: Laff (10/1940) |

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