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Vintage Burlesque Model: "Noel Toy"

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Noel Toy Vintage Oriental Burlesque dancer photo 1

Noel Toy ..."the Chinese Sally Rand," "The Chinese Fantasy"

Vintage Burlesque Model: Noel Toy. Her parents were from Canton, China. She got her start by performing at 'the Chinese village' show at the World's Fair on Treasure Island in 1939. Noel Toy was an Asian-American burlesque dancer who was the nation's first Chinese-American fan dancer and bubble dancers, initially at the Forbidden City nightclub in San Francisco.

Tinted Photo 1: Miss Toy is seen here kneeling on a plush carpet wearing a corset burlesque costume and long black hair with full pouting lips.

  • Birth Name: Ngun Yee
  • Birth Date: 12/27/1918 - 12/24/2003
  • Birth Place: San Francisco, California, USA.
  • Married: Carleton Young (No Children).
  • Films: Chinese Joy Dance | Big Trouble in Little China ('86), Anne of the Indies ('51), Soldier
    of Fortune ('55), Left Hand of God ('55), How to Be Very, Very Popular ('55).
  • Clubs: New Follies Bergere (NY), Club: Forbidden City, Club Savoy, Maxie's, 18th Club,
    Latin Quarter.
  • Photo by James Koller

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