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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Actress: "Tangolele"

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Yolanda "Tangolele" Montes Vintage Burlesque dancer/Actress photo 1

Yolanda "Tangolele" Montes ... "Queen of the Tahitian dances."

Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Actress: Tangolele (ton-go-lei-lei.) Started her career in 1946 in San Francisco then became a professional dancer when she was 15 years in old in 1947 at the Tivoli Theater in Mexico. Was considered a Tahitian-American as her maternal grandmother was of Tahitian descent. Her stage name is half African and half Tahitian. Yolanda is easily identifiable with the white streak on the right front side of her hair and well known in Spain and Latin America thru her nightclub acts, Radio and Television/Films.

When she went to Cuba she created quite a stir with her dancing and outfits which along with her Cuban choreographer 'Hector del Villar' helped shape the future of dance in Cuba as well as Mexico. She was not the best of the Mexican cinema dancers, but did well enough, was dependable, had a likable personality and looked great on film or stage. She originally did not speak Spanish but does now very fluently. She appeared in the 2010 Musical "Perfume de Gardenia." Many Awards have come her way!

Tinted Photo 1: Miss Tangolele is sitting in a pose with one hand to her forehead and wearing her two piece dance costume with earrings and no shoes.

  • Birth Name: Yolanda Ivonne Móntez (nee Farrington).
  • Birth Date: 1/3/1932
  • Birth Place: Spokane, Washington, USA.
  • Married: Joaquin Gonzalez (has twin sons)
  • Clubs/Theaters: El Patio | Folies Bergère (Mexico City) | Olympic Coliseum | Ra Mirth Show Club
    | Teatro Nacional | Tivoli Theater | Tropicana (Cuba)

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