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Vintage Burlesque Pinup, Actress: "Yvette Vickers"

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Yvette Vickers Vintage Burlesque Pinup and actress photo 1

Yvette Vickers ... "The Voluptuous Yvette!."

Vintage Burlesque Pinup, B-Movie Actress: Yvette Vickers. She was the daughter of Charles Vedder (Chuck Vedder Trio) and Maria (a concert pianist.) Took up acting in college (UCLA) and her first movie appearance (as Yvette Vedder) in Sunset Boulevard (1950.) She had the distinction of being named 'one of the worst actresses of all time'; in which she acquired a new Internet following among connoisseurs of low-budget schlock-horror fans. Also made many TV Appearances.

Her date of her death is unknown due to her becoming a recluse (due to a stalker) and her mummified body was found by a worried neighbor around a year after her death in her home when she noticed the mail and landscape overgrowth. the Postman never noticed the mail? ... how sad!

Color Photo 1: Miss Yvette is usually seen as a Blonde with short hair. Her she is as a red-head.

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