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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "Margie Hart"

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Margie Hart Vintage Burlesque dancer photo 1

Margie Hart ...
"Girl Who Stopped A Thousand Shows," "Queen of Quiver," "Pantymimist," "Poor Man's Garbo."

Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Model, Voluptuous: Margie Hart. She had seven sisters and one brother. Said to have introduced the "front panel" to the Bikini. She didn't Sing, Dance, Talk or Quiver, she just stripped. One of her acts was titled "Wine, Women and Song." Sherry Britton said about Margie: "She was the reason that Mayor La Guardia closed up burlesque here, She was the first one to go without her G-string.''

She appeared in two traveling productions of Broadway shows entitled ''Light Up the Sky,'' "Red, Hot and Blue," "Rain," and ''Cry Havoc'' as ''Bridget Hart.'' She has appeard in many Men's Magazines and mentioned in a couple songs. She is remembered as one of the 'Big Four' in burlesque circles. Appeared in LIFE Magazine 6/24/1940. Later she would marry John Ferraro, the Los Angeles City Council president.

Tinted Photo 1: Miss Hart is wearing her Bikini and 'Front Panel' with High Heels.

  • Birth Name: Edna Margaret Cox (Ferraro) / Margaret 'Margie' Hart.
  • Birth Date: 9/28/1913-1/30/2000
  • Birth Place: Edgarton, Missouri.
  • Married: Seaman Block Jacobs (1942-1955) | Harry Klassman (19656) | John Ferraro (1982).
  • Clubs/Theaters: Ambassador | Garrick Theatre | Irving Place Theatre | Minsky's Gaiety |
    Old Howard Theatre | RKO | Troc.
  • Films: Lure Of The Islands ('42) |

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