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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "MARCIA EDDINGTON"

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Satira... Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 1

Satira ... "the Nudist Nymph," "girl who ran into a little trouble down south"

Grew up in Toledo, OH. and graduated Devilbiss High School with honors in 1943. After her mother passed away she moved to Chicago and started doing striptease. Olive-skinned Satira was known for her Balinese-style/Oriental dance specialty dance acts probably due to her Eurasian look.

Tragedy befell her in April 8, 1947 when she shot and killed John Lester Mee aboard his converted PT Boat in Cuba whom she was having an affair. He was married to Mary Dixon Mee aka: 'Marilyn Drake. Satira was convicted and given a 15 year prison sentence for manslaughter in which she only served about 17 months¹ at the Guanabacoa Prison due to a presidential pardon. After release she was reported to be making $3,500 a week in clubs and started an act with two of the Three Sapphire Boys³.

Photo 1: Miss Satira

  • Birth Name: Patricia Schmidt
  • Birth Date: 1926?
  • Birth Place: Toledo, OH. USA
  • Married: a dry cleaner (Divorced)
  • Parents:John Schmodt (a Pharmacist/Druggist)
  • Clubs/Theaters: Los Americas Theatre | Maryland (Baltimore '49) | Silver Palm Tavern |
  • Films: n/a|

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