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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Naja Karamuru"

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Naja Karamuru Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 2

Naja Karamuru ...
"Goddess of Fire and Thunder,""Queen of Amazons," Brazilian Sex Bomb," "Goddess of the Jungle."

Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Model: Naja Karamuru was billed many things such as: 'Beautiful and Artistry in Motion, Brazil's Answer To Jayne Mansfiled, The Girl with the $100,000 Wardrobe' plus those above. She had various acts thruout her career as a peeler but her most famous was her Snake dances. She used mainly two Pythons but occasionally added a Cobra to the act. She had her snakes stolen in 1958 from a red hat box in her car. Danced in 'Venus On Parade' (at the Palace) in 1960 and 'the Wonderful World of Burlesque in 1965.

Tinted Photo 2 0f 2: Miss Naja seen her in her 'Goddess of Fire' and Thunder routines. She is wearing pasties and a American-Indian Chief Heddress. with High Heel Slippers.

  • Birth Name: n/a
  • Birth Date: 1933²
  • Birth Place: Brazil (Near Iggassau Falls). full blooded South American Indian¹ | maybe Argentina ?
  • Married: n/a
  • Clubs/Theaters: The Harem | The Palace (NY) |
  • Films: n/a

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