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Vintage Burlesque Dancer, Stripper: "MARCIA EDDINGTON"

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Marcia Eddington ... "The Torrid Redhead." Vintage Burlesque dancer, Actress photo 1 (Photo used on the March 1957 Gala Mag cover)

Marcia Eddington "Marsha Eddy¹," "The High Society Stripper," "The Torrid Redhead."

Name sometimes spelt as Marsha. Marcia danced in burlesque shows in nightclubs throughout the USA during the late 1940's throughout the 1950's. One of her dance acts was as an enticing red devil, costume and all. She posed for many magazines including on the cover of the 10/1954 Stare mag., the 2/1958 Parade Mag. and 3/1955 Gala Magazine (left photo).

Photo 1: Miss Marcia is seen here in a color magazine page. She is wearing a sheer diaphanous robe, fluffy bikini bottom and fishnet stockings and a brazier.

  • Birth Name: n/a
  • Birth Date: n/a
  • Birth Place: USA
  • Married: n/a
  • Parents: n/a
  • Clubs/Theaters: Adams, the (NJ) | Burbank (CA) | New Follies (CA) |
  • Films: Naked and the Dead (1958) | Strips On Stage |

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