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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Tinker Bell"

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Tinker Bell Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 4

Tinker Bell ... "and her Sins of Cleopatra," "The Blonde Gwen Verdon"

Vintage Burlesque Model: Tinker Bell. Professionally trained in classical ballet and tap dancing. Danced around 14 years prior to peeling and started her career in vaudeville theater. Afterwards she moved on to burlesque dancing as a chorus show girl at NYC Leon & Eddie's night club and soon became a very popular headlined stripper. Latin dances were widely popular during this time and she would do some of her acts utilizing these dances and music styles.

She had a very popular dance act where she portrayed herself as "Cleopatra ... the Queen of the Nile" with props and all. Miss Bell also used a snake as a dance partner in one of her Cleo acts as well as sang some ditties. Her career really took of when she danced at the ''Wayne Room' in Washington D.C., to sold out appearances. (Tinker Bell arrested for indecent exposure article.)

B/W Photo 4: Miss Bell is holding her left forefinger to her cheek. She is sitting on a fur with one leg slightly bent. She is wearing white Opera Gloves, a black one piece outfit and High heel sandals.

  • Birth Name: n/a
  • Birth Date: born: 1936
  • Birth Place: Biloxi.
  • Married: n/a
  • Clubs: Blue Mirror | Mayfair Burlesque Theater (OH.) |
  • Films: n/a

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