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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Val Valentine"

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Val Valentine Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 1

Val Valentine ... "Cupid's Cutie," "Queen of Hearts."

Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: Val Valentine. At age 15, Val quit school as a junior in 1952 and joined Mitzi's Chorus Line. Started out by working at state fairs and traveling outdoor shows during the summers and burlesque nighteries during the winters. Was in the "Jack Norman's Girl Revue" and won the Burlesque "Anatomy Award" in 1958.¹

Tinted Photo 1: Miss Valentine is wearing a Rhinestone studded Bikini Top and Bottom with a sheer diaphanous Veil in back, High heel open toed shoes and a bracelet.

  • Birth Name: Carole Licata
  • Birth Date: 1937- (?) 1/27/2000 (?).
  • Birth Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA.
  • Married: 3 times
  • Clubs/Theaters: n/a
  • Films: n/a

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