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Vintage Actress, Dancer, Nude Model: "Barbara Stanwyck"

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Barbara Stanwyck photo: Actress, Dancer 2

Barbara Stanwyck ... "Missy," "The Queen," "Babs."

Vintage Actress, Showgirl, Model: Barbara Stanwyck. Altho not a burlesque dancer, she did play the part or 'the Bad Girl' many times. Barbara started in the entertainment business as a 'Chorus Girl' and became a Ziegfeld dancer in 1923. She did some nude photography shots as well in the 20's. Her first main Broadway role was in Broadway show 'Burlesque' no doubt in 1927. She became a very versatile actress who could adapt to any role she played. Often called "The Best Actress Who Never Won an Oscar." Was the star in 'Lady of Burlesque'.

B/W Photo 2 Miss Stanwyck is sitting on a staircase wearing a black dress with a spider on it and nylons with designs on them. Black High heels and black wide rim hat.

  • Birth Name: Ruby Catherine Stevens
  • Birth Date: 7/16/1907-1/20/1990
  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY. USA.
  • Married: Frank Fay | Robert Taylor
  • Some Films: Broadway Nights ('27) | Mexicali Rose ('29) | Ten Cents a Dance ('31) |
    Forbidden ('32) | Ladies They Talk About ('33) | A Lost Lady ('34) | Flesh and Fantasy ('43)
    | Lady of Burlesque ('43) | Double Indemnity ('44) | Ball of Fire ('41) | Hollywood Canteen |
    Variety Girl ('47) | ('44) |
  • See More: Barbara Stanwyck

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