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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Model: "Princess Chimai"

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Princess Chimai Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 1890's

Princess Chimai ... "by Reutlinger."

Vintage Burlesque Performer, Dancer and Model: Princess Chimai. aka: 'Clara, Princess of Chimay'. She lucked out and married a real prince, which gave her the title Princess rather than 'a wealthy socialite'. They had two children together and later divorced. To earn a living with her new husband, as well as shocking people, she would wear a body stocking and parade on stage, pretty daring for the time. With this act she would call it her art-form ... 'Poses Plastiques' in which she used this body stocking to appear plastic and somewhat revealing back in the day!. Her other costumes were even skimpier.

B/W Photo 1: Miss Chimai is wearing a very tight fitting, sheer, light colored body suit, possibly white. Her arms are outstretched holding a satin cape. Light colored hair.

  • Birth Name: Clara Ward
  • Birth Date: 6/17/1873-12/9/1916
  • Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA.
  • Married: 1) Joseph de Riquet, Prince de Caraman-Chimay 2) RigoĢ Jancsi 3) Peppino Ricciard
    4) Signore Cassalotao

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